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I vote for a badger shave brush and a safety (or straight) razor
      Thanks, all! I had measured two ties and got 53.5" and 53", so I went with 53".
Ordering my first Hober and I'm hoping to get some input on the length. I followed the instructions for measuring on the Hober site and ended up with ~53", which seems awfully short to me. I'm 5' 6", 15" neck, 28-28.5" jacket length. Anyone else in my height range with experience on a good length?
  Tend to agree that it would look better with white, though I grabbed this photo from the wedding ties thread:
This really looks great, except I think jeans might have warranted shoes with a bit less shine, unless it's just from the camera flash
I'd say if you think Robert Redford as Jay Gatsby would've worn it, then it goes. I do not see them working casually/sockless.
The website has the price: http://www.jpmarcellino.com/index.php/classic-satchels/sir-edmond-halley-briefcase/sir-edmond-halley-1656.html
Wow that bag looks amazing 
http://www.styleforum.net/t/151480/kent-wang-affiliate-thread There are details about the shop under the Contact section of the Kent Wang site (and in the affiliate thread).
You could visit the Kent Wang pop-up shop in NY for MTM at ~800-1K
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