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@StanleyVanBuren Very cool and very cool pictures that look like right out of Wild at Heart or Kill Bill.  
I wish all I wear would be as good as @Lorcan7''s "boring basic". So effortless.
Canvas Malibu might still have the navy one (Web site does not indicate that they are on sale though).
Nepenthes Japan has pics up of all the cinch pants and also has measurements (Whcih you might want to translate from cm into inch).   I think the flannel versions look really good.
Wait - With IR, the black/ blue batik print from last season comes out ... light gray-ish? Looking good though and the pic setting and effect is quite haunting.   @el Bert I want to buy everything you are wearing now for SoCal winters. Last few fits are so good, man.
Hm, you sure Sean? My moleskin from last season pretty much fits like any other Bedford, TTS. The wool/ homespun version appears just a tad more song but by not much. Overall, I find that Bedford sizing stays very consistent season to season.   How is Seattle?
^ That is so funny. The pants are sold everywhere as linen. Then, when I checked the label, it said ramie ... who knew ... thanks for that little piece of trivia. Thanks, Breezy as well.
  Completely love those two fits. The ramie ripstop pants I got this season are unbelievable (Pleads, high rise, drop crotch, taper) and unbelievably comfortable. @BreezyBirch, where do you usually get Nonnative? Covercord? Mohawk in LA has a small but always interesting selection and since NN now does a size 4, I finally fit in stuff.
7k is pretty baller (mid-level baller, maybe ...)  Pending if you like to sofa more minimal/ squarish (I have the Mags above though not in the soft upholstery ...), You should simply check the modular models from any furniture maker (Hay, Muuto, B&B, Cassina, Cappellini, etc.) I like the aspect that you can configure them to fit almost any space with pieces of any shape or size. On a budget, even Blu Dot and CB2 have decent-ish models.   They sofa in the photo looks a...
In my opinion, this season fits pretty much like any other shirt in length and overall roominess, TTS - length of my size large is ~30 inches (Front shoulder seam at collar to hem). Maybe a tiny bit more roomy compared to a work shirt but less than half inch on P2P for example.   The lower pocket does not interfere with my pants/ belts when worn tucked in.
New Posts  All Forums: