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I have bought two blue label suits and found them to both be total garbage. One of them has pilled on the inside of the lapel and the other one has lost its shape. Both have succumbed to these conditions within a few months of purchase. In addition, many of the salespeople at my local Polo store have left to go to Brooks Brothers as they stated that the quality at Polo has gone down considerably.
Has anyone seen this suit on Ebay? What is the story with Matsuda suits?? Have never seen one before.
thanks, ill give them a look
I need a good tailor to fix some suits. I have lost 25 lbs recently and my clothes are falling off me
i want it, but need to know size!!!!
brown brown brown. if you want to look like a policeman, wear black shoes with a blue suit.
gorgeous shoes. wish i cud justify spending on shoes what i spend on suits!
u.s. 9.5
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