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I have a pair of Gravati for Wilkes Bashford.Heel looks virtually identical.This is in the same area of the shoe. Pretty damn close, right?I think to be safe I'm not going to add a maker to the listing but damn, Spoo. I think you might have gotten it. Thanks!
Xpost from the makers thread, but this thread seems to get a bit more action. Any help on the maker?   [[SPOILER]]
Any help on these made in Italy shortwings for Neiman Marcus? Something about them seem really familiar but I can't tell if it's familiar because the markings and heels are mostly non-descript.  [[SPOILER]]
Hhhhnnnggg! Nataku! That tweed Champ. Have Casey Gooby take a look at that. Dont mess around with other amp people in town with that. Take it to Gooby.
I think 662 is calfskin and 664 is shell for their tassel loafers. Not 100% but pretty sure.
Ooh! Thanks. I would have completely forgotten. 
This has been stuck in my head since birth. Not even slightly exaggerating. 
It indeed is pronounced 'meh-NARDS'.
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