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Pretty cool house. Huge. Also love the wine cellar, huge walk-in closet (StyFo heaven) and the pantry. Which I, of course, first mistook for one of those awesome minimalistic kitchens. Silly me, they got a full one hidden away ...   Some slight "hotel lobby" feelings I get in the main living quarters and not feeling those wooden window treatments/ openings.   Mike
Where did you get it? TBB? Hold. Are you guys saying Truman fits slimmer than cinch? Do we yet have the tutorial on pants this season? Did I get it right that everything is sizing up except fatigues? Those new ones (Huntsman and shooting) are pretty great. Sizing up on those, too? ANd who caries those in the US?  I was confused. THOSE are the jackets I really liked in the lookbook. OK, game on, now. Mike
Browisng fashions on Sun morning with coffee in hand … Sorry if the link has been posted before but some neat styling ideas. http://www.nepenthes.co.jp/feature/44/f44.html   I like this one in particular.  
^ Me too. In the '69 911. Had the soft window out which gives unrestricted "ear access" to that glorious flat six sound. Posts like this demand a pic and I forgot to take one ...   Mike
Really good fits. @Francks, @hendrix and @Liszt, those are fantastic. @AlexanderTG looks great and cuff looks good. Is that the FW stuff? I would be toasty in it here in LA. Of course I like it but I would choose different, more basic/ trad shoes with EG. Pending on your preference, a lot can go with this, from NB/ converse to Trickers/ Alden, etc.   Mike
What do you mean? Does Truman fit slim as well this season (e.g. like the Highland experiment?)?  Finally, they are here. Am I the only one who thinks that those looked the best in the lookbook? All of them: Green, blue, gray. Where the heck are the knickers?
Sometimes, simple is best. I really like how the colors work here. Is this a denim shirt, jacket, shacket? Gives me an idea for that Kapital thing I got ...
Sigh ... Back to houses now, please?  
@penanceroyaltea has one so he might be able to pitch in. However, in the pic I remember, he styled it more as an accessory, tied around the waist. Agree with eluther that it will be tough to wear as a regular shirt, but who knows? I am sure it will be awesome rocking out in it on stage.  Lots of good tailoring/ sizing advice. Whenever I read that in the EG threat I come to the conclusion that you can wear it pretty much anyway you like it: All good and all good with me. Mike
Oh shit. My "English as a second language" defect shows up in full bloom. Yeah, I am known for making interesting typos. Also agree with your statement. Hence, back to houses, garages, kitchens, brutalist architecture, etc. shall we?
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