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Am I the only person who never finds sunglasses worth picking up? I think I find about 1/year, tops.   Hans - That view is great! Take some indoor pics if you get a chance. I'm curious what the inside of that place is like. When I was a kid, my dad opened a flooring store in a building that was a hospital from sometime in the 1800s-1920s. The basement still had really cool empty pill/medicine bottles and boxes hidden in random areas.
The one dude from that show does tours where he hosts "thrifting classes" in each city and then has large community garage sales. I really want to hate on that but then I realize that he has a pretty ideal job.
Weird. My only VV that's up now has been getting bids every day. Guess I should list the other ones tonight.
This must have been a true honey hole because I can't think of any stores in the area that closed recently. Unless I'm going to be sorely disappointed the next time I do a multi-store run. On the plus side, the good stuff has to go somewhere. It doesn't just disappear. Just means that a different store will (hopefully) get better stuff.
Found some unworn women's Nikes from 1982. What's the best way to clean these up? They're unworn but they have some dark spots from storage.
I've been My Main Man on messageboards for a about 10 years. I've been told that one person (before they actually met me) thought they saw me in public, walked up and said "hey...are you my main man?" It wasn't me. I wish I could have seen the look on the random dude's face who had no idea what the hell was going on.   
That sucks. Usually, when people leave positive comment with neutral, they selected neutral by accident. Hopefully that one will be an easy one to get changed. I had a really nerdy dream last night that I checked my eBay page and had something like 20 new feedbacks that were all negative or neutral. First thing I did when my alarm went off was to make sure that didn't really happen. I rolled my eyes at myself after.
New Posts  All Forums: