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$450 shipped world wide....
Accepting offers! 500 shipped is killer!
550 shipped 
Purchased these recently, meant to be a gift for my brother but they are too small for him.    I am located in australia and will ship these world wide for $140   These have been chainstiched to 32" 
650$ shipped....
If anyone grabbed any extra pairs from the sample sale i'll gladly purchase them from you. Looking for size 11.5-12 in 2030, 11-11.5 in other lasts 
Drop in price, will ship these world wide for $450 FIRM    Got these a few weeks ago when the second release was put up for sale, grabbed these immediately.    After wearing these a few times i've realised that i need a 11.5 in the 2030 vs the 11 i take in 2040.    Pictures are up on flickr in highdef   https://flic.kr/s/aHskdZiftC
Free shipping, price reduction if you are in Australia    Purchased these for my girlfriend but they are too long for her. Toe taps installed, brushed regularly, i estimate they have roughly 20 wears on them. They are in great shape, a bit of normal wear on the uppers but other than that they are great 
 Sorry! Missed your post.  They are an 8D, computer decided to break during a hiking trip so I'm waiting on a part to come so i can upload some pics 
PRICE DROP, I WILL SHIP THESE TO YOU FOR $400    Purchased these second hand for my girlfriend but they are a tad too long for her, its a real shame.    She's only tried them on since getting them, but i've put in a bit of work cleaning them up a bit.    From the condition of the soles and uppers i would estimate these have anywhere from 15-25 wears on them.    Metal toe taps have been installed
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