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Vicuna is offensively expensive. Seriously be there when they open
Couldn't click through the link, wanted a login. That's so awesome. Will have to check out the band too, I like weirdo stuff. Also you have a PM
Not my style at all and maybe its just my Scandinavian heritage speaking but I love this.
That trumps fashion every time. Wear a million of them. The #menswear crowd peacocking is one thing. This gets the seal of approval.Edit: 50! Holiday exchange here I come!
Love this.
Your dresser is really cool BTW.
They're Indian not Tibetan, though people use em in that region of the world all over. Its called a rudraksha.
Sergeant pepper
Beads have any significance to you?
Don't love the tie or the bracelet but otherwise on point. I personally like your thrift fit pics. Aspirational and all that.
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