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For a guy who did a hell of a job keeping his name secret for so long, I'm guessing he's not going to share his job. He'd have people stopping by every day, bringing in Dr. Scholls shoes, asking "is this a thing? I've definitely heard of this brand name before."
I got scolded at the post office once for doing something similar. I used a small Priority box and put it inside of a tyvek envelope so i could ship First Class. The grumpy asshole at my post office saw me dropping it off and he ran over, picked it up and grumpily told me he'd let it slide but he wouldn't next time. Probably a little different if you're packaging in a way where you spend more money.
Adding to this, I think you should start with the 50s/60s/early 70s cards and just take out cards of players with names you recognize and check those first. Seems daunting as hell to have to check an entire collection.
I'm sure you know this, but also put 'banded collar' in the title.
Last time I went into a weigh and pay, I picked up a wet pair of pants.
You're making it seem like it was some smarmy salesman who was wheeling and dealing, trying to force you to buy something. The dude was a cashier at a thrift store. It's not like he is the be all end all in authentication. I found a Dolce & Gabbana tie at Savers last week for $0.99. It was very real and the lady at the counter said "oh, we get so many fake Dolce & Gabbana items here. this is one of the better looking ones." She thought it was a fake (hence the $0.99 price...
I just checked. If you continue to tab, it then boosts the star rating by 1 star. Like I posted a while back. I'm very careful with stuff like that and I got very close to submitting what I thought was 5 stars for everything, but was actually a 1 star rating. So it looks like item not as described is the only one that could potentially be affected by this. Edited to say: I am a key command freak. I've sort of trained myself, good or bad, to hit tab after every section of...
Dudes! I got a new tattoo last night.   [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: