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Quote: Originally Posted by upnorth I'm not sure though how learning to measure the jeans can help me in this instance. I'm actually more interested in what sizes might fit based on the body measurements I just provided. You take a pair of jeans that currently fit you, and measure them the BiG way that bohn show you. Then you compare those measurements with the measurements of the jeans you want. This should give you an idea of whether or not...
Quote: Originally Posted by denimaddict I had a pair of his chucks once. The sole fell out of the shoe, on both shoes. So quality is LESS GOOD than regular chucks. This happened to mine as well. I was shocked, but I took them to my cobbler and he fixed them up for me.
Quote: Originally Posted by ataru I find rag and bone rb15s very cool and comfortable true to size. I bought a pair of rb15s on sale at the end of last summer, and I have been waiting for the warm weather to break them out. The denim is so light, 9oz. - 10oz.?
Great boot. They're made buy a Canadian company called Dayton for Wings + Horns. I have a couple pairs of Daytons, but they don't look like the pair above. Wow, $720.00 is steep, but I can tell you the quality/build of my Daytons is pure craftsmanship.
^ I have the Convertible boot, the Mercer boot and a suede slip-on boot. Plus a couple pairs of the JV Converse. And, in my opinion, they all fit very true to size.
Quote: Originally Posted by drizzt3117 Yes, they run on the large side IME. I would have to disagree. I find they are very true to size. I'm a 10.5 on a brannock device, and that's what size JVs I wear.
Quote: Originally Posted by kronik For reference, I like the fit of the RB6 and the 5EP Low Downs I have.. anything slimmer than that (I know, it's baggy to some) is too slim for me. I have a pair of Suminando Sorahikos and Rag & Bones RB6s, and the legs are very similar. Full, but not baggy.
I have to say I've gone a little Varvatos crazy this year: boots, shoes, shirts, sweaters, scarves. Every once in a while I feel like a designer's clothes fit me just the way I want. And this year, for me, it's been John Varvatos, Paul Smith and Filippa K. I can agree with the previous poster regarding the quality vs price point. My ETRO shirts easily beat the JV shirts in terms of quality, but I like John Varvatos for the details. I own several button downs, and each...
Chalk up another person for G-Star. It's funny, I've fallen in love with a couple G-Star shirts before only to find out they have a giant silk-screen logo on the back or the sleeves. I like a lot of their designs and details, but hate the branding. Another brand I'll like Trovata. I like the style of their clothing but the price point is too high considering quality. I've seen shirts new in the store with buttons hanging off them, and not just once. I...
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol I have to say, that was one seriously annoying website ... +1, I didn't even look for the T-shirts. I bailed right away, I have no patience for websites like this one. If I was to be kind, I would recommend a re-evaluation of their current website.
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