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  You guys talking B1P, correct? I thought this season was the first season for those. I tried on the make-up below last week and thought that those were the most ill fitting EG pants on me:Extreme taper with very generous thigh (Without measuring it, it "felt" roomier than Cinch/ Fatigue/ Truman - A good thing) but also very narrow hem (7", perhaps 7.5 " at best on a size 34). Given that, it truly looks like one of those 80's carrot jeans thingies: Bulges out on the thigh...
^ That is funny. Don't listen though! NB is one of the most versatile sneaker brands for the non-baller price point around. Only though for their classic designs (Like the 996 pictured), color choices and especially the outstanding collabs they do (Like the one in the pic which is with Horween).    I like the pair above and it will go well with a lot of looks: From EG-centric work/ sprotswear (me, me, me) to a lot ofthings more or less dressy.    And embrace the...
I like the cut and length of this. Almost like a cool long Dayton substitute/ alternative.   Mike
Alex, those should still be around in the US. For example, American Rag has it in 32 here (Warning: Terrible fit pics). They are brown though, not gray (Though it is a very subtle brown HB).   Mike
Pretty much gone. Tanner/ Woodlands in LA had an S left two weeks ago (Did not check yesterday when I was there if it still was available). I would check with Japan retailers for your best chance. Here are the retailers that ordered it (courtesy of eluther):Escalier (No idea what/ where it is) Boutique EG (No idea what/ where it is) Nepenthes Woodlands/ Tanner LA and Portland Mike
Completely agree - great contrast of calm and collected stuff on top with EG crazy [attern clash underneath that, at least in the pic, warrants that "What the heck is this?" second-look greatness. Well done!
@penanceroyaltea , love the corduroy pants. What are those?   Mike
Don't give up! Rock it like a bath robe ... That Dayton needs fit pics. @Knight, I did futz around with it under the knit. It does look great there (similar to the look book). But also looking for long Dayton ideas without the knit.Worn open, over a denim work shirt? Worn buttoned up with a vest over it (Liner or equivalent)?  Streetwear style - With blue (moleskin) Bedford and dark olive more casual pants (Highland, Shooting, climbing pant alternatives from Battenwear,...
 I went TTS, which, for me is size Large (For reference: I take jackets and blazers in Large and am on the "large" side of Large). I really liked the lookbook picture on the orange brown (Pic #13) which indicates that those knit sweaters are best and most comfortable when very slouchy: They are long in body and arms on purpose. You could potentially downsize on those but I would make sure that you have a chance to try them on and see the difference. Sizing difference seems...
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