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Figured as much. They were $1.49/ea in the bin of new stuff coming out. Couldn't leave them since prices seemed to be all over the place with a quick search. Thanks for the info.
@SpooPoker any idea what I got here? 80s?   
Get these. They are honestly life-changing:  So jelly. I love Robyn Hitchcock so much. 
The way I do it is I feel all the way around the cuff and find what seems to be the area with the least amount of fabric to let out. Let's say it's 2.25". I then would say that there are approximately 2 inches to let out. I only do that on SCs with 24" or shorter sleeves because I get asked that question virtually every time. 
@thefastlife I'm not going to be much help as I've never had a CC chargeback (knocking on wood really hard right now) but what did he tell the credit card company? Did he say that he didn't authorize the purchase? If so, I'd contact the company and send them screen grabs of your PM conversation as proof that he authorized and received the item.
The AA Tri-Blend shirts are straight up my favorite modern t-shirt I've found. They run long so they fit my lanky-ass body perfectly. I found a lot on eBay a while back of like 40+ black ones in different sizes and got really close to bidding on them, knowing I'd be set for black t-shirts for life. I decided that to not get them so that my wife would still think I have some semblance of sanity.
Dude, whatever you decide, don't miss Robyn Hitchcock. (Blonde Redhead doing 'Misery is a Butterfly' sounds pretty great too.) That festival actually looks great and I HAAAATE festivals.
@HansderHund If you come to Minneapolis, I'd absolutely take a day off and drive you around to some shops. _____________________   RE: Instagram - username:   I mostly just post memes and pets. 
+1  The thing that kills me specifically about that song is that dude actually has a pretty "good" voice. It's not my style at all, but he can sing. Buuuuut, they fucking used autotune through that entire song to correct his pitch. Just have the dude do a few takes and punch in his fuck-ups. Modern day heavy bands bum me out so hard. 
Of the games you have, you won't need any of them aside from Excitebike. That game is the best. There are a few games you should pick up and play for a bit before you list it. (Kid Icarus, Super Mario 2 and 3, Marble Madness, Castlevania, any Mega Man, etc.
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