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Quote: Originally Posted by A Y Piece or composition but I realize I'm tilting at windmills especially after "song" was institutionalized by MP3s. --Andre They should use "track" for MP3s. Actually, perhaps the terms should be "tune" or "line" for something that a "head" for improvisation (e.g. all Charlie Parker compositions, which are melodies placed over chords of existing pieces), "song" for a piece with lyrics (i.e. standards -...
Quote: Originally Posted by A Y A pet peeve of mine: a piece of music is not a song unless it's sung by a voice. Calling "Take 5" a song is like calling Michelangelo's David a painting. --Andre I agree, Andre, but even many jazz musicians refer to compositions as "songs" (I recently saw John Scofield and he referred to one of his own pieces as a song...interestingly enough, he referred to one of Carla Bley's pieces as a "composition").
Some voters undoubtedly voted for specific performances of specific tunes, e.g. Coltrane and Johnny Hartman's rendition of "Lush Life", Peggy Lee's performance of "Fever", Weather Report's "Birdland" - much the way a poll of pop music would really be a poll of specific records rather than tunes per se. If the poll was taken among jazz "cognoscenti " (however you want to define that term), the voting would be more focused on the compositions rather than on specific,...
These look great, David!
Quote: Originally Posted by ChicagoRon You know it Lou Ah for the good old days when I was a semi-VIP at P.J. Clarke's...back when it was a great local hangout, especially on Thursdays and the barkeeps made scads in tips. Now it's just "meh".
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson No, the girls got kinda weird. They were being cool and then they got into an argument with Ron about which direction was North. We went out to the usual spot, and then I witnessed something amazing. Something truly amazing. We're kinda drunk and we go into this packed ass gyros joint. Ron is such a celeb in his goddamned neighborhood that he walks straight to the front of the line and less than 2 minutes...
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson Shoulda seen it after Lou left. Night got wild. Damn, I wish I hadn't quit so soon. Did you get in trouble with the girls, K?
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo For the kids. (found out it's going to be a girl, yesterday. ) Congratulations and happy holidays, Moo!
Quote: Originally Posted by james_timothy We go to a remote, desolate mountain top, sit in rooms with cement walls and fluorescent lights, and watch computer screens all night. Above us a telescope points at the night sky and collects images. It's a blast, and it can be exhausting when things go wrong. Things always go wrong. A "run" is the entire time we're running the telescope, or at least at the telescope. I can tell you about it over drinks...
Quote: Originally Posted by james_timothy Cool. Next year, I hope. Make it a Chicago tradition. I was coming off a telescope run and a 24 hr trip home so all I can do is to look at the pictures and dream of drinks that were waiting to be had. What's a "telescope run", JT? We hope to make this crawl an annual event.
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