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I think everyone is missing the point. Allen Edmonds brand works for him, they fit him well, he likes the style and he knows what he is getting when he buys them. I have had about 6 BMW's-does that make me a dope or should I have upgraded to a Maserati etc..? I don't think so.
i always cuff all of my suit pants. I feel that non-cuffed pants look very pedestrian, like you're a cop or something. feel the same way about wearing black shoes with a dark blue suit.
im not built like a 12 yr old boy, so no. I do love his detailing though
wow, beautiful but a bit rich for my tastes
1. grenson brown split toe norwegian blucher 2. cj black wingtip brogues 3. peal brown suede captoes 4. allen edmonds mcclain in chili grain
Swims Modern, stylish galoshes? Not until now. Protect your pricey footwear from the Spring wetness with a pair of Swims. Made in Norway, these waterproof overshoes are available in two models for men "” the Swims Classic ($150) and the Swims Mobster ($200). The Classic is good for bad weather. The higher Mobster is good for unholy downpours.
what is the difference between the rl nilton and whittaker?
I certainly don't have the answers here, so this post is almost as much of a question as it is anything else. Can someone explain to me how bailing out companies that invest irresponsibly... terribly, shockingly irresponsibly... prevents disaster any more efficiently than the same capital infusion would if injected at the very bottom of the food chain? The answer is simple; If you allow Bear Stearns to fail, then all of the counterparties on all of their trades are...
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