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I've heard from people on other forums that Incotex Slowear might be an option. Still: the hunt continues...
  There are plenty of easy ways to handle that that aren't visible to external viewers.
  It's also just a poor decision for shirts of good quality that will last a while, because it limits your options -- you may want to gift them to a similarly sized friend down the road, for example. And yes, to anyone who doesn't know you well, it will tell them "He's the type of person who wears monogrammed shirts," which nine times out of ten is not a positive impression to make.
  ...and you brought attention to his non-ironing in front of the group, to get yourself a cheap laugh at his expense. Also known as a dick move. Could just as easily have said something vaguely complimentary about his dressing pretty well despite not working with clients.
You stop in once a season and either you find something that really grabs you, or you don't. I found an awesome winter cloak this time when I was at Muji's London flagship.
  Sorry, but you do realize this one makes you sound like a massive tool, right?
I'm looking for Oxford cloth pants (or some equivalently dressy material) with a very slim fit (Bonobos Oxleys Slim are about the baggiest I'd be willing to stomach, I really wish Bonobos offered a genuinely slim fit variety) in a variety of colors (ideally, more color selections than Bonobos has, but I'd settle for a range that's roughly comparable). Unfortunately, Bonobos only sells them in the spring and summer months, since they're summer weight.   Just about the...
Fair enough -- I agree that it's a shame we can't all just show up in whatever clothes or style of clothing suits us as long as we're getting our job done well. FWIW, when it's hot outside (and DC summers are brutally humid), I just walk to my office building in an undershirt, carrying my dress shirt with me, and get dressed before I head up. Same principle as women heading to work in trainers and then tossing on heels when they get into the office. :)
I definitely feel you on the notion that we shouldn't have to fit into others' ideas of what is and isn't the right sort of "professional attire" -- this is the price we pay for not living in California. :) A friend of mine in California is now grousing that after a big promotion where he's now responsible for millions in accounts, he's now being forced to wear pants to work instead of shorts. And I kind of feel for him! But compared to what we have to go through on the...
I'm actually a huge fan of their jeans, specifically because I wanted jeans in a fairly dark wash that never fades even a little, and they make a pair of dark-wash jeans with amazing fit and comfort at a really nice price point that haven't faded at all on me going on 2 years now, with a nice diagonal weave I really like.
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