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Hi all,  Slumberhouse Jeke for me yesterday. Whiskey and campfire smoke, transitioning to tobacco, leather, cider, and licorice, finishing with a dash of amber. Good stuff.
Back in Slumberhouse Mare today. Mare is my 'most worn' of 2014, by a good bit. Sharp blackcurrant leaf and a petrichor accord sitting on a stone cold rooty base of orris + vetiver. As it wears, the bc leaf mellows and the woody facets of the vetiver come forward. In the early going, the vetiver combines with the bc leaf to produce a green (not aged) tobacco leaf impression.    This is an outdoor scent, in the sense that it paints an olfactory picture of walking through...
Ce soir, Divine L'Homme de Coeur, because I am a pushover for iris scents.     Rooty iris, no powder, on cedar pencil and ambergris.    PS--18 hrs later, I am still getting wafts of L'Homme de Coeur. Sillage with this one is limited, but not longevity!   I am taking this bottle to my office. Its a nearly ideal office scent.
Agreed, Horns, thats a good one. Gentle leather and violet leaf. I think thats my favorite of the Heeley line. Tonight I'm trying Oriza L Legrand Foin Fraichement Coupé. I get leather front and center (not a listed note), oily musk, herbs, hay and a soapy note. Over time, a gentle amber-y note slides in underneath, but again I don't believe it is a listed note. I'm enjoying it a  lot.
Hey all For me tonight its Dans Tes Bras, because its a favorite.Violet, salt & musk. Simple, weird, compelling.  sui generis   A number of the reviews for this one refer to it as discrete, muted, short, etc. I can't explain these reviews. DTB on me projects big and lasts all day.
oh, sorry, no I did not get clove, which is usually tough to miss
Clover as in green or as in blossom? Definitely got lots of green, but did not detect the sweet clover blossom. Will look for it next timeClover as in green or as in blossom? Definitely got lots of green, but did not detect the sweet clover blossom. Will look for it next time
SOSN: Mona di Orio les Nombres d'Or Rose Etoile de Hollande   My scent for Saturday night is named for one of the finest roses anyone could grow, a red hybrid tea climber antique which repeats well in Mediterranean climates, but is not so easy to grow in the CONUS. (But it can be done, with careful siting, and is worth it.)   The scent is worthy of its namesake. And better than I was expecting.The opening hour is dominated by greenery, bergamot and geranium. Mid...
Tonight, La Via del Profumo Chilum: Dry, green, slightly bitter tobacco leaf sharpened by ginger. All resting on a salty, slightly animallic sandalwood base.Charred wood and ash notes abound. Wow this is good, but not exactly a summer scent. Come back in 3 months.
Tonight: HdP 1725. A creamy, sweetish blend of lavender, anise and almonds, with a citrus  top. I love it.
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