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Minnesota dudes have been killing it lately so I thought I was due. Quick and dirty photos from a good couple stops   Pants: Arc'teryx, NWT J Crew    Alden (restoration...but still Alden)   Shirts: top L to R: Paul Smith, Burberry, Bonobos bottom L to R: Canali, Varvatos, crazy ass Viyella better pick of the Viyella. I kinda wish this fit me. My wife is glad this doesn't fit me.   Ties: Brioni x4, Charvet
Duuuuuuuuuude! Even if those hadn't fit, that would be an amazing find. The fact they both fit you is mind-blowing.
 This is another great tip. You get money, albeit a little less, but you're helping out a local shop in a time where they need all the help they can get.
Regarding CDs, if there are any rarer/higher value CDs, discogs is great (like futuremyth said). For more average ones, it gets frustrating listing each one on eBay and selling them for $1-2. In the past, I've put up lots on eBay. Like 15-20 CDs in a similar genre and started the listing at $15 or so. Some of them will get bid up, some won't sell, but you'll do a considerable amount less work for a similar amount of profit.   Garage sales have been the best for CDs for...
Anyone else picking up less slightly damaged items than before because of the new defect system? Found a Prada shirt yesterday that had a little distressing on the collar where the collar stays had rubbed the fabric. Three months ago, I would have picked it up in a heartbeat (and taken photos and described the damage) but I left it because I could just see someone bidding on it and not really paying attention to the warnings and then given me a low star rating or a...
Is this Barba or a different brand entirely? My googling isn't finding much. 100% linen shirt with fat MOPs.
Stopped by two stores over lunch and had one of those days where you're not finding anything and then you look ahead in the rack and think "that looks like it might be cool" and then you flip to it and it's another god damned Merona or Mossimo shirt. Over and over again. So much Mossimo. 
Annoying my wife.
+1 to all of these. Looking really good though.  With you doing mostly BINs, if the site gets enough traffic, would you consider cutting out the middleman (ebay) on certain items and setting up an ecommerce section of your site? For high price items, you could end up saving an assload of money on eBay fees.
Semi-cautionary tale: I sold a translite (the plastic poster-like artwork) for a pinball machine this past week. I rolled it up and put it in a tube. I put the label on the tube vertically and dropped it off at the post office with a few other packages. The next day, for whatever reason, I checked the tracking and noticed that it hadn't been updated, while all the other ones had. I went to the post office and asked them if they knew what happened and then they asked how I...
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