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Hm, why is it that I like the techno drumming (Might be some Steve Reich tho) best? Edit: They mention it in the back: Hiroyuki Ura. Gotta check that out
@KongGeorgeVII That is fantastic. @Cotton Dockers First thought on the pic was "What is MoK doing in your backyard?" That jacket looks really good. The last few fits are truly awesome!   Mike
Retail is indeed for suckers. When I got the Wooden chair, I got 20% off right then and there. Shows you the margins that they are calculating.   I used the Thinking Man's chair a bit and, given how it looks/ the material it is made off, it is quite surprisingly a comfy chair. Ditto for the Wooden chair which must be the most comfortable one I own. I think this due to a superb lounging position and the massive give/ flex of the beech slats.   Mike
You should be fine with the current Morrison sale. I doubt they give you 40% off if you roll in with an architect.
Which store in Laguna? The one in the canyon?
Man, I love those pants in the look book but they are … tight … and get tighter down the calf. If I were you, I would size up or go E-1
You have not yet seen the EG meet up coming up … stay tuned ….  The  variability and versatility of your fits is killing me. I can't keep up with the thumps. So well done! Mike
I have to say, that coat looks spectacular. I could live with the black spot but that grease upfront, I would try to fix. Is that what you mean with the tear? @gettoasty , given the fairly solid fabric, how would extra fabric fix that?   I agree though to contact Peir for advice as this coat is worth every penny saving/ fixing.   Mike
Actually, quite cool table. Morrison sale at Cappellini. 20% off his pieces. I am likely to grab the Thinking Man's chair. Love (most) of his work.   Mike
Some of my favorite cars from last week. What a great time. The theme this year was eat/drink/cars/sleep … repeat.   Very happy that for the first time at Pebble (Well, technically the second time …), a post war car won Best of Show. Long overdue and this car was sensational (Owner Mozart talking to judge and head of Design at Nissan Shiro Nakamura).   My two favorite coach builders side-by-side - Vignale and Zagato at the unrestored class     Unbelievably...
New Posts  All Forums: