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i think dressing the man by flusser is fantastic, particularly if you are looking for a more suited look
i bought the peal suede captoe. overall, it was the best looking shoe for the $ imho
finally, alan you need to come out of whatever cave it is you live in. your opinions are so off target that it begs mockery
what many fail to realize, particularly arab sympathizers, is that fundamentalist arabs worship death and have very little regard for humanity. their idea of a society is complete repression through a dominant theocracy with death to everyone who does not comply. one only need to look at iran, iraq, saudi arabia etc to see how they treat each other and women in particular. it's quite interesting how many liberal homosexuals have adopted the plight of the palestinians...
Looking for a black captoe, prefer broguing-fancier the better
in all seriousness, i think that many of these leaders would press to end the ineffective and polarizing two party system that we have in place today. i dont know one person who completely identifies with either party. unfortunately, the nature of today's society dictates that very few people, like all aforementioned, will ever decide to pursue public office due to the overwhelming transparency and inspection of one's personal life. its really atrocious.
with respect to lincoln, the bottom line is that you cant coherently argue that he was a bad man because his accomplishments are enormous and quantifiable, whereas any negativity attached to him is conjecture and unprovable written by people who are relying on 150 yr old heresay.
of course im not being serious. i was thinking of the 2nd tier of most horrible people on the planet, after hitler and stalin et al
In no particular order George Bush Jimmy Carter Jagoff Running Iran Hugo Chavez Idi Amin Ghaddafi Castro Nancy Pelosi Barbara Boxer Musharaff Ayatolla Khomeini Kofi Annan Yasser Arafat Bashar Al-Assad
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