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This evening I'm trying LesNez Turtle Vetiver Back, a smoky, earthy ash-y vetiver with just a touch of violet floral underneath to take the edge off. Smells like here is some birch tar in there, but that is not among the listed notes. Very interesting, enjoying it immensely.
Agree with you about Amyris Homme. Its not a world beater, but it has an interesting combination of notes that are stitched together very well. Welp, I grabbed the wrong decant today and ended up wearing Tom Ford Mardarino di Amalfi, rather than Costa Azzurra, which was my intent. In any event, I thought it (MdA) was just OK. Kind of underwhelming for a TF, actually. It comes across as a run of the mill Eau de Cologne built around neroli. In this category, I prefer the...
Today I'm going to try one of the new TF's, Costa Azzura, because I've never worn it before.
Help me understand this.   Over on BN, a younger guy posts a thread stating that he's been thinking of trying the classic Eau Sauvage, but wonders if it is appropriate for a younger person. And worries what his friends might think.   Did they encourage the newb to give a classic a try, what could it hurt? Or, suggest that he simply get a sample and try it for himself and make up his own mind?    Nope, the BNers immediately start debating whether ES is or is not...
This one is High on my Try List this summer. Today, a beautify, warm, breezy mid-summer gem, I choose ELDO Fils de Dieu. Its a  unique and completely enjoyable blend of elements from 3 genres--classic EdC, beachy/tropical and oriental spicy. Delicious. 
Scent of the early morning / last night's leftovers:  Aedes de Venusta Oeilet Bengale, a very spicy carnation+rose+incense combo that I'm really liking.   This morning, it will be MFK Absolue Pour le Matin, because its morning.
 I'm with you, on Fils de Dieu!  Terffic summer scent. Today at work, it was Profumum Acqua Viva, the longest lasting lemon centric scent I have found, which is complemented by a bitter, tangy, woody Cyress note and, 8 hours in or so, what I identify as an oakmoss note--the latter is not listed. In short, a longggg, green lemon scent. Good stuff. Tonight, Guerlain Vetiver Eau Glacée-- a minty, soapy flanker of the classic original. this and Sel de Vetiver are my top summer...
Sounds awesome. Have a decant that I have never sprayed! That will change. Tonight, for me, is AdP Colonia Assoluta, which I love, being a cologne with a few extra layers still blending into a very harmonious whole.I have to try Essenza. Anyone care to compare/contrast the two for me? cheers guys
Today at the office, it was Atelier's Oolang Infini. This is a fairly generic summer cologne, sitting on a layer of what I perceive as a soft leather, but what I think is supposed to be the tea note.  Its not bad, but that's about it. If someone gifts it to me, hey, Life is good!  But I can't see buying it.   Tonight, as a reward for a fairly stressful work day, I stepped into a Lumiere Blanche cloud. A vaguely floral, minty top, rooty iris and almond middle, on a mild,...
Profumum Eccelso. A floriental, featuring magnolia and bergamot sitting on a very dry, herbal and green base of labdanum, nutmeg and sandalwood. I like it a lot, works some of the same territory as Divine L'Homme Sage. As with most from this line, being at the extrait level of concentration (30% or so), projection is only moderate, but longevity is terrific.
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