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Barcelona is perfect for a shorter visit.
I just returned from my honeymoon and we stayed at the Hotel Splendide Etoile at 1 Avenue Carnot, one block from the Arc de Triomphe - it might be a bit over your price cap but you'll be very pleased. The staff is excellent (notably concierge Farooq, who is very knowledgeable) and the breakfasts are tasty - also, across the street from the hotel are both a Metro stop and an Air France airport shuttle bus stop
Le Pergolese in Paris. Very solid - we enjoyed the degustation menu, especially the turbot.
What about a black blazer? I've heard differing views on this (navy only and black is "OK"). I have a black Chester Barrie DB blazer that I like very much, and in truth it's not that much different than my midnight blue BB blazer under most lighting conditions.
Supposedly dated and a relic of the 1980s and 1990s, but SF icon Price of Wales/Duke of Windsor sported jackets with this button stance (although these might have been capable of both 6x1 and 6x1 buttonings, as are RL's DBs).
I don't know why they changed Buscemi's character's name from "Enoch Johnson" ( to "Enoch Thompson". The actual historical guy was only in his late 30s when the events supposedly depicted in the series took place but maybe having an older actor portray him emphasizes his gravitas.
The C&J Peals have a single row of nails on the heel while the AS Peals have a double row. Also, the C&Js have a three digit last number (like the British tan wingtip derbies above, i.e. the "240" inside the shoe).
If you don't mind checking your luggage, I just bought a single, large Victorinox Mobilzer suitcase for my two week honeymoon: I'll just use this plus this medium-sized satchel from Saddleback Leather:
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan Bill Holman Big Band , Brilliant Corners, The Music of Thelonious Monk Holman was a great arranger - if you can find it, seek out a Gerry Mulligan album featuring Holman's charts - the band has an all saxophone front line of Mulligan on baritone, Lee Konitz on alto, Alan Eager on tenor and alto, Zoot Sims on tenor and alto and Al Cohn on tenor and baritone with a two-man rhythm section of Freddie Green...
Quote: Originally Posted by Cary Grant Try the crotch thorn. You'll see. Many of those in Mt. Carmel got there because they couldn't hack it. Even more cryptic than usual, C.
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