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  Picked this up the other week for 7 bucks at consignment shop. I ended up only getting this and passed on a pretty superb blue Burberry corduroy suit I found because I don't plan to take over Metropolis anytime soon. Scarf feels amazing, really nice and warm, but that's the only tag on it. Seems like a long shot, but any hope of IDing it? 
Anyone have/tried on the field blouson? eyeing it up in olive, although I don't know about the hood.
My Red Wing 9016s showed up yesterday. First off, goddamn, they are some good looking boots. First pair of non-dress shoes I've made a real investment in, and I'm very happy with how they look. That said, I'm wondering how much they loosen up. I walked to class in them and am wearing them now and they feel great, it's getting them on that's tricky. I have a pretty high instep, so boots are often a bit tricky for me to get in, with these I had to completely unlace them and...
Is there a guide to AE lasts anywhere? I wear a 12E in the 8 last and I want to grab another pair or two, but I'm not sure if I should size up/down length for other lasts.
  Well I would have put them below J Crew in quality for sure, but more recently they have been jacking up prices and doing sales less and less. I only own a few shirts and pair of pants from LEC and none of them are worth full retail.
  Crockett and Jones I believe?
Polo University Club line? Anyone know anything about the brand / quality? I found a jacket thrifting that was one size too small for me, but seemed solid aside from that. I see a few jackets going for pretty cheap on eBay, so I know it doesn't rank up with RL's luxury stuff. I was mostly just curious about the brand itself, as it's a Polo line I'm not familiar with. Thanks.
  Get the Clifton if it fits your needs. Probably my favorite shoe, really versatile. I have it in black and am considering getting it in brown as well.
  As in, black captoe oxfords? Harrison appears to be nearly identical (different last probably). The Rutledge is also similar with a bit more brogueing if you are just looking for something close. Don't think either one is a closeout, black captoes aren't exactly tough sellers.
  Because I bought them 
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