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Some of my favorite cars from last week. What a great time. The theme this year was eat/drink/cars/sleep … repeat.   Very happy that for the first time at Pebble (Well, technically the second time …), a post war car won Best of Show. Long overdue and this car was sensational (Owner Mozart talking to judge and head of Design at Nissan Shiro Nakamura).   My two favorite coach builders side-by-side - Vignale and Zagato at the unrestored class     Unbelievably...
The bar is too gimmicky in my book. The day bed on the other hand is delicious. Who's done it?
Shit sorry @ManofKent . I accidentally gave a thumbs up to the post not liking your head when I thought I give it to the fit. F*ck long drives and wine. Of course, I wholeheartedly endorse der Hut.   Mike
2000GT went for $1,15M
Fuck - are those the bush shirts? Calling MAC right away ....
Private sales are, well, private. That's why the only observable figures happen at auction (And even there, you can not always trust it). Rumors of the last few GTOs sold privately are anywhere between $35m and $55m. In the end, who knows? My Bonhams friends indicated that they would be happy to get ~$40M for the GTO. Did not happen. We thought it would send a trend for the weekend but so far, at Bonhams, day 2 and RM, day 1, money flowed very easily for cars. While...
Bedford underneath? Can somebody please model that to see how it looks? Intreaquing idea. How substantial is the moleskin fabric? The LA boys are a bit paranoid on SoCal weather compatibility ...
At Quail Lodge yesterday: The best cars on the planet, outstanding free booze and food. Heaven for this car guy - Mostly in Engineered Garments.      Andover      Tab Collar      Fatigue      Alden      1958 Aston Martin DB2/4 Mk III - for @jet and @RegisDB9  
What's the source for that claim?
Stop the Merc stuff. GTO sold for $34.65m before premium. This will have ripple effects and I am quite happy as the market has peaked. Mike
New Posts  All Forums: