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[quote name="SpooPoker" url="/t/9006/the-official-thrift-discount-store-bragging-thread/125250_50#post_758704 Rogan toggle horn clasp leather jacket [/quote] Found a Rogan jacket a few weeks ago and I'm way into it.
I'm 100% convinced you are an internet bit now. I applaud you though. It's a great one.
@tubs - post more. You rule. RE: records - post them when you find them and let us know if they're available. I'm also a 60s-70s psych/prof/weirdo and late 70s/ some 80s punk. Basically Roxy Music is my bread and butter. Ps-my wife got me Yohji sweats, a PRL robe and some incredible scotch. Fireplace fit pic later when I'm even buzzeder.
Seriously, this fireplace is absurd. 18 feet, I'm told.
My favorite kind of beer: cheap. Giant fireplace, hanging out in giant cabin in the middle of nowhere. Merry holidays. Gonna hit northern MN thrifts on Friday.
If you think your post might need to be spoilered, just don't post. If you think you're posting something substantive, post it. Easy enough.
How in the hell did that make it to the weigh and pay?!?!
In decent shape and at true thrift prices? I'd grab it.
Alden 990 shell PTBs from one of my favorite spots.
I usually only hit that store up on the way to/from my sister's house. With the holidays, I'm sure I'll do a quick runthrough at some point. I'll keep an eye out. Side note about that store: I'm shocked at how awful that store is 99% of the time. When it opened, I thought it was going to be amazing since there are not a lot of thrift stores in the area and there are a lot of rich areas nearby. So much Kirkland and Tasso Elba though.
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