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It was great - and Ron's recommendation of Arami was spot on. I didn't know that this place existed and it's close to where I live.
The photographic evidence, gents.
Quote: Originally Posted by the.chikor Damn. I was just at the Intercontinental this last weekend! The Intercontinental was "meh"...we had one round and left. The small upstairs bar at the Elysian on the Gold Coast and Rebar at the Trump were much better.
Quote: Originally Posted by antirabbit Fok, I wish I had gone.... It was a great time.
Quote: Originally Posted by ChicagoRon Lou - you missed some good stuff when you left, like the part where he vehemently denied that the ramen at Arami was any good (told me there's better Japanese noodles at a Thai place in the 'burbs) or - my favorite - the part where his friends were actually arguing with me about which way is NORTH - when I had a compass in my hand, no less. Geez, tell him that Arami offshored the making of their ramen to...
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson Allow me to be the first to say that tonight was fucking awesome. "Burton" was in rare form. Did you see the photos I posted on Facebook?
A great late period Baker album is "No Problem", recorded in Denmark with the late great Irving "Duke" Jordan on piano (from Charlie Parker's classic 1947 - 1948 quintet), Nils Hennig Oersted-Pederson on bass (a long-time Oscar Peterson sideman) and Norman Fearrington on drums.
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson For the late night contingent: sorry guys, won't be able to make it. We'll have to get drunk on a Sunday or Monday together sometime. You'll be missed, Kyle! Gimme a call and we'll get together for a few some other time.
Look forward to seeing folks on Saturday - meeting initially at the Palmer House Hilton's lobby bar at 2:00 p.m.
Quote: Originally Posted by Joe Cool Cougars in play? Plenty of Coug haunts near the hotels on the crawl.
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