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oh, sorry, no I did not get clove, which is usually tough to miss
Clover as in green or as in blossom? Definitely got lots of green, but did not detect the sweet clover blossom. Will look for it next timeClover as in green or as in blossom? Definitely got lots of green, but did not detect the sweet clover blossom. Will look for it next time
SOSN: Mona di Orio les Nombres d'Or Rose Etoile de Hollande   My scent for Saturday night is named for one of the finest roses anyone could grow, a red hybrid tea climber antique which repeats well in Mediterranean climates, but is not so easy to grow in the CONUS. (But it can be done, with careful siting, and is worth it.)   The scent is worthy of its namesake. And better than I was expecting.The opening hour is dominated by greenery, bergamot and geranium. Mid...
Tonight, La Via del Profumo Chilum: Dry, green, slightly bitter tobacco leaf sharpened by ginger. All resting on a salty, slightly animallic sandalwood base.Charred wood and ash notes abound. Wow this is good, but not exactly a summer scent. Come back in 3 months.
Tonight: HdP 1725. A creamy, sweetish blend of lavender, anise and almonds, with a citrus  top. I love it.
My decant of Muguet Fleuri finally arrived, and so that is my SOTE. It is a beautiful, green, mossy, muguet soliflore from Oriza L. LeGrand. I grow muguet in my garden, and pick handfuls for the house in early May each year, so yeah, I am a fan of straight up lily of the valley. And this fragrance is a deadringer for the real thing. Big thumbs up for me!
Tonight I am trying Vero Profumo Rozy VdE. A really interesting mix of honey, tuberose, rose, black currant leaf and sandalwood.The opening is fairly intense, as the honey has an animalic, pissy character. But as that note sits down and blends in with the flowers, I get a beautiful leather-floral-petrol combo. The rose is there, but in a supporting role. Beautifully done, Rozy is not an office scent or a daily wear. But once it in while, it will be terrific. I have to...
Thats a good description of Sova, a scent I disliked at first and came around to in a big way. Ended up buying a bottle.Unique. Today:  Tom Ford Lavender Palm, because I really like it. That's all I got.
Tonight I'm going with PG DjHenné. Lavender and mint sitting upon a mix of cedar, and  myrrh. and a trace of chocolate powder. "Well blended" in the sense that the individual notes do not  shout their presence. Sweet-ish. Works for me on summer nights.
Shifted gears for this evening. L'ombre dans l'eau EdP, a terrific green scent (black currant) complemented by rose and a babbling brook note! Unique!
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