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Oh boy. Was I w-r-o-n-g. Looks great. Mike
Looks like SS14 USN pant heather in gray cotton oxford. Easily one of the best EG pieces this season. Mike
The name of the threat is "Should I or should't I buy buy …". It is perfectly fine to ask a question about fit, style, or any other reason and see what others might think and advice. To me, it is highly immature to respond in this angry way that is uncalled for or to assume that somebody is lazy and pushing a decision on you. You yourself gave an unsolicited first response to those sneakers and all accordion did was asking you to clarify that response. I really would like...
@accordion No on sneakers. If Dries, buy a tee or conceptual4rest pants or something - flower power. For those, just buy some Converse or Vans or something. They are underwhelming. 
If you mean @penanceroyaltea, fucking yes (4 glasses of wine later …) 
... and kudos alone for doing it in LAs coolest neighborhood!
@Cotton Dockers Needles jacket looks awesome. Love the boiled linen. It looks good with the more conservative color palette you got going. I think it also will work very well with more adventurous/ colorful pieces added (e.g. floral pattern/ color shirt - I got the Needles look book pics flying around in my head ...) and lighter pants. I think the jacket has more versatility than we thought. Good find, man.   Mike 
^ MoK, that's a resounding yes. They look comfy, the colors on those are great and this will look awesome with a light blue/ denim shirt. Just got a "crazy" fatigue pant from orSlow and will expose myself to the collective ridicule in my next fit pic. Totally worth it :-)   Mike
Atwater farmers market, here I come in my granny pants. Watch me next summer … :-) Tiki bedford is great. I think through the flower one in the same navy/ white color palette is even better and still around on sale. TBB did a really nice look book pic with it. My Long Beach shorts (In the flower fabric) are the most worn EG shorts right now. Length is perfect (Though they are the shortest shorts) and the most comfy. Still finding it a bit strange to get the a partial SS...
 No, I did not. had the Needles (Tried on the black one at Mohawk), a Post Overall Engineers in indigo cotton canvas and the Kapital denim coverall on the short list and got the PO as I really liked color/ texture/ lightness of material. Thanks for the sizing help upfront! Mike
New Posts  All Forums: