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Fine five min stop today. Fave find for sure. Also these. AG sweatshirt is a keeper.
Can't imagine all of the below are fake. Also, how often does Polo Sport actually get faked? 
Also, a better way to go about buying would be to contact the seller first and see if he/she would be willing to add a different shipping option. It's kind of rude to buy and then make the seller refund/cancel/relist. 
Last question of the night. Does this seem like the 4100 above the C/D could possibly be EU size 41? It's on an anonymous pair of shell shoes and those are the only markings on the entire shoe.
I'm completely blanking on what type of pattern this is. On a Samuelsohn SC.
These work. They're not waterproof because of the hanger hole, but they can be appreciated if the buyer wants to take them to a tailor/dry cleaner and keep them safe on the trip. Dry cleaner garment bags
I had a very similar moment this weekend. I spilled a glass of white wine all over myself at a wedding on Saturday. Thank god it was white wine.
1. Might want to edit your post and remove the guy's name. As of now, it will be Google-able and I don't know if he'd appreciate that.   2. What are you seeing that is making you concerned? I looked it over briefly and nothing stood out to me as being fishy.
I actually think the unedited picture looks a lot better. Way more natural. White backgrounds aren't the be all end all in photography. (unless you're brianpore and you can do it perfectly and seemingly effortlessly.)
Serious question: Is there something I can sacrifice to the thrift gods/goddesses? I'm in the middle of one of the worst thrift runs ever. Since Saturday, I've hit somewhere around 15+ stores and the only thing I found was a Vineyard Vines big whale logo l/s shirt. Even the VHS tapes have been bunk lately and they're almost always full of treasures.   (Side note: a couple of months ago, I turned a weird old grill that was built into the wall in my porch (It was busted...
New Posts  All Forums: