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Quote: Originally Posted by MBreinin For you Furriners, that is a boneless Turkey, stuffed with a boneless Duck, with a boneless chicken inside....then stuffed with a Cajun Sausage stuffing. Only in Louisiana!!! From Hebert's Specialty Meats. Mike?
Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus Sorry that all the fun in driving got taken away from you I have a saying: If your car has an automatic tranny, it's not driving it's steering. However, I'll concede that shifting gears in Chicago traffic is a pain. Given that most of our driving is around town, the practicality wins out.
Quote: Originally Posted by Holdfast r The waistcoat is a total win, HF. Provenance? As for the M3, my wife and I are going down to one car due to the fact that we live in the city and my car is used only occasionally, and I've pushed for an M3. I think the car's performance and road feel outweigh any image issues. Unfortunately for me, my better half will not drive a manual transmission (even with the M double-clutch in "auto" mode).
Quote: Originally Posted by Menno878 Really nice combination!! But don't you think another pocket square wil be a better finishing touch? The red colour really contrasts the overall outfit. But that's my opinion. Maybe you can explain your choice to me, I'm just new on SF, and learning from other people is a good thing. And what's the brand of that Tie? My thinking was that the red ground and blue/gold paisley the pocket square contrasted...
Just dropping by to say "hi" Excuse the zombie-like pose. New Harvie & Hudson shirt ordered during their recent swing through Chicago on October 15. Later that evening, "Burton", "Francisco d'Anconia", "ykurtz" and I had the pleasure of dining with Richard Harvie, Andrew Hudson and Toby Luper (of Hemingway Tailors). Note to self: Shouldn't wear shell cordovan in the rain. New office - weary after long days...
Here here!
Felt the same way when my assistant brought me my latest order of shirts from Harvie & Hudson.
I really love my Sam Hober grenadines - so much so that I wore one at my wedding this past June in Sedona, Arizona. It's a delight to do business with David, and he's always appreciative of his customers.
The Hotel Splendide Etoile is a wonderful boutique hotel at 1, Avenue Carnot, just steps away from the Arc de Triomphe. The concierge Farook is very helpful. http://www.hsplendid.com/uk/navigation.php
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