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im not built like a 12 yr old boy, so no. I do love his detailing though
wow, beautiful but a bit rich for my tastes
1. grenson brown split toe norwegian blucher 2. cj black wingtip brogues 3. peal brown suede captoes 4. allen edmonds mcclain in chili grain
Swims Modern, stylish galoshes? Not until now. Protect your pricey footwear from the Spring wetness with a pair of Swims. Made in Norway, these waterproof overshoes are available in two models for men "” the Swims Classic ($150) and the Swims Mobster ($200). The Classic is good for bad weather. The higher Mobster is good for unholy downpours.
what is the difference between the rl nilton and whittaker?
Sorry I dont list them on here as I dont know how to make the pictures fit. All of my stuff can be seen on Ebay at Click on view my other items, or my user ID is kagangen. Thanks for looking.
I have only worn the C&J's once and the AEs are a few months old. If you remind me in 6 mos, I will post pics
CAMEL CAMEL CAMEL- so much more sophisticated looking and just a sharper overall look. Most men wear gray, black or blue overcoats. Stand out.
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