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The Jeremy Spencer/Peter Green/Danny Kirwan (i.e. English) iterations of the band were great. The Bob Welch/first California line-up was "meh". Can't stand the Buckingham/Nicks version.
Saw Carla Cugino (and her bare backside) in a Goodman Theatre production of O'Neill's Desire Under the Elms. It's good to have Amanda back.
Quote: Originally Posted by LawrenceMD i love the fact that manny ramirez sounds like he just stepped off a plane from the dominican, but actually graduated from a NYC highschool! That's a classic case of "Manny being Manny". Even as a Cubs/Red Sox fan, I enjoy Ozzie. GM Kenny Williams are totally committed to winning, even when they're at each others' throats. Guillen's battles with former Sun-Time (now AOL Fanhouse) sportwriter Jay...
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter sounds great, have to try it You have to Z. Great scene, great food - they claim to be the only exclusively Catalonian restaurant in the U.S., which I find hard to believe. The tapas did remind us of Barcelona, in any event.
Reminds me of the scene in Edward Burns' film She's the One, where the working class father (played by the great John Mahoney) asks his investment banker son (played by Mike McGlone from those GEICO commercials) whether he'll ever have enough to be happy - the son replies, "It's not that I'm unhappy, it's that I'm...I'm...dissatisfied."
Paisley the pattern, yes. Paisley the Northern Irish politician, no.
Went to Merkat a la Planxa last night - fabulous Catalan-style tapas, especially the smoked pork ribs (seriously terrific barbecue), grilled lobster, garlic shrimp and suckling lamb.
Dinner at Graham Elliot (owned by Graham Elliot Bowles, who is co-host with English kitchen terror Gordon Ramsay on the Fox Network's "Master Chef"). Wonderful - heirloom tomatoes with aerated mozzarella, duck satay with lime curry and coconut froth, root beer-glazed spare rib with fried okra, halibut with locally-foraged chanterelle mushrooms and pumpernickel dust. Great recommendation from Kyle Wilkinson.
Quote: Originally Posted by Newcomer I saw someone the other day who I could have sworn was an iGent. But trust me, at least you live in New York. I am from Memphis, and I must say that this part of the American south may be the largest sartorial wasteland. I assure you that you must have more competition than I do I feel your pain. I lived in "Memfuss" for almost two years, in Harbor Town and High Point Terrance. I wonder how James Davis...
Quote: Originally Posted by Brogued I'll probably still come. Please do! I'll buy you a dry martini and/or manhattan from the bar!
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