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 10 months is nothing. It should be more tahn fine. There are lots of fragrances that are decades old that are just fine today. Today  I am wearing Acqua Vitae Forte by Maison Francis Kurkdijian
ha! @angel of death. Aware! should have known you would be here.
   Thank you both for the feedback. Im glad i went with my gut and bought it. 
Thank you for the response. I am half an inch over 5' 10" so i hope i can just skate by especially since i don't plan to use this for formal occasions and will wear it with jeans primarily. It didn't seem too short to me until a couple of acquaintances i was with at the store mentioned they thought it was short.     
Is the le smoking tuxedo jacket designed to fit "short" ? I tried one on that fits body wise but seems a bit shorter than normal. Thanks!
 Haha you probably look better in them than most of the stars. If its any consolation, RRL doesn't appear to be that prevalent among stars. But if it bothers you, ill take em off your hands so you don't feel the pain :)
  Yes it is Adam Levine. I saw that the other day on the promos for the voice. Wasn't he also wearing RRL when someone threw a bag of sugar at him a year of two ago?
 I posted about this jacket a couple of weeks ago ITT when there was discussion about denim jackets. a size  L was at one of the outlets for $649
    I came across the bold 1 and 5 at a Saks Off Fifth this past weekend. It was too clunky and big for my face. I ended up getting the gold frame classic 11's.
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