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 I caught most of his films too. Gotta say I only appreciate The Royal Tenenbaums and Bottle Rocket. IMHO, his characters feel less 'real' and enjoyable recently. Watched an old Korean film yesterday - A Tale of Two Sisters. Towards the end, I realised there are so many recent movies that have reused the same idea... But to state which ones will obviously be writing a spoiler.
Any pics to show the difference?
I agree. I have no idea what we are supposed to look at in this instance.Shoe fit is not a matter of how it looks, but more of how it feels.Speaking of looks, why is this in classic menswear? Unless this is in the wrong section, I would burn those regardless of the fit.
I agree. I don't think we should be blindly following the practices of shoemakers, especially if we don't know the reason why they do it. What applies to them may not apply to us. There is no one-size-fits-all practice we should follow. After all, they may actually recommend other options to customers if we actually asked for their advice.
It's not about vanity. It is about you suggesting that a new entrant to the discussion should not be part of the discussion, beginning from the first post here. I would prefer that you discuss shoes and not discuss me.Don't generalise that all people in the east hold shoes from the west in high esteem. Your generalisations are getting ridiculous. Maybe Japan is the only country you know in Asia.I don't see how corrected grain would be a good material following any form of...
 Alright, that's fair. Just let me say this. About respect, at least try not to suggest that I should not be posting in this thread, that I am stubborn in my thinking, and that I am from the Twitter generation with short attention span. I read a couple of your posts before this, and I quoted the ones that I wished to discuss. I mentioned that I did not read all your posts on this thread simply because you asked how I arrived at my conclusion from your comments on...
 It is good that you read everything a person says in order to answer. I just cannot read like 20 of your posts just to respond to a point you made in your latest post, if that is indeed the number of posts you made regarding this subject (on this thread and others). As far as journalism goes, forgive me for being blunt, there are readability issues with many of your posts (at least for me). Edit: I am not of the Twitter generation, but thanks for yet another remark of the...
The black cap toes at the bottom of the pic.. Those are awesome.
Not true. Not every argument for rubber outsole will stand for rubber uppers. For instance, if I said rubber provides good traction, it would only stand as a viable argument for the outsole and not the upper. Agree?I know you have lots of experience with the craft, and I respect that. So please don't make this personal. My interest in this is only in the argument, not the person. As far as your argument goes, I am only disputing the posts I quoted, not the rest of what you...
 In so many words, are you saying that there is no objective justification for the use of leather on the outsole?
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