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 Sorry! Missed your post.  They are an 8D, computer decided to break during a hiking trip so I'm waiting on a part to come so i can upload some pics 
Purchased these second hand for my girlfriend but they are a tad too long for her, its a real shame.    She's only tried them on since getting them, but i've put in a bit of work cleaning them up a bit.    From the condition of the soles and uppers i would estimate these have anywhere from 15-25 wears on them.    Metal toe taps have been installed, will update with pictures tomorrow
I cannot wait until they come, i've been lusting for a pair of these ever since i first saw them and the pics people on goodyearwelt had of them.  They are imo the perfect leather boot, enough different textures and depth of black to look slick and badass 
Just snagged a pair of size 11 wings and horns x vibergs. Just restocked, so if you were craving some black boots now is the time to get them
Just got this bag as well as a small duffle in otter green.    I think im going to keep the otter green and sell this medium.    Message me if interested. 
I have a medium duffle in tan on the way. Planning on using it as my carry on for travelling for the next couple years. After discussing with a sales person about travelling with a duffle over the size limits for carry on, we decided I can probably get away with packing it a bit smaller and scrunching it up if needing to prove it fits the dimensions. Thoughts? I got a great deal on this bag so if I get it and the general consensus is i will get screwed for carry on i can...
 How much wear do you have on that momo type 2? i just got mine
Got these but they are just a tad too small for me, they've been worn around my house for about an hour.  Leather soles are like new still.    Willing to ship these for free in North America, asking 130USD obo 
I've had my black rockfords for about a year now, heres a recent pic For me, the blacks dont look that great broken in and worn IMO, i have a pair of tan 1ks coming in today which are my favourite pair with a patina. I really miss the first few wears with my black pair, the canadian winter was not kind to them
Mistral, how many washes and approx. wear? the texture is almost at that perfect stage IMO
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