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I think the West Broadway store (if its the store next to Reiss) was a Polo Store a few years ago and then was transformed to a RRL only store.
Heads up to anyone purchasing from the website, ebates has 15% cashback on a bunch of sites including Ralph Lauren.
That sounds disingenuous. He should have disclosed it was altered. I totally would try to dispute this with him.
  The Jaspe Clude trousers look really cool. I was tempted by the distressed Kentucky narrow slims, but i really cant justify buing any more jeans. I got the newsboy hat.
Boy that denim vest is one beautiful piece. How much did it cost you?
Please do more derailing. Very nice pics. What makes are the boots?
 It does look brown in the pic, but being that you found the picture on instagram, the colors are probably over saturated via one or more filters. 
Nice read. SOTD: TF Italian Cypress
 Nice pics. I love the way the raw denim has worn down over the years. Were they pretty stiff when you bought them?
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