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Had a small bag of ties in my trunk from the other day. It snowed yesterday and somehow it leaked in my trunk and soaked the ties.
My 3 defects: 1. buyer won two items and paid for one. I cancelled/refunded so that I could invoice him for both to save shipping costs. he messaged me back saying that he was a new buyer and thought that once he won an item, he had the option to pay for it so he had been bidding really high on a lot of items that week and hadn't run into any issues yet. I'm guessing his week got really shitty a few days later. 2. sold a distressed Diesel jacket. took decent photos and...
I just looked at your completed listings. If it's the one 41R coat you've sold in the last month, tell him to look at the 9th pic.
Keep an eye out for a Mac Mini. It's not portable, but it's about 1/3 of the cost of a macbook pro and it's great. I have a Macbook Pro and a Mac Mini and the mini (with a cheap Dell monitor) is fantastic for the price.
I always read their usernames as Diaper Mens Fashion. IP address needs to get banned. Although, they do sell some really nice shiny, thin polyester ties for under $20. Where else can you find such a deal?
Did you win something of mine?  Nah, I don't feel bad. I know people from here have bought some of my stuff for dirt cheap and then flipped it, which I think is actually pretty cool. I made a profit and they made a profit. Win/win. However, I have found listings by styleforum folks with misspellings. I could have bought the items for cheap and flipped them, but I messaged them to let them know. I'm all about sniping some poorly listed items, but I feel like if you...
Not sure what eBay will say, but 31" for a 41 is absolutely not a long, so you're in the right on that.    Reminds me of the 44L coat I sold that was 34" long from bottom of collar to bottom of coat. He left positive feedback but in the feedback, claimed that it was nowhere near a long and that it may have in fact been a 44S...
My fave is the guy who holds a paper plate to display ties. 
EDIT: Claimed   I know briefcases were brought up a few weeks ago. I bought this a while back with the intention of cleaning it up and using it, but I ended up finding one I liked better. If any thrift thread regular wants this for the cost of shipping, get at me. Ideally, you'd actually want to use this, but if you want to flip it, more power to you. Not 100% on size. I'd guess like 16" x 12" or so. It's relatively big but not oversized. There's some sort of white paint...
Sometimes stupid questions are amazing. A few months ago, I was selling a pair of braces and a buyer asks me what size suit the braces would fit. It took me a half hour to write a response because everything I came up with sounded super condescending. Dude ended up buying them though.
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