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Don't go overboard with it but add the note about measurement tolerance and any other stuff you think a buyer might want to know. Do you combine shipping? How many days before you open an unpaid item ticket? etc. Realistically, barely anyone will read it, but it's still helpful for the people that do. I will say this. Adding "Note to international buyers: It's illegal to falsify customs declarations or mark an item as a "gift" in order to avoid customs fees." to my...
Getting those alerts on my phone kill me. You get all excited that you're going to have a big sale and realize that something got bid up $4.50 in tiny increments.
Yep, you don't need the XL to print Priority/First Class labels. They'll look different than the 1/2 sheet you're probably used to.  Here's a sample of what it ends up looking like instead.The only annoying thing at all is that you have to change the paper size when switching from APO/International to the above (99019) Priority/First Class label. Note: I say "annoying" but all it is is selecting a label size from a dropdown if you're switching between international and...
I use a Dymo LabelWriter 450 Turbo with a Mac and it's the best. Would never go back.
If that bottom right EJ is L/XL, I'd be willing to murder someone of your choosing for it.
As long as you have 'Maurice Buckle Boots', you should be fine. Can grab some other keywords from here:
Who was the person that bought a sport coat on eBay and then found a small vile of 80s blow in the pocket?
Hahaha. Thanks for sharing that. Something about the way the person writes reminds me of Chris (Simpsons Artist). 
Is there really a market for American flag gear in Paris? 
I'd grab it. I've had decent luck with them.
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