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 @Beane my Tetbury boots in dark brown suede have worn in nicely after 12 months and don't have any obvious "ogly creases".   While Tetbury boots may be a common sight in the UK and the USA, they're an extremely rare boot in wilds of New Zealand down under and often receive compliments.  You can't go wrong with either Chelsea 3 or Tetbury -- both are fine ankle boots.
  @Tuur  - Given your preference for lined suede shoes, then my recent minor issue with a bit of unlined suede stretch wont be a problem for you.  - Dark brown suede sounds perfect for your intended uses.  Do check out C&J's mink suede, which is a bitter chocolate shade of dark brown and is very nice.- If the 348 last is a little too snug for you, then the 363 last should be perfect.  In my case, I did need to size down from a size UK10E on the 348 last (e.g. lined...
 @Tuur  if you intend to order "unlined" suede footwear from C&J, then my recent experience below may be helpful when considering the issue of sizing. -- - Lined C&J shoes (348 Westbourne) and boots (348 Tetbury) fit me snugly, in size UK10E.  - Recently, I purchased a few pairs of "unlined" suede 348 Milton and 359 Hartland boots, in down sized UK9.5E.  The unlined Hartland boots have had their maiden voyages and have been worn in now.  - Unlike the lined boots, the...
 @Butler I manged to locate the blog article that I incorrectly recalled earlier.  It was a Journal of Style post entitled "Saying Goodbye to a Local Tailor" dated 30 November 2011.   http://www.the-journal-of-style.com/2011/11/30/saying-goodbye/ Rather than a funeral, it was a "laying up" (a farewell or retirement party perhaps?) for Bent Wennerwald from Copenhagen, a bespoke tailor for 56 years.   Again, apologies for my incorrectly recalling the details of the article.
I've broken out my new Hartlands in ocean suede for their maiden voyage, with flat front cavalry twill chinos and navy blue blazer (aka California tux).       EDIT:  I confess, I'm a bit of a C&J ankle boots fan.
@Isolation  BTW, I will be posting multiple new (work in progress) fits of my own in the next few weeks.  So, you can critique my fits for a change, if you wish too.   
 @Butler sincere apologies about that.  It must've been another member that I was recently reading about.  BTW, I greatly admire your style.  It's SF's loss that you're not such a frequent poster here any more.  Best wishes to you, sir.
 @Isolation I hear you regarding armholes mate.  I wish mine were slightly higher too.   Regarding me banging on about the basics first before advanced (avant-garde), it was just a general comment.  It was not related to your most recent fit posts.  As I noted earlier, I'm refraining for commenting about fits now.  To clarify my reference to basics, I didn't necessarily mean CBD staples either.  From my perspective, the basics (staples) begin with a classic navy/midnight...
  @chobochobo  Sincere apologies for misquoting you.  BTW, I agree with your stance advice too.  
 @chobochobo  I agree, it's best to get the basics (e.g. regular classics in solids) nailed down first before venturing onto more advanced or avant-garde commissions.  I've been commissioning custom made clothing for nearly 30 years and I still follow this time honoured advice.  Perhaps, fashionable younger men (like Iso) may find that approach too staid. 
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