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Tried on one at Brooks Bros-nice 3/4 length, but it was $400 and I didnt love it.
If I can get a new Paul Smith Suit for $400, am I getting something decent or is it just stylish garbage?
Those are fkn beautiful. I want them
Both in abundance on Bluefly. Who makes a better suit? Im guessing Sartorio on Ebay for less $ is even better. Thoughts?
For sale on Ebay for less than $200. Outside of that, I am considering C&J Lowndes from Plal for $427, Santoni Jaron for $575, Alden for $300 and Peal for $470. I realize Im all over the map, but for price/value, which is best?
Im a 9.5
Thoughts on style, quality and price: http://www.zappos.com/n/p/dp/31439933/c/3.html
All suggestions welcome. Budget max is $500.
Can this be right? http://cgi.ebay.com/2995-NEW-HANDMAD...QQcmdZViewItem
How do I get the jpeg file small enough so that I can upload my pics? Always too big.
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