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What the fuck? Only musical equipment I ever find are no name garbage for like $100+ and you guys are pulling Coronets, vintage analog delays, etc on the cheap?!?! 
Damn, wes. I'd wear the shit out of those boots. How'd you figure out the age?
If that tumblr is yours, you are impressively unfunny. You're the Dane Cook of Tumblr. Congrats.   Edit: OP got deleted. I was mocking that person. Not any of you.
"YOu guuize. I knoowe yure goning ta thinka i'm crAZy, but i pikkked up a duzzon ors oo geoofreoey bean ties adna I LOOOVEA THEM!"
according to Facebook, it appears Schmidtdalton is able to go to bars as of today. Happy birthday, dude.
the shoe boxes don't have any sort of glue so you have to tape those. most of the others have a self-stick strip that works surprisingly well. Takes probably 5 seconds maximum to get the self-stick ones ready to go.
I have been having awful luck with RLPL shirts lately. 
I actually get the vibe that some sellers do this specifically so people find their listings when they search typos and then think they are getting a steal, potentially bidding on an item they wouldn't bid on if it were spelled correctly.
I remember this being a bizarre trend in like 2003-4 (far right and left)  
New Posts  All Forums: