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 @sansimeon you're on fire, man.  A big thumbs up from me.  Details please. Edit: lateral fabric folds appear to be negatively impacting your trouser's front creases -- but otherwise a sublime smart casual look from you.
 @Tirailleur1 twice blessed.  Congratulations!  
 @Henry Carter congratulations!  
 Ditto.  @chocsosa is a continuous inspiration.
@DonCologne you're on fire nowadays.  It's a thumbs up from me!    P.S. Referring to your textured brown SC and off white linen trousers with penny loafers in snuff suede at http://www.styleforum.net/t/394373/hof-what-are-you-wearing-right-now-part-iv-starting-may-2014/7155
  @SeamasterLux  another very nice fit and look from you.  Unfortunately, the look is spoiled a little by "tram track" creases in your trousers.  But it's still a thumbs up from me.
 @EliodA the PoW jacket may be an orphan but your overall ensemble says "class out".  Your personal aesthetic and style is consistently sublime and inspirational.   Well done, sir.
 @sansimeon your solid navy blue blazer and light mustard trousers ensemble, with the contrasting white collar shirt and dark chocolate tie, is a very nice look.  When it comes to odd jackets, I'm very much a solids kind of guy.  Love the C&J Tetbury style two eyelet chukka boots too.  Well done!  It's a thumb up from me.  
 @Isolation all my custom shirts (with tapered sides, but without darts and not too fitted) tend to have the same sort of excess fabric roll above the waist band, just like yours as pictured.   However, its mainly a result of how I tuck them into my trousers.  In my case, I deliberately leave a slight excess fabric roll there, especially if I intend to be active (moving my arms around alot) and don't want my shirt tails pulling out in an uncontrolled manner.  Alas, its...
Hi everyone,   - Phew, I just spent the past couple of days reading this thread from start to present.   - I agree with @Cleav -- this thread rocks!   - In particular, the thread's far flung membership and the wide ranging discussions (both on and off topic) are edifying and entertaining, which helps to maintain interest levels.    - The "slices of international (family) life" revealed here by some are very cool and have contributed to the strong community spirit on...
New Posts  All Forums: