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Unbleached warp cores + brown weft (similar to Nudies' new model) = even better fades than current 'dirty' looking styles.   I'll probably never see it, I know, but that's one of my (several) holy grails.
Timbaland:  Thanks for the review. What size did you get in the Gustin slim fit?   Argh.  Can't believe I forgot to include that.  They're Gustin 33 slim.  Just a tiny touch roomier in the thigh than the two sizes of N&F I referenced in my post.  The Gustins provide that little bit of extra room in the thighs without forcing me to go a size too large in the waist, as I'd have to do with N&F for the corresponding leg fit.    Hope that helps.
I've had my Sixteeners for about three weeks now and damn, they're awesome.  Had a pocket rivet pop off on the first day (looked like the shaft and divot were about 1mm off of being lined up with each other when they were pressed together during manufacturing), but i didn't mind.  I figured if i'm going to wear them like mad, it'll add to the eventual character of the jeans and quite honestly I didn't want to part with them for about two weeks while they were being...
My bad.  I understood your post but definitely worded my response poorly.  Now that I've read it again it looks as though I had no idea what I was talking about.   Cheers.
  Urgh.  That's a bummer.  But as long as I can cancel & re-order before the campaign closes, I might be in good shape.  Now I just have to hope that I can receive and verify the fit of my Sixteeners before the Jade campaign hits 100 backers.  Everybody hold off on ordering the 100th pair of Jades until I can try on my first Gustins, OK?
Count me in for a pair of the Jade as well.  I've been looking for something with a green tint for a while and it looks like this is going to be it.   Only problem is that my Sixteeners are taking forever to arrive, and I want to know how they fit before getting a second pair.  They've shipped but are moving at a ridiculously slow pace through the postal system.  Does anyone have a pending order for a pair that's not yet fully funded?  I'm trying to find out if the...
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