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^ Also bought both those pieces and they are awesome and understated given all the prints and colors I got. Keep that shop coat and we can dress as twins. Since I only buy what @eluther buys, I am sure we can pull of triplets ...
No, it is not slim and fit is comparable to Baker. I'd go TTS.   Folks, there is so much goodness in the summer collection that is not fully captured in the lookbook. It is easy to overlook how great most of this stuff is. I have found all of those pics from Nepenthes Japan that show some of the best pieces this season. I think all of that stuff is out there and available, so happy shopping.    
Yes. Mohawk has it in this C/L floral print (L is sold, Alex, sorry ) and also in olive (I believe the HCT). The only online reverence I could find is at Allan Joseph a French retailer for the olive one here.   Mike
That is such a bummer. Not sure what's going on with him but maybe any A-program might help? Top Gear will not be the same without him. On those new Aston's, where is Ian Callum when you need him? They look horrible. There is not a single piece of "old school Maserati" (What?) in it anywhere. Horrible concepts, horrible four door. Engine partnership with Mercedes? You kidding me? Aston was all about engines (Tadek Marek's wonderful 6 and 8 cylinder engines) on top of...
What is actually the big difference given the thickness of the engineered ones? Refinishing if needed? I would assume that with 7mm you can refinish multiple times as well. I put in solid walnut flooring but the decision was more emotional and what sample resonated the most.
I like those. They would work especially well with the e15. Think the Bouroullec brothers are on a roll lately
Cool stuff @mafoofan. Table choices are great and think you can't go wrong with either one, Morrison or e15. I actually almost got the e15 and was also debating their "This" chairs which I think are very cool. I decided against it as I did not grow fond of the wood selection and the detail of the table feet on top.   Ultimately, I went with the Ligne Roset Eaton table. Simpler, has slightly more presence and I adore the European Walnut (No joking please - It is pretty...
I tried on two pieces that I love: The rebuilt round collar shirt (I like white and blue) and the linen cardigan shirt. Apart from the blue it also comes in a light brown/ darker beige tone that is absolutely fantastic and goes really well with the EG color tones of this season. Broad linen mesh though, so you always need to wear something underneath ... or be built like Adonis and know no shame ...
^ Yeah, but you definitely need @ManofKent /@eluther / @agvs / @Knight levels of swagger to pull it off. Go for it!
Killer @agvs! Super creative pairing that completely works well. Penance, what on the short hair? I love the manes of Lorcan and AGVS. Rock star vibe, 70's vibe, so good, so full of personality.  [[SPOILER]]
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