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Authenticity check on a Gucci tie, please? 99.9% sure it's real, but I've never found this era before.      
Haha. No doubt. I found a recent BB tweed, J Crew fair isle wool sweater, and a Patagonia puffer jacket at one store the other day and I felt like I had struck gold.
I've definitely let buyers keep items if I thought it wasn't worth it. You're going to get your ass handed to you every now and again on eBay. This might be one of those times where you issue a refund and then tell the buyer that he can either tailor the coat, wear as-is, or donate it. That's how you get repeat buyers. They see that you're willing to help out if things go poorly.
Just out of curiosity, what's with the RLPL obsession? How did that get picked over other labels?
My move is to get out of the car, point in the opposite direction and say "is that a pretzel stand?" At that point, @ilikethelights will turn and start to slowly run toward where he thinks there might be pretzels. At that point you pillage the store.
I'd ask for a quick pic of them. If they're all outrageous neon-green-tribal-hey-bruh-you-heard-the-new-Nickelback?-shiny-paisley shirts, $25/ea wouldn't be outrageous because you'd be able to double your money easily even though that's an assload of money going out right away. If they're subdued, plain shirts, stay away. I had a striped RG that I kept relisting a while back that I finally sold for about $8.
Dude, you look kinda like Kevin Love. 
I get to leave eBay feedback for a fellow SFer. Trying to think of the weirdest thing I can say. -"A+++ it fits my life size Macauley Culkin sculpture perfectly!" -"wow! The buttons feel amazing when I rub them on my face skin!" -"Thanks! I've already curled up and hid inside of the hoodie like a ferret and then jumped out and yelled 'boo' at my wife. She was like 'whhhhhaaaaat?!'"
Just gave my dudes/dudettes a special treat after reading about AlexJ having to put his buddy down. Sorry man.
This jabroni did a BIN on a $200+ coat and then went awol for 8 days : yomdog21
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