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I think I id'd most everything but for some reason cannot find the shirt (I think both fits show the same) and shorts (These might be two different gray shorts?) in the fit pics below. I know there are many madras shirts with some red/ blue color combo this season but I cannot locate this one (More white, some pink) at an US retailer (Saw it at a retailer in Japan but forgot where …). Thanks for pointers.  [[SPOILER]]  Gary, do you happen to have a Gray cotton oxford USN...
       Thank God I only by cheap, stone old cars. To my surprise, they actually go up in value. For $99k (or something), I doubt I would ever buy any Audi … but a 56 356A coupe would look really tempting again … or maybe a SWB Giulietta Spider Veloce? HRoi, late congrats on the Cayman! That car looks simply stunning and I know it will put big grins on faces whoever is behind the wheel. Mike
Mohawk had the b/w houndstooth fatigue ... Unsure if they have any left. Did not see them around a few weeks back anymore.   Mike
I love the right fit with the apron! That is awesome. he is wearing the black batik Baker, right? Still looking for one "crazier" fit for the season and that might just be it (I simply can't pull off the awesome fits like Lorcan or Knight - very well done!). Gotta find a different pant/ short color than red though ... Mike
Hideous and unnecessary. It my be sacrilege, but I am also not a fan of the DB5 as I always find it out of proportion: For some reason, it went downhill when the DB4 got longer and taller and the DB6 is simply horrid. Before that, the DB4 is close to perfection, especially in open headlight configuration. And early DB2s are my favorites. The DB4 GT Zagato on the other hand is a completely different story ... Mike
   Well, first I thought "Gary, just chill". There are a few reasons - and Mickey and Alex mentioned the most obvious ones why I scratch out my visage. Second thought was "Well, Gary has a point". Doubt it has anything to do with insecurity, but showing your face can make it much more personal. I am also active on classic car boards and there, I would never scratch out my beautiful mug if it is in a car shot. So, Gary, that one is for you. Mike [[SPOILER]]  Back to rocking...
Wanted to make an effort to wear more EG. So here is this week's attempt. Love how uncomplicated it is to throw stuff on in an "wear everyday" kinda way. And love the spring weather in LA: Wear your winter layers at night, wear shorts during the day. Mike   [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]
 Ha, I also bought it from PDG. And will also throw it on with the Penn ... Finally got around to start buying EG. Picked up the Aviator in grey tropical wool from Jack Straw on a business trip up to Seattle (Still my favorite piece) and bought the Cambridge shorts in the black batik print yesterday. My favorite print this season, I think ... Also tried on the blue (Ripstop? Pique?) USN pants - Found the fit and especially the color very boring. Also tried on the Long...
[[SPOILER]] I think this looks great and the shirt is well worn as overshirt. Love it with the pants. missed those last season and they look really good. 
No, no, going slow only works if the car is right: 1) Very old 2) Very light 3) Built with a purpose in mind (Honda Civic, you kidding, right?) 4) Rare 5) Can break easily   For your consideration: The best "Drives slow, feels fast, ass on the road" car: Abarth 750GT. Less than 60 hp from 750cc (pending your state of tune). You get a good one for $120k, ~250 made (We think …), Zagato hand made body, Abarth tuning genius, Fiat underpinnings. It does simply not get...
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