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This question is so general, no one would even know how to start giving advice.
Thanks to all the gentlemen for the advice. I will be sure to post pics of my acquisition here in appreciation of the help!
In that case I am usually UK7.5. And so I should be taking a 7.5F for the 108?
I am considering a St. Crispin's Mod 108 in suede. I am a 41.5 in the Vass U last and a 8.5D in the AE 333 last (Harrison). Any advice on sizing? I am getting a sense that StC is TTS for the US size, yet I see advice that one should go down half a size.
For a salesman at a singaporean 'tailor' that charges sgd$400 a shirt, i was hoping you would do better.
US8.5D Allen Edmonds Player's shoe in navy suede - topied and lightly used. Shoes trees are not included. Price includes PayPal fees but not shipping. Shoes are in Singapore. PM me for a shipping quote.
Comments on mcallister vs Jefferson? Same design. What is the difference between the independence vs non-independence version?
You said they are woven shoes. I say they are ghost shoes.
 I am also curious if anyone wore through their Vass-applied topy before. Since Vass nails the rubber layer to the toe tip, can replacing of the topy be done competently by regular cobblers?
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