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The decline of the real Liz Phair is an even greater disappointment. Her first three albums were great, but then she left the CHI for LA to become "popular" and ended up writing tunes with pop tune factory "The Matrix".
"Yownt"' as in "Shortstop Robin Yount is in the Baseball Hall of Fame".
I'm enjoying Jacques Demy's 1967 musical "Les Demoiselles de Rochefort" starring the luminous starring Catherine Deneuve, her late sister Françoise Dorléac (earthier, but equally sexy), Michel Piccoli, George Chakiris (who portrayed "Bernardo" in the movie version of "West Side Story") and the irrepressable Gene Kelly.
The early black-and-white opening credits were spoken by an announcer rather than using title cards.
Two early Andy Grifftih performances are among my favorites - The naive, Christ-like Will Stockdale in "No Time for Sergeants" and the very mendacious and power-hungry "Lonesome" Rhodes in "A Face in the Crowd".
Note to self: Buy a few more Sam Hobers.
Here, here, Nii.
I work across the street from one of the two Paul Stuarts in town, and I enjoy what they are doing with color and patterns, especially with the Phineas Cole line.
Thanks, maestro!
Great memory, Spoo! We got hitched in Sedona back in June of last year then honeymooned in September. We just got around to hosting this wedding "reception"/anniversary party this weekend!
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