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@IRKSM - Found a (1988?) Dogtown Ben Schroeder Mini today. Just gotta get all those stupid stickers off.  
I think I know what happened. Nataku found a massive pile of goodies with more being unloaded by the minute at a store on the other end of town. To divert our attention and keep us away, he tells us to go to Unique. Sneaky bastard. 
New PSA for Minnesota folks: I hit this store over lunch and it seems like it's been picked over and the good stuff isn't coming out anymore. If you do go, there is a pair of super cheap Santoni tassel loafers and a XXL Barbour shirt hanging out for you. 
You guys ever have that moment where you get an auction set up and then realize that the picture where you were trying to show the pocket has turned into a demonic sweater whale beast screaming from the pits of hell?   I did.  
I have a few pairs that are interchangeable. The ones that aren't are obvious. The ones in the pic look like they're laid out correctly. Looks like the insides have a nub where the ball of your foot would go.
In some circles, wearing a backpack is more shameful than carrying a Goodwill bag. 
Every poster should be required to thumbs up that post. Years down the road, we can use it as a test to see if new people actually read the whole thread or if they're lying.
Holy wow. Everything posted from here on out is basically garbage.
I set up interviews and greet interviewees and whatnot at my job (we're actually hiring QA testers right now. It would be pretty hilarious if you were interviewing here). I'm not sure what the company you're applying at is like, but honestly, most dev shops are so laid back that people who are overdressed almost come across negatively. At least at our place, clothing is the least of anyone's worries in an interview. We had a guy come in for a QA interview wearing a Star...
Completely agree. Even if they were the only bidder, I'd prefer the buyer to just say "i don't want this. can you cancel?" Waiting several days, opening an unpaid item case, waiting more, getting fees back, waiting more and then relisting is a pain in the ass.
New Posts  All Forums: