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I work across the street from one of the two Paul Stuarts in town, and I enjoy what they are doing with color and patterns, especially with the Phineas Cole line.
Thanks, maestro!
Great memory, Spoo! We got hitched in Sedona back in June of last year then honeymooned in September. We just got around to hosting this wedding "reception"/anniversary party this weekend!
Thanks, C. It was a great time. My family came in from Upstate New York, New Jersey and San Francisco, and my wife's family came in from Wisconsin. The wife wanted me to wear a solid navy 3 x 2 SB suit (what I wore to our wedding) but I prevailed and insisted on black tie. The ivory DJ was Brogued's idea - I found one on Tuesday and it was ready by Saturday morning.
First anniversary celebration at the C-View rooftop bar of the Hotel Affinia Chicago. SF'ers in attendance included Francisco D'Anconia, Chicago Ron and Brogued (who booked the band, guitarist Jeff Parker (Tortoise, Isotope 217, Ernest Dawkins' New Horizons Ensemble...), drummer John Herndon (Tortoise, Exploding Star Orchestra...) and Nate McBride (Ken Vandermark's groups...)). With Mrs. ld111134 at the C-View's indoor lounge at the end of the party At home, rockin' the...
Saw her perform the song twice at the Oprah taping last night. Incredible.
Thursday works for me.
Some of ESPN's "30 for 30" series have been excellent: The Best There Never Was - about the rise and fall of Oklahoma running back Marcus Dupree; Pony Excess - about the early '80s SMU football program; Once Brothers - About the troubled friendship between Yugoslav hoops stars Croat Drazen Petrovic and Serb Vlade Divac Guru of Go - about basketball coach Paul Westhead and his unique uptempo strategy; and Muhammad and Larry - about the 1980 Ali - Holmes fight; and The...
Quote: Originally Posted by ImaPro ''Lord, have that skirt get longer as she travels to that dance''
I agree with Bill Maher: If Obama is a "secret" anything, he's probably a secret agnostic. I'm familiar with Jeremiah Wright's church, Trinity United Church of Christ, and I've know a couple of folks to attend services there on a regular basis. He has been a major religious figure in Chicago, and before the 2008 election his congregation and he were primarily renowned for their social activism, outreach and social service programs - yes, the Church leans left but no...
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