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with respect to lincoln, the bottom line is that you cant coherently argue that he was a bad man because his accomplishments are enormous and quantifiable, whereas any negativity attached to him is conjecture and unprovable written by people who are relying on 150 yr old heresay.
of course im not being serious. i was thinking of the 2nd tier of most horrible people on the planet, after hitler and stalin et al
In no particular order George Bush Jimmy Carter Jagoff Running Iran Hugo Chavez Idi Amin Ghaddafi Castro Nancy Pelosi Barbara Boxer Musharaff Ayatolla Khomeini Kofi Annan Yasser Arafat Bashar Al-Assad
AL East is prob the best division in baseball with the Yanks and Bosox great as usual but the Bluejays and Devilrays or Rays as they are now called markedly better. Baltimore is all rookies, but they have some pitching so it will be an interesting year. Wud like to see Liriano rebound.
I tried on the Alden burgundy monk straps yesterday and they did not inspire me at all. For 570 bucks, I better be dazzled!
Love the shoe. Worth the $? Where can I find a second or discount?
The yankees suck? Still one of the best hitting lineups in baseball with the addition of 3 insanely good young arms and a revamped bullpen that should be killer this year. Tigers look good on paper, but as the Yanks can surely attest, that means nothing. Saying that the Yanks tank in the playoffs is like saying the Patriots are choke artists. The Tigers had a hot year a few yrs ago and then got shelled in the WS by a lousy Cardinals team because your pitching staff was...
most of the guys on this site are jockeys
Love the fit of his suits, quality seems decent, but for the $ you can get much better. Would love to know if he has a line that is higher quality construction that I can snag when it goes on sale.
Saw a few nice pairs on Ebay for less than $100. Who makes them, are they quality?
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