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Some (mostly) vintage randos from the past week or so   AE Monks   Trafalgar Ltd Ed Christmas   Trafalgar silk paisley   Talbott vintage Santa Claus   Talbott vintage christmas tree   Talbott vintage wiiiiide paisley   PRL handblocked in England (is there a name for this type of bow tie? I've never seen it before)     Vintage local shop made in England   Canali   3 of the wackiest vintage PRL ties I've ever seen. All 4" wide. All...
Little help on reading this gibberish on a pair of Church's? 7F?
Thrift exchange note for n00bs/reminder for everyone: it's helpful for your gift buyer if you have your sizes, interests, and whatnot updated in your public profile. I just updated mine.  Thanks again for setting this up, Hans/Wes.   On a thrift note, this weekend is the first full weekend in forever that I didn't leave town yet didn't hit any thrift stores, but my gutters are cleaned out for the most part (I remembered that I fucking hate ladders and heights) and I can...
From now on, this is what you look like in my head. 
Thanks to you jerks, I'm on PetFinder getting my heart broken by all these little dogs.   For the love of god, someone adopt Henry!
Never never never never never never never never never never do this. I know people do this all the time and have no issues, but that one time you get caught and kicked off eBay for good makes it all not worth it. 
Not a pic but here's a video of my dog trying to eat spaghetti in slow motion.   Don't worry. She got to eat like 20 spaghettis that night.
1. fuuuuck, i wish I liked Jethro Tull. 2. I want to lay on a couch with a cup of hot chocolate and that dog all winter long and never leave my house. Also, Monty was my grandpa's nickname. If your dog is anything like him, he'll be very quiet but yet somehow just racist enough to make you cringe whenever he makes any sound.
RE: the bolded part. When I first joined this thread, someone posted an Ungaro suit. To this day, when I flip to an Ungaro tag, I have a brief 'HUZZAH!' moment, only to then remember that I'm not going to buy it.
Ah, the whole consignee thing. My bad. Man, that sucks hard.  Just blast this on repeat for like 30 minutes:
New Posts  All Forums: