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I got my first pair of Meermin shoes last week.  I wanted to give you my unbiased review.  I purchased the dark brown split toe blucher from the classic line.  The price was 167.23 euro with shipping which is $226.  I placed the order on Sept 05 and I received it on Oct 04.  I have not yet gotten hit with customs.  Hopefully, I won't.   1. The Box: Very nice but who cares.  It's in the trash right now.  The flannel shoe bags are very nice though. 2. The Smell:  These...
I just purchased a pair of Alden unlined PTBs in snuff suede.  I started brushing it lightly with Alden's horsehair brush and I noticed that fibers were coming off the suede all where ever I brushed.  Is this normal for new suede?
Just got these snuff suede Alden snuff suede unlined PTB shoes.  I used my Alden suede brush for the first time and fibers started coming off from all over the shoe.  Is that normal for a new suede shoe?
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