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^ Yeah, not a fan of the type 6 cut. Whenever I try them on, they are too tight for my liking, especially in the thigh measurements: I am looking for ~12.5" thigh at least. I much prefer the orSlow regular fit/ 105 cut as I also like the 2-year wash (Would need some taper though) but still holding out for something that really gets my attention ...    The type of look I am going for below ...  
I love this and this is exactly how I would ear and layer it. And love the jeans. What model are they? I still have not managed to buy me a beaten up, loose fit/ tapper pair goddamit ...
Cold enough in LA to break out the wool ... actually so cold that even that was not enough last night. Cross-post from WAYWT.   [[SPOILER]]
Tone-on-tone olive, stealing an idea from a recent superb @ManofKent fit.  Extra pic because of the variation in color with a different background which I quite like.  [[SPOILER]]
@Knight That is indeed a great shape with the TF over the parka. If you don't ,I will blow up the pic as that fantastic silhouette gets a tiny bit lost in the small pic    @innerpiece  - Welcome. I love Earl's fatigues and wear those all the time when I do air travel. You simply cannot beat the price-per-comfort point ratio on those ...
Everybody looking sharp. Weather is significantly cooling down in LA to the point where we can pull out to EG wool for our mid-50's nights. I still have to throw on the combi vest from last season. And I have not bought anything from FW15 yet and think it will stay that way ...
Fair warning - that knit/ jersey jacket looks so much better in the lookbook than in the wild (less shiny, weird cut, more "sweater", stretch-y). The styling with the cool knickers helps as well. Sizing on those jackets also is a bit weird (small) for my taste. 
For all of you larger guys (Including me), here is a very interesting piece for the shop coat/ long coat/ duster lovers. Is the hood removable?  
Yep - I like the combo of the more BDU with the fabric. I snagged up the Nehru in this print and the Willy Post pants. Those turned out my most worn pants of the summer. Go figure. Not a fan of the bomber though, either. 
This is an interesting piece that I have not seen before - EG and Adam et Rope special BDU jacket in the fantastic linen/ floral print.       On eBay here for those that fit in size M, but also appears on Rakuten and here for quite cheap.
New Posts  All Forums: