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Yup, that's the parka i saw. It is so heavy and warm but like you said a little over the top and its a bit too boxy for my liking. Good thing considering i have no need for yet another jacket.
Its worth giving them a call to see what is left. Especially since you are in DC. The weather really isn't that bad this far south.
Yes the pants are the Hayward. I really like the herringbone pattern.
My pickups.       Favorite items are actually the wallets.
 Did they have more than one peacoat? The one i saw there was pretty warm but  It was bulky on me though. great piece. How much is left? I may have to make another trip there tomorrow.
Georgetown. I believe it was an XL but to be honest, it seemed to run a bit small in my opinion. I usually wear a small or a medium at the most and if that was a large, i would have been ok wearing it. 
Good lord that plaid shirt is beautiful...
 Wow thanks for the heads up! I'm all set with boots now as i also got the regular 1000 miles in black from the Steven Alan sale.
 The sale is still going on in the stores and they have an additional 25% off bringing the price down to $132.75. Its sold out online, but there is still limited inventory available, and you have to call around different stores to see if they have your size available. Shipping is $9. I just purchased one about 10 mins ago. Good luck.
Really informative thread. Thanks for starting this and i look forward to reading more posts and hopefully contributing to it. I am a huge sunglasses fan and own more pairs than i really should. 
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