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So Im relatively new to this forum and have learned an amazing amount in the past few months since I started participating. During that time, I have purchased a pair of Allen Edmonds McClains, Brooks Brothers (peal) suede captoes and Crockett & Jones Finsbury shoes. IMHO, the Allen Edmonds are clearly the best shoes and I cannot understand what the fuss is about the Crocketts. Physically, they are beautiful and may come out of the factory with fewer blemishes than AE,...
Those are frkn gorgeous shoes. Hope the whole thing works out
i just started shopping there again. their clothes have become more up to date and you can actually find some nice things there if you are in shape. as usual, their shoes and accoutrements are outstanding, although i find their shirts to be too blousy, even the fitted ones. overall, good spot
Holy cheeat, that is a gorgeous suit. If you have 42r, ill take one NOW
Annabella Sciorra 48 Racquel Welch All the Charlies Angels Susan Sarandon Helen Mirren
i think dressing the man by flusser is fantastic, particularly if you are looking for a more suited look
i bought the peal suede captoe. overall, it was the best looking shoe for the $ imho
Looking for a black captoe, prefer broguing-fancier the better
in all seriousness, i think that many of these leaders would press to end the ineffective and polarizing two party system that we have in place today. i dont know one person who completely identifies with either party. unfortunately, the nature of today's society dictates that very few people, like all aforementioned, will ever decide to pursue public office due to the overwhelming transparency and inspection of one's personal life. its really atrocious.
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