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Got these but they are just a tad too small for me, they've been worn around my house for about an hour.  Leather soles are like new still.    Willing to ship these for free in North America, asking 130USD obo 
I've had my black rockfords for about a year now, heres a recent pic For me, the blacks dont look that great broken in and worn IMO, i have a pair of tan 1ks coming in today which are my favourite pair with a patina. I really miss the first few wears with my black pair, the canadian winter was not kind to them
Mistral, how many washes and approx. wear? the texture is almost at that perfect stage IMO
 I'd add the man from nowhere to your foreign movie fix
Its unfortunate that TOJ is closing, i will finally have the funds to buy a jacket in the next month or so. It seems like the only option for me will be to find a used model but it seems like most jackets are in smaller sizes and it would be hard to find something to fit 6'2 215lbs
Elephant 3s - 5 Months, One Ocean Soak and One Wash
Im 6'3, but my legs are long as hell   Im gonna give them ago at this length for a month or so, then see how the denim settles and determine if a hem would help 
Post soak 0201 with the 39" inseam How do they look? these are size 34, im about 20lbs heavier then when I'm down at my competing BF%     Sorry for the crappy iphone pics 
Here's mine. Its a beast of a belt, i like it but i think for the money there are better options such as a tanner belt or corter. If i were to get a belt now it would probably be the KMW from Context clothing for sub $100  
Not accurate. Elephant 3s have hidden selvedge on the coin pocket 
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