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got a gorgeous battistoni blue windowpane 3 button for $1600 and some barney's private labels for $500 a piece. overall, lots of good stuff, lots of mediocre stuff. im a 42r and there was a lot to choose from in that size.
Thanks for all the feedback, they are just great looking shoes. I would wear them with virtually any dark suit btw.
where are the prices on plal, i cant find them.?????
Please let me know what you think of the style, value and quality of these peals. http://www.brooksbrothers.com/IWCatP...Parent_Id=522#
thanks for the input, ill leave it alone.
thanks for the input, ill leave it alone.
I have a great tailor. Can he take a 2 button jacket and add a button without ruining the jacket and lapel?
damn, im looking for a brown suede captoe in a 9.5!
love to see pics-im interested
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