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Any giant monsters need a proxy?
1. Out of curiosity, when can we expect the checks to get cashed? I try to move money from checking into savings and I keep having that "cool, I have extra money" thought when I check my balance. Assuming you're waiting until you have all the checks so you can send them at once so I get that it probably won't be for a bit still.   2. I'm very curious why some of the initials of people who have already sent checks have quotation marks around them.
Just did a GarageSale test and timed it. Took 22 seconds which seems relatively normal. Worked fine though.
To be fair, a lot of times I'll watch an item that's BINOBO as a backup. If I find another item and end up buying it, I'm not going to go back and unwatch the original item. 
Definitely try Craigslist or Letgo first. Packaging heavy speakers isn't as simple as throwing some bubble wrap in box. You need some sort of corner/edge protection, a box that's sturdy enough and fits perfectly (with clearance for heavy-duty styrofoam all the way around), not to mention being able to move them and get them to the shipping center once it's all boxed up. Huuuuge pain in the ass.
That's........what........uhh.....she said.....
@tintinton (and Brian's girlfriend) - Super random, but I'm really curious about whatever happened with the console record player Brian bought for his girlfriend. He and I PMed a bit and I tried telling him it to just buy separate stereo pieces, but he seemed set that he was going to update the console he got. My favorite part of our conversation was him telling me that every time he tried doing anything with it, it shocked the hell out of him. Did that ever get figured out?
The initial idea was for the #ForBrian auctions were all started on 6/30 and end on 7/10.
I feel like there's no way to ask this without sounding like a jerk. With that said, do you seriously wear that out and about? Is it a special occasion shirt or do you wear it to the grocery store, post office, other everyday errands? 
It's shocking how many people seem blown away that people enjoy living in MN because it gets 5 degrees colder than other cities. But then you see a picture of a straight up bloodthirsty dinosaur 20 feet from someone's back door in an area that people retire to because the weather is pleasant. 
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