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I like this house from the perspective of a weekend get away. I do like the fact that it is wide open inside and the material and layout choices appear clean to me. So you can add your own preferences with the furniture. Stair design does not bother me either and I do not find it gimmicky. As is (Without the current furniture),it has a certain serene quality to me. Understated.    Not sure if I agree with the comment of it only having small windows but the window...
No - they are "as is" as out of the box. Just cuffed them two times. They are very baggy all the way down but that's also their charm
The Kinski and Herzog relationship is classic. Documented in books and documentaries. Especially around the extremely difficult shoot for Fitzcarraldo. The quote below happened during this time and is no joke (Though very funny ...).  
Wow - there is so much good stuff in here, this is like a SW&D "best off". This is really great! Thanks for the kind words, @penanceroyaltea 
Did a last-minute submission for the challenge (x-post). First pic is what I wanted to submit, second pic is what I submitted as the pants look so much better in that combo imho.   Mike  
Damn, the deadline breakers for the challenge are trickling in ... x-post and submission in the long cardi/ thingie category(Mostly EG, with Needles and Alden thrown in)   [[SPOILER]]
Hold the train - Just snapped this pic with my entry in the long cardi/ thingie category: Engineered Garments knit and long Dayton shirt.  
Agree - the last big Mercedes coupe that was stunning was this.  
^ Gotta agree from that pic. But really not a car that is anywhere near my interest list, though somewhat interesting from a design perspective (How to make a big-ass coupe look good ... not easy). Bummer though as I thought that Mercedes gained grounds again in the design department. Not here, it seems.   Mike
Memories ... When I did the very first remodel eons back in San Francisco, we expanded the loft mezzanine level into a bigger bedroom/ bathroom. The wall between bedroom and bath was translucent cobalt blue panels, framed by a metal frame. It sounds very 90's/ 00's - and it likely is. But it looked very cool as a) the shade of cobalt blue was fantastic and subtly illuminated in the eve with the light in the bathroom, 2) all the sink pluming was done inside the blue panels...
New Posts  All Forums: