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is anyone watching the walking dead steven finale? i think Glenn (Steven Yuen) is wearing the heavy weight plaid shirt jacket we were talking about a few months ago. (Pic below can't embed)      http://i.imgur.com/9xGygw4.jpg
Very nice Lordnick.. the mirror in the background looks pretty vintage and fits right in with your outfit. This could easily be a pic taken 50 years ago.
what gift card thing?
Check your PM
Picked this up a couple of weeks ago. Im back to using a wallet after a few years of a money clip.
Yup, that's the parka i saw. It is so heavy and warm but like you said a little over the top and its a bit too boxy for my liking. Good thing considering i have no need for yet another jacket.
Its worth giving them a call to see what is left. Especially since you are in DC. The weather really isn't that bad this far south.
Yes the pants are the Hayward. I really like the herringbone pattern.
My pickups.       Favorite items are actually the wallets.
New Posts  All Forums: