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It is the NNY olive homespun special. Same that eluther wears a few posts up.   It is rather dark moss with lighter green/ brown-ish undertones. The overall effect is indeed very dark, more reminiscent of dark/ black olive than green-ish olive. There is a more detailed write up in the EG FW 14 threat on it.   Mike
As of last week, American Rag had a full size run (S->XL, 30 -> 36) of the brown antique herringbone cinch and andover. Threats and Needles also had the andover (But that was two weeks ago and only one in each size S->L). Mike 
Another x-post from the WAYWT x-post from the texture challenge (You guys get the face version ) ...    EG - Bedford/ Banded Collar Shirt/ Cinch Pant     Re-Cut Supply - Vest     Alden - Shell LWB   [[SPOILER]]
Fantastic fits above … Not really WAYWT, but playing around with Fall Engineered Garments for the texture challenge (X-post).     EG - Bedford/ Banded Collar Shirt/ Cinch Pant     Re-Cut Supply - Vest     Alden - Shell LWB    [[SPOILER]]
There are some unreal fits here (Bravo @ghostface, @Parker, @Ivwri, @Rais, @KongGeorgeVII, @ManofKent) - Kudos to @Cotton Dockers for experimenting with our beloved button shawl.   More Engineered Garments, why not? Playing around with fall stuff for this challenge.      EG - Bedford (Homespun Wool)      EG - Banded Collar Shirt (Houndstooth Cotton)      Re-Cut Supply - Vest (Reversed Sateen)      EG - Cinch Pant (Herringbone Wool)      Alden - LWB (Shell...
On the fair isle, you get an inch more in chest and half an inch in shoulders (See measures on TBB). Arm circumference will likely be similar. If you can, try it on: I did not like how an XL fit me compared to an L (But then again, I will wear lighter wear underneath). For some reason, I also noticed a slight sizing difference between shawl collar (appeared roomier) and regular collar (Appeared tighter) but that should not be that way and could simply be my own illusion...
 Sweet pick ups. Congrats. Appreciate your comments on the liner vests. I also caved on this one and got the blue shawl collar version. It is medium think but the fleece provides strong inslualtion so it is a warm piece. inside is fleece like and sheds slightly. Outlside is more knit texture. Fit is a tad tighter than other jackets so perfect for a mid layer or more of a sportswear type of outer. In my opinion, the cut on both (Shawl and regular collar) is closer to a...
Thanks, Gary re: homespun Bedford.   Can anybody comment how substantial/ warm the Primaloft liner vests are?   And has anybody experienced the Field vest in khaki in the wild? Asking as I like the Primaloft khaki but the shades seem to differ substantially on Nepenthes' tumblr (Primaloft appears "beige", Field appears "olive").   Thanks,   Mike
On the homespun Bedfords (Though brown ...) @CSCoHammers7 and @Drinkwaters , have you gotten the re-stock of those?   Thanks much,   Mike
I went TTS on the Cinch. WIll have to post pics to check it looks right but I think it does. Thigh is 12" but tapers aggressively, giving the feel of slimness.   Mike
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