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Gren check? Still have never found it. If this isn't gren, I give up.  
*cough* AdBlock Extension in Chrome *cough*
I hate the positive feedbacks that just say "fine". I know that fine is a positive term and that they left a positive, but I read it in a snarky manner.
The buyer may have paid with an e-check. I recently had a buyer who was adamant that he had paid. I showed him my screenshot that said 'awaiting payment'. I decided to check the PayPal transaction and saw that it said that the e-check had been received and was being processed. 
hard to explain without having pictures, but you basically fold the tie in half, bring the top part down and around and then tie it through the opening. Make a little dimple and tighten it up. Get in close to the knot area so you can't see that it's not really tied properly, but you can tell what the tie looks like tied. Voila.
I'm sure it doesn't really matter all that much, but I've found that having them tied gets me more views/bids on average. You can get in closer so the buyer can get a better vibe for the pattern without having to click on the listing. Also, it's much quicker to do the quick fake tie knot than it is to roll them. I still roll NWT ties though just so I don't mess them up.
I like that there's a debate about whether or not people would get MTM Brioni in a thread where people consistently say stuff like "If it's under $100, I'd buy that Zegna/Canali/etc coat. Any more and I'd pass."
You have to go regularly. I've found Kiton/RLPL/etc. Marshalls had a grip of BB Black Fleece last year that everyone was snagging. It doesn't happen all the time, but they get some crazy stuff every once in a while.
Person finds a few pairs at Marshall's/TJ Maxx/etc. on clearance for $39.99. Puts them on eBay for $75 or $85 and basically doubles their money quickly. 
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