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Posts by jeskali Bought these and they do not fit. My loss=your gain. Size 9, never worn.
thanks very much
I am desperately trying to find a nice pair of black suede double monks. Anybody have any ideas?? I wear a 9-9.5. thanks Jeff
nice stuff!
Men who wear black sneakers with suits? Do they think people dont notice? These have to be the same guys who wear track suits on airplanes, black knee socks with shorts and think the comb-over still works like a charm. Sorry, but had to rant. Why why why cant they just put on a pair of traditional dress shoes? Not asking for them to be rocking Vass or C&J double monks. Just go to Johnston and Murphy and buy something decent to go with your ill fitting, fused, baggy,...
whenever complaining that manhattan sucks, please go visit any other city in this country. the only ones worth even considering as a comparo IMHO are SF and Chicago. SF is beautiful, but the weather genlly sucks and it does not have 1/10 as much to offer as NY. It is entirely more liveable and the areas nearby outside the city have a lot to offer. However, its prohibitively expensive and nightlife is completely boring in comparo. Chicago is awesome, nothing bad to say...
your mom
Reasons NY is great: 1. Best restaurants in the world 2. Most beautiful women in the world 3. Fashion capital of the US 4. Can get anything at any time 5. Beat the crap out of the 49'ers in the NFC Championship game 6. Yankees and Giants 7. Great ethnic diversity and culture. 8. People have roots and stay here- not a transient community like Cali 9. You know your neighbors and their family.
This is an authentic LOUIS VUITTON Monogram Montsouris GM Backpack. This stylish backpack is finely crafted of classic Louis Vuitton monogram on toile canvas. The pack features a vachetta cowhide leather base and trim with a top flap, an external frontal pocket and adjustable canvas shoulder straps. The top flap opens to a cocoa fabric interior with zipper and patch pockets. This is an excellent backpack for everyday essentials from Louis Vuitton! Length: 12" Height:...
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