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who are these clothes for, a gnome?
go back there and whip his ass!!
such nice stuff. Wowzers
why is nobody commenting on the fact that these clothes are ridiculously overstyled and look like they were designed for 12 yr old boys. this is definitely something that will be looked back upon with the what were we thinking notion. the prices are beyond absurd, although the quality is fantastic.
how about the chit that actually fits a man, not a 12 yr old boy
its the kind of shoe one should NEVER wear
im interested too. lets see it!
i am not reading the whole post, but i stumbled upon this guys pictures and can only come to the conclusion that he is joking. that is like someone being a car nut and shwoing off their hot hyundai with the big shiny rims and coffee can muffler on it. what a disgrace-some people have no clue
I think everyone is missing the point. Allen Edmonds brand works for him, they fit him well, he likes the style and he knows what he is getting when he buys them. I have had about 6 BMW's-does that make me a dope or should I have upgraded to a Maserati etc..? I don't think so.
i always cuff all of my suit pants. I feel that non-cuffed pants look very pedestrian, like you're a cop or something. feel the same way about wearing black shoes with a dark blue suit.
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