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Yeah, last November was fucking awesome for me. Orvis Harris Tweed I started at $19.99 somehow went up to over $200. Lately, if anything gets more than one bid, I'm pumped.
Oddly enough, I actually got TRS status back on the 20th after losing it for the past 6 months. Might account for some of today's bids.
Anyone else noticing a bit of an uptick with eBay bids/sales? A month or so ago, I had 2 nice Brioni ties end with no bids with a $14.99 starting bid and a bunch of other stuff that I assumed would sell, but didn't. The past two weeks, I've had a lot of early bids and a couple mini bidding wars early in the week. Is the summer drought finally over?
Touche. :)
Just to make sure I'm listing things correctly, if a Brooks Brothers suit or sport coat has 'Season F3', that means Fall 2003, correct? 
Nah. It was a store in the south that seems to usually have at least one weirdo with a cart checking eBay completed listing for everything. People who usually get pumped up by finding a Calvin Klein tee though.
WTF? So now that the ebay listing has a bid, if someone buys the one off grailed, that seller is fucked. Add keyword spamming to that and this seller is not going to last very long.
Someone should message the seller and say something like "could you take a picture of where the cuffs fold? i want to make sure there are no wear marks."
Seriously. Putting a bid on it right now would be hilarious. 
Nat gets a pass because of his new baby, but MN thrifters are slipping. This was at a Goodwill that gets hit a lot and it had last week's color tag on it. Edit: unless there's a gigantic hole that I'm missing somewhere. Looks great to me though. Also, do LP pants fit weird. Tagged 32 but waaaaaay smaller.
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