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Awesome, man. you saved me a trip over there which I was just about to begin before going to Yoga. No need to go for that.   Mike
 Man, even "only" 80 holds me back here in LA to even think fall stuff. besides, haven't worn half my summer stuff ... Congrats on the orange/ brown one. How did you size? Would assume that those are cut very generous. Look book also sold me on that, especially with the long Dayton in tattersal shirt thing. Have not seen those long shirts (Dayton or Bush) out yet. On the shirt, call Mohawk in LA. I think they have it. Mike
Yep, that's my issue with the collection as well. @Cotton Dockers, have you had a chance to stop by American Rag and see what they got in? Will be there by Sat the latest.   Mike
Hm, orange/ brown or herringbone? I think orange/ brown ...   Knit jackets not out yet, correct?
I would go true to size. I think we are pretty similar in pant size. If the 4 orSlow fatigues fit you well, I would go L on the Porter. They are loose fitting, very casual.   The material, given it is more a true knit has some stretch to it by no means though will permanently stretch out (Unless you abuse the shorts). They have an elastic waistband a draw string and button and zipper. Go figure ... L measurements: Waist; 15.5 unstretched up to 18 stretched 12.5 - 13...
How funny. Small world. I ordered my very first EG piece from him. Had no idea about the great looks he puts together. There is some inspiration right there. FYI, I browsed a few of the usual retailer last night and Porter shorts in knit are still around here and there. Don't remember sizes, but a 2 min Google search will bring them up. Mike
It is very lightweight, very soft to the hand, slightly textured and really more a thin, fine knit, not a sweater-like consistency. A very cool piece and the jacket certainly was the piece I looked at the most, but for some unknown reason, did not pick up. I got the Porter shorts in the fabric though. Unsure if and where it is still around. Mike
Tag team can be fun. The LA EG crowd is in.   Patterns can be fun, too (Crazy pants theme continued).    Congrats on winning the challenge.   Mike
No - Honestly, not sure if it would be the first choice for me to jump into a car and drive it, given so much alternatives out there that are so much more exciting. But you know, I am first and foremost a design enthusiast when it comes to cars (Hence my love for the old stuff) - I only by cars by color    I would assume that the LFA drives decent, don't get me wrong. But then, you got alternatives at a vast different price point as well. When it comes to Japanese...
Absolutely love it, MoK. The pants rock ('Tis the season of crazy pants) and the shooting vest was one of the great EG summer pieces. Should take a pic of it from your back. This is awesome! Can't wait for the other Garbstore pants to see them in a fit.
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