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LOL maybe thats why its on sale? Just sloppy..  jk
Wearing Xerjoff Uden today.
  L'Instant De Guerlain Extreme (LIDGE) at $47 is a great price for anyone who likes this fragrance.     http://www.fragrancenet.com/fragrances/cologne/guerlain/linstant-de-guerlain-extreme/eau-de-parfum#164343     Nice buy California Dreamer! I bought Forbidden Games a couple of day ago.   Today im wearing Green Irish Tweed and Green Valley.
Oh that's really unfortunate. I was quoted that $310 and some change over the phone for one of the Ny stores (cant remember the exact one) and the Melrose store in LA this past weekend. Melrose had my size but it was on hold for someone else
such a beautiful sweater. I just missed out in my size nationwide on this one. Its on sale for about $311 or so in the stores so def call stores.
My current collection. I need to prune this down..     Top L-R   1. Persol 649 (Tobacco Virginia) 2. Maui Jim Kahuna (brown) 3. Persol 3019-s 4. Persol 714SM (Steve McQueen- Black) 5. No id Brown glasses 6. D&G 6010 7. Versace Mod 4198 8. Ray Ban 3025 9. Maui Jim Kahuna (black) 10. Persol 714SM (Steve McQueen- Dark Havana) 11. Persol 714 (Terra di Siena) 12. Tom Ford-  Harry (TF 192) 13. Polaroid Largo 14. Ray Ban 3460 15. Mosley Tribe Javelin S 16....
is anyone watching the walking dead steven finale? i think Glenn (Steven Yuen) is wearing the heavy weight plaid shirt jacket we were talking about a few months ago. (Pic below can't embed)      http://i.imgur.com/9xGygw4.jpg
Very nice Lordnick.. the mirror in the background looks pretty vintage and fits right in with your outfit. This could easily be a pic taken 50 years ago.
what gift card thing?
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