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Thanks for the tip.  I sent an email to Simpson and will let you know if I hear anything (or find another source for a key).
Does anyone know if Tanner Krolle is still in business?  Their website is down except for an email link, which doesn't work.  The telephone number on Google is also broken.     I've purchased an old TK attaché case, but it's missing its keys.  I'm hoping that they're still in business and will be able to provide replacements.
I've been in touch with Simon these past few weeks.  We exchanged emails about some design details, and he said that he would start when his bench was clear.  That was last week, so I remain hopeful that he'll start my bag soon.  Simon mentioned that his old email server was down and that emails were not getting through.  He has a new outlook account and has been good about replying.  I'll post here if/when I have more information or updates.    Just for perspective: I...
Quick question:  are the sunglass lenses plastic or glass?
Congrats!  I'm also waiting for Simon to start work on a case I ordered back in December.  I'm really looking forward to receiving it, and will post a photo when I do!
I've got two of the Kamakura OCBDs, and I love them.  Despite my best efforts, however, I've been unable to put my hands on the club collar shirt, which looks fantastic.  Does anyone happen to own one?  I'd love to see some pictures.
Hello all,   I'm a long time member of another forum and have joined here to expand my horizons a bit.  I'm mid-thirties, happily married, and trying to make it as an academic.  I'm a sucker for three piece suits, panama hats, and nearly everything made by Chipp.   Pleased to meet you all.
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