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Yeah, pretty amazing. At $1,000 per square foot before renovation ...
Holy fuck ... I also missed the foo vs. SH shit storm, a dissertation on modernism or whatever-ism, lessons in home decorating, Steffi Graf and Ken Lay. Thanks, guys. I had quite a few laughs strolling through the last 8 or 9 pages ... carry on
Just checking in after a while and the last three houses, I don't like too much. That glass thing is atrocious and not because there is no privacy. It is just such a showy mishmash. And the dune house really is not much better. hate that weird incline with the showy windows and the layout is horrible.   The Mexican house duo I actually find quite interesting though the mass and material mix and confusing angles makes me nauseous. I have to confess that I do like the...
Hold a second: You are saying that those tanks make 200mph (~320km/h)? You guys serious? Even with the electronic frippery that limits them addressed?  
Just googled it - They gray-ish Garda slip on? That might work ... thanks for the pointer.
Don't like them nor the color. The only viable alternative for a specific fit are the CA slip-ons in aluminum, which I like. But those are also completely sold out.   The tan ones are perfect for a pair of EG pants and a shop coat a got this season and I am a nerd that just needs to have it now ...  I keep my eyes open for non Van alternatives but this time, do not want to go the NB or Converse route ... And also in the more expensive department, (CP, etc.) I just can't...
Well, boys, I think it is all about context and I am the last man who does not appreciate a crude joke. However, in this discussion I do find your comments tasteless and immature. But that's just me so carry on ...   More importantly, I was impressed by Fukasawa and his design mind. I am also impressed by maruni's manufacturing. I am a fan and completely find the price tag justified. Foo, you might have found your chairs?    
Boys,   Still looking for size 8.5 or 9 Tan (Or light blue) EG x Vans. There must be someone out there who wants to get rid of them. Can offer trade in EG goodies or will pay you a fortune in gold ... sort of ...
It's a Bedford, correct? The only rule with EG is that there is no rule. Some guys like it big and slouchy, some of us like it a bit more fitted (Me included). The picture might not tell the full story but it looks like you could also pull off one size down in it. EG jackets are usually a tad on the cropped side. But it all comes down to how you would like to wear it. If you feel good about the slightly oversized look, then all is good.
#thiswillbeawesome   Cars being picked up for SF. Front to back: 53 Appia 56 1900CSS 53 Comete  
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