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I would plan to spend half your day on madison ave starting at barneys and working your way south through 57th st and down to paul stuart. then for the other half, go to soho and hit stores like thom browne etc...
funny cuz i never do. as a matter of fact, i mentioned that i got some purple label stuff at a great price recently and the common remark to that statement was "what's purple lablel?"
Let's hear it
Tried on one at Brooks Bros-nice 3/4 length, but it was $400 and I didnt love it.
If I can get a new Paul Smith Suit for $400, am I getting something decent or is it just stylish garbage?
Those are fkn beautiful. I want them
Both in abundance on Bluefly. Who makes a better suit? Im guessing Sartorio on Ebay for less $ is even better. Thoughts?
For sale on Ebay for less than $200. Outside of that, I am considering C&J Lowndes from Plal for $427, Santoni Jaron for $575, Alden for $300 and Peal for $470. I realize Im all over the map, but for price/value, which is best?
Im a 9.5
Thoughts on style, quality and price:
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