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Comments on mcallister vs Jefferson? Same design. What is the difference between the independence vs non-independence version?
You said they are woven shoes. I say they are ghost shoes.
 I am also curious if anyone wore through their Vass-applied topy before. Since Vass nails the rubber layer to the toe tip, can replacing of the topy be done competently by regular cobblers?
 I think OP Oliver84 defines classics as ugly or vice versa, so perhaps he felt that he was redefining 'taste in shoes' with this thread title. He probably assumed SFers to be like the regular folks he hangs out with e.g. wearing square-toed shoes and all. OP, welcome to SF, and get a decent education on what classic menswear entails before generalising like that.
My new Filson 256 original briefcase has a strap that is too long for my small frame (5'8"). Anyone shortened the strap before? Do you just punch holes at the clasp part of the strap or something?
 Those are so orangy and beautiful... I have no idea why my antique cognac looks so muddy brown.
 Make that two persons' opinion. I imagine that number is going to explode... I think the only one who ain't open minded is you.
Lazy OP should not be entertained. SF is not a QnA board.
Your example does not prove anything. Ever occurred to you that this can be attributed to different uppers? Why would you say that the sole allows breathing when it spends most of the time clamping the ground? This is like saying a highly accurate pistol gets its accuracy from a better grip instead of better rifling.And since when was breathibility more important than traction for the outsole?Regardless, this is not the point of this thread. I just want to say that the...
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