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 It's the second pair and yes I went TTS. I also got the ones in brown antique HB this season. Cinch emerged as my favorite cut for FW: They are slim-ish but not as slim as the Ghurka. Thigh might only be 0.25" or so more than Ghurka but because the taper is a tad more manageable (~05" more in the leg opening), the fit and feel is much better. Even the stock length with the cuff is perfect. Fabric also might play a role here: The HB and especially the corduroy are thin...
Are those the antique HB/brown cinch with the homespun Bedford? Great combo - I have those exact pieces but have not thought about combining them prior to your pic.
A few EG-centric pieces over the past few weeks with 3+ fits in mind. I think I am pretty much done for this season.   EG EG EG EG EG Needles NBxStarcow   Nonnative AXS   @Abraxis, those marvielab pieces are stunning. Is she still doing this label? A very quick search did not reveal anything at online retailers but her website indicates recent activity for SS15. Look forward to seeing those in a fit.
[[SPOILER]]   I second that - Your excellent fits always make me think of you as the long lost member of a young Pink Floyd. Mike
Ben, question: What made you decide to go for the B2B in moleskin as opposed to Bedford, assuming that it is the same moleskin fabric? Better cut? Jacket diversity? other?   I honestly cannot remember if I tried one on, but I think I did at MAC ... Keep getting more and more senile ...
... soon, only missing two more pieces then and I got everything for the season and will post fits. Thank God the weather is cooperating here in LA and is awesomely cool-ish in the evenings ...
14W corduroy cinch pants came today - Holy cow are those awesome; The right weight for LA (i.e. thin), amazing color, perfect fit. It goes perfect with pretty much all the pieces I bought this season, from long Dayton, olive and brown HS bedfords, to orange brown knit and crazy combi vest. Those will likely be my go-to pants for a few months.   Shout out to our friends from Silver and Gold and Reggie Shop which are superb to deal with.   Mike
^ Sizing up on the Ghurka might be tricky and, generally, I would recommend TTS. It did not work for me as the difference between my sizes (34 and 36) was huge and I could drive a car through the 36's. You saw in the pics how the 34 looked, though I have rather muscular thighs and calves which I think do not work fully with the Ghurka cut. TTS will work perfect for a more slim physique but sizing up can also work if the difference between 30 and 32 is not too...
I really like these last two ones - Both jackets are great. And very intrigued on those Attachment pants. Where did you get those (Japan I assume)? And how is sizing?   Mike
^ @Fycus didn't you guys over at SuFu do something like a Visvim sales threat - stand alone, not integrated into the market place? Could do the same if the mods agree it can live outside the marketplace. Trading all my EG stuff for food and love ...  :-)   Thanks, Sean for the education on the Andover/ print. Was not aware of the finer points on it, looks (Almost) the same to me :-)
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