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^ Bedford looks like it fits ok. I detect some slight pulling on the upper arm but mine does the same as armholes are slim-ish (Too many biceps work outs ....).   What I found in general is that the moleskin fabric is 1/2 to 2/3 thinner than homespun, and therefore, fits me looser than the brown homespun of the same size. I measured both my size L jackets and for both P2P (Fabric- end to fabric-end, measured flat, front) is 21.5 while shoulder seam to shoulder seam is...
He mainly has used this on his Ferrari and Mercedes cars. Since most his racing Ferraris are red, he devised a slightly customized red color to be used on them. Same for his Mercedes cars in silver. At one time, he had cars displayed by marque in his beautiful museum/ space and hence the effect of uniformity for those two marques (He does restore and paint in other colors though, too).   One of the better small articles was a few years back in Vanity Fair and can easily...
Another stellar few pages here. @kgfan5 and @nicelynice 's wife are my favorite posters! @Synthese - Après-ski with Glühwein?
Very cool look!
The Corridor are the new kids on the bkock. Nee store and First time ordernd EG. I dealt with them and they/ Jun are great once they got their huge and eclectic delivery. Great customer service. Alex also felt with them. Give them a call to see what they still have left and get a pair of knickers ... Mike
I have only seen tabliers this season. I also have not seen any aprons left at NA or European retailers. Japan retailers often carry left overs from multiple seasons and that's where I would start. Mike
Alex, it was Nepenthes special, together with the blue one. Give them a call to see if there are some left. I would bet though that they are sold out by now.   Mike
Amen to that. The other homespun from yesterday (Thanks @SirMeowly for coming up with that jacket/ pant combo) and a few things from this and last week's WAYWT. 
For all I know, @kgfan5, @KongGeorgeVII, @nicelynice's wife, @snowmanxl, @spacepope, you and a few others could essentially wear a sack of potatos and still outshine anything and anybody. You guys know how to really do it! Time to bring that average standard down a bit ... Friday, beer-spill save fit for the fantastic SOHN show at the El Rey. Catch him if you can, that voice ...    EG     Kapital     Post O'     Needles     Visvim [[SPOILER]]  Saturday dinner, taking one...
Completely agree - I really admire how I can be casual rolling around in fatigues/ shirt/ tee/ Bedford/ etc. all day long but with one unexpected or crazy piece, the same thing can get really interesting. I think EG is at its absolute best, when the traditional stuff is paired with a bit of  "What the f*** is that?" fabrics or pieces. And I think  Mr. Suzuki /EG do that really, really well. At leas those fits in the lookbooks are those that I keep remembering long after...
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