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coho stop hating. if you cant afford a panerai so be it, but one thing they are not is ugly.
In perfect condition, worn maybe twice. $40 takes it. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...m=330214554751
Welcome all input
i got the jacket at the ralph lauren store. saw some black label suits there and a bunch of purple label jackets that were mostly linen, which i hate as its so unkempt looking. i was pretty unimpressed with the black label suits.
So Im in Fla visiting my dad and went to the Sawgrass outlets. Found a Purple Label 2 button peak lapel brown velvet blazer with ticket pocket and single vent for $150. Ferragamo prices were ridic, and valentino was no bargain either.
prob is, they run out of decent inventory
i def saw 36r racks
got a gorgeous battistoni blue windowpane 3 button for $1600 and some barney's private labels for $500 a piece. overall, lots of good stuff, lots of mediocre stuff. im a 42r and there was a lot to choose from in that size.
Thanks for all the feedback, they are just great looking shoes. I would wear them with virtually any dark suit btw.
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