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Yes, first pair of Vass.  I have a number of Ron Rider boots, a couple Alden's that I bought before I understood my sizing,  I have been looking for an attractive boot with a lug sole that will stand up to weather.  At $4xx, the Vass were a great opportunity. Last:  Wow, where do I start.  As I mentioned, I ordered the 44's expecting that they would be too big, but really they are only a bit on the large side.  The funny thing is, when I compare them to my Rider's or my...
got a pair of the 3636 last boots on closeout from Epaulet last week.  Beautiful color.  I took a shot that a 44 would fit my 10.5US feet, got lucky.  A bit of room, but probably perfect with heavier socks.  
 If this is the color 8 NST aberdeen commando brass eyelets thing, here is my wallet.
dammit dammit dammit I wanted this one.  10E long gone.
 Absolutely crazy timing I guess, just keeping up with this thread is enough!  Glad I caught you with a second wear on them :) I'm still on the fence, looking for something fun more than formal.  I ordered, I'll decide with the shoes on foot. Thanks for the feedback.
Mike, thoughts on this shoe now that you have had it a while?  I am thinking of getting some saddles and these are still available at DC... Thanks in advance
TTS is the usual response. The laces make the fit less worrisome. I have both cxl and shell in the ranger in my true size and both fit great.
Anybody size 9 looking for some walnut/whiskey shell boots, there is a pair of Ron Rider's on ebay, starting at $150.   I am not associated with the seller, just saw them and wished they were 10.5's.
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