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The Mens shop have a few suits on sale, is there any quality item that is worth purchasing. Prices seem reasonable, I am after business suits (navy and charcoal).
Hi I need advice please, I only joined this great community a few days ago. I have a professional photographer appointment that work had organised for professional pictures to be taken to be used on the company main website.   I would like to ask what shirt colour/pattern and tie combination I should be wearing.   Sadly I only have black suits, so have a pinstripe black suit that I will have to wear since I have nothing else yet. I didnt know navy is the work...
Hi Thanks for all the helpful replies regarding getting a quality suit from Melbourne.   I would like to frame the question differently, where would I go to get a suit altered or adjusted. I am not talking about the local dry clean shop or alterations shop in a local mall. I want someone who can look at me wearing my suit and can say I think we need to have the following done to make the suit look better. Basically I want a quality tailor who can tell me what...
Thanks, although it appears that size 42 is out of stock on their site :(
Thanks mate, I cant find a reference on google for "Suit Shop" in Melbourne but I travel to Syd frequently anyway so I could pay them a visit when I am there. I have heard of MJ Bale and Azzaro but didnt think they were price competitive with suits purchased online but I am assuming they are recommended as they are local and I can try the suit on.
Hi I have just joined this forum and would like to ask a question to all the Australians on this site. I live in Melbourne and would like to purchase 1 or 2 suits for work. I have a couple of suits that I have previously purchased locally and they dont look great. Both are black, one of them has 3 buttons and is large for me, the other has 2 and fits well but a solid black suit. I have read this forum and for regular business suits I need to purchase 2 suits, Solid...
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