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@Biggskip , you must be talking about the NNY homespun Bedford? The moleskin is indeed very olive, the homespun has a quite different tone to it.  The fabric is less of the two-tone/ wool consistency compared to the brown homespun. On this one, I would describe it closer to a sweater material but very rugged. Also soft to the hand and despite given substantial look on the lighter side. The color is decidedly very dark moss green. It has lighter green undertones that, when...
  Seems to fit you well. When I read your measures I thought that Mwould be way to small. I am 5'11"/ 183 and went with an L, otherwise I would rip it apart on shoulder/ p2p. On sizing, I think for a few years now it seems sizing on jackets and shirts has not changed much. For sure the jackets (Bedford and Andover) are consistent summer to winter, and shirt sizing also seems to be very consistent and for most TTS works best. On pants, for most, the fit in top block is...
@in stitches One of the very first suits I bought as a college kid was double breast. This probably dates me horribly and back then, I thought, never ever again. Yours convinced me that it can look  really awesome. The fabric and color are great.   @Lorcan7 This looks like it could have come right out of the Needles lookbook. Superb.   Mike
Gotta agree. Risom does absolutely nothing for me. The table does not excite me at all so if you are not 100% in love, I would sell (Not sure if it's worth anything to begin with. Found your table in restored condition between $200 and $550 on eBay, so clearly not worth much) and get what you really like. Mike
No - Truman is likely the most generous but, hey, if it works on me, it will work on you  and I like the Truman. I have a SS14 shorts in this cut and it is generous in the thigh ... I will let you know how my "Sizing up" experiment will go with the homespun Ghurka. Will have it on Thu (Scared ...).   Mike
I am not too familiar with the over parka but like them. Is this a rather thin "final outer layer" piece or is it heavy/ substantial?   Thanks,   Mike
^ Thanks for this, @Shingles. Now I remember that I asked the same question before. I am getting old, man, getting old ...   Mike
Awesome - what is a re-cut?
Shit, that looks good @Shingles Do you mind letting me know how the Cinch fits in top block and thigh compared to the Truman? Comparable? Significantly tighter? If you can, do you have the thigh measures (I usually go out in a 90 degree ankle right at the seam)?   Gotta get a brown homespun Bedford. @CSCoHammers7 , you guys still have one left in large (I think somebody might have also one for sale somewhere on here ...)   Thanks,   Mike
Response from Nepenthes web shop re: shipping abroad. Proxy it is for now.   Mike   ***************** Dear Mike Thank you for contacting us. We are sorry to say that we are not able to ship abroad at this time so we are not taking any orders from overseas. We appreciate your understanding. Best Regards,Nepenthes Tokyo
New Posts  All Forums: