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Quote: Originally Posted by niidawg3 [center]Rainy Windy day in the A Sweet, Nii, sweet. BTW, I was visiting a dental specialist last week, and he was wearing a bow tie. Somehow, I found that strangely reassuring.
Quote: Originally Posted by ltb frances' deli? really? overrated sandwiches, insanely overrated breakfast imo. Talk about something coming out of left field. The Brown Sack, Manny's Coffee Shop, Kuma's Corner are all more worthy of a Bib Gourmand commendation.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Lookin' sharp there, Dawg!
Quote: Originally Posted by SField Funny Avec gets no mention when it's the only place I'd ever go back to of Kahan's establishments. Tru is more than a 1 star, as is Everest. Those to me, are solid 2 star establishments. If Schwa were fancier you could say the same. Spiaggia is also more than a star, but it needs to get out of the 80s first. +1. Tru and Everest are at a level way above Longman & Eagle (where we had lunch last...
Spiaggia (right across the street from the Drake - one of the best Italian restauants in the country with one Michelin star) Tru - Rick Tramonto's place is spacious and the food is very refined (also one Michelin star);] Les Nomades - I've never been here but I've heard raves; NoMi - spectacular views of Michigan Avenue and food with a modern French twist; and Topolambopo - Rick Bayless' temple to haute Mexican cuisine.
^^^^^^^^ Very nice, CG! Who made?
Quote: Originally Posted by PandArts Today is just Another Day... Very nice, Panda. Urban cool personified.
Maria at Golden Needle is terrific, and I've recommended her to several SF'ers.
Quote: Originally Posted by antirabbit Wow, I just saw this. Perhaps in the future what would be better is to compile a list of members in an urban area, then send notes out to them via pm? I didnt see this till now and would have signed up for this. I did PM and e-mail a dozen or so local forumites (all guys I've communicated with before) in publicizing the event, but I like your idea.
Quote: Originally Posted by Xiaogou But but but I don't understand There wasn't interest - only one person paid-up, and we decided to cancel rather than waiting until the last minute. We wanted to be fair to the vendors - we didn't want to tell them the night before that it wasn't going to happen.
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