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I hate being late for stuff like this, but I just printed my label out and will be dropping the package off tomorrow, so one of you will be getting a box on Wednesday from MN. If you read this, be careful when opening it. I jammed some things in there so be cautious with the scissors.
Yeah, it seems like that dude is scamming you. rags and newspaper are a lot lighter than shoes. There is no way he'd pick up the box and not think something was up immediately based on weight alone. What's their username? I want to block.
 Depending on price-point:-Nice bottle of whatever kind of booze floats your boat-Goodwill gift cards-Tools-If you're into sports, tickets to a game-Books (putting "your favorite book" on a list like this can be good)-Gift card for massage-You're in Cleveland, right? Have them take you to Happy Dog and pay for everything. (it's the only place I've been to in Cleveland but I loved it)-Gift card to movie theater-Sonicare toothbrush if you don't have one. Life-changing for...
I bought a Toyota Yaris from a rental company about 7 years ago. It was a year old and had a little under 25,000 miles on it. I drove it for 5 years until I woke up to see a that it had gotten totaled by a drunk driver while it was parked in the middle of the night. I had no issues with mine (aside from usual wear and tear) while it was running though. I got it for crazy cheap though. If it's a great deal, I say go for it.
I'm sure this has been answered a bajillion times but......USPS First Class to Japan? No dice or a-okay?
Was pretty busy this weekend so I was only able to make it out for one quick stop, but it paid off. All N/A at the moment.   
Anyone know who makes this sweater? I got it last week and I wore it for the first time today. I like it and would be into looking for more, but the maker tag is missing.  
Works for me. I use it once a month or so and I've never had issues.
Uhhhh....for $100, GO BACK AND GET THEM!
New Posts  All Forums: