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Got bored while waiting for my GF in Japan at a cafe in Kyoto. Snapped a picture of my Jcrew x Alden #8's (antiqued edges) to kill some time. 3 or 4 days of straight wear into the trip   
First pair of aldens! Alden x JCrew self modified antiqued edge, these are my new favourite pair. Added some viberg black flat waxed laces to seal the deal, plus a half sole and toe taps by my local cobbler. Anyone have any idea if these can be easily modified into brass eyelets? My local Sydney cobbler said they would turn out poorly because the speedhook rivets are hidden by a strip of leather   Heres some pics, i cant tell if they need some more reno or if they are...
Is there a trick im missing to keeping the tongues on my jcrew x alden #8 boots from sliding outwards? How would a cobbler fix this exactly? (i'd like to know so i can explain what i want exactly to them if its necessary, sydney is not a shoe conscious city....) 
Alden x Jcrew, antique edge done by myself....being in australia we have zero allen edmond products available so i burnished the edges and used allen edmonds chilli cream polish on the edges (i had from my move from canada) and then a few layers of saphir reno and brushed until my right arm fell off.    Looks good!! Next step is brass hardware or removing the finish on the current eyelets and speedhooks because the speedhooks are covered by a leather strip on the back...
$450 shipped world wide....
Accepting offers! 500 shipped is killer!
550 shipped 
Purchased these recently, meant to be a gift for my brother but they are too small for him.    I am located in australia and will ship these world wide for $140   These have been chainstiched to 32" 
650$ shipped....
If anyone grabbed any extra pairs from the sample sale i'll gladly purchase them from you. Looking for size 11.5-12 in 2030, 11-11.5 in other lasts 
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