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Very nice article on YOOX   http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2012/09/10/the-geek-of-chic
Ha ha too funny. Is that a reply composed by an actual human or a standard boiler plate reply?
Some promos I would like to see from YOOX   1) A free gift on my birthday (could be a code for free shipping, could be something else)   2) Points for purchases   3) Bring back the $35 Refer a Friend bonus.   Wouldn't that be nice?
 No biggie. Just cut them off with a pair of scissors. The radio tags are used to track progress of shipment. In the event you decide to return the suit, just include the tag in the box. I sometimes take off tags from shoes before trying them on because the position of the tag makes it impossible to get my foot in. If after trying, I have to return the shoe, I just include the tag in the box.
Yoox code RMNBONUS - 10% off. Free Standard Shipping. Expires on 01/23/2014. Exclusions: Valid for US and Canada Only.   Worked for me on sample sale items as well
  I got the code immediately. After you pin it, a little window pops up asking you to enter the email address you want the code sent to. Did you enter your email there?
At any given time (not necessarily during a promotion) if you need a code for free shipping, you can post an image from YOOX onto your Pinterest site. You will get the code for free shipping in your email with the following disclaimer   The categories and brands that may be excluded from the promotion are: Art, Sample Sale, Stella McCartney Kids and Kartell.
Does anyone know if YOOX is going have a code for the sample sale items? Or should I just take the plunge and order?
Just used CHRISTMAS13 on Yoox for 10% off and it works in USA (doesn't work on everything though) . Also E Bates is giving 6% cash back.
Fat Wallet gives you 5% off on YOOX all the time. Go here to sign up http://www.fatwallet.com/?referral=desiette
New Posts  All Forums: