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You are probably right! it's difficult to tell if they are partially structured or not but they very well may be. The details and leather colour seem to fit the bill 
Can anyone ID these vibergs? Had a proxy pick them up for me at the sample sale, they look eerily similar to the 2040 mocha oil tan roughout on but in a lighter shade of non-oiled roughout.              They look very 2040 like to me and they are unstructured 
I am in the US from June 19th - 26th. I am looking to have these sold before i go so i can ship them for relatively a low price    If someone buys them before that date i will do $300 USD shipped   These have roughly 5 wears on them    These were purchased during Viberg recent sample sale. They're in better condition than many of the boots I've bought brand new at retail price from Viberg. Size 11.5 US on the 1035 last. Most people size...
Alden x Jcrew PCT Boots - #8 Shell after 1 Year of wear    - Dr. Sole Raw Corded Heel & Half Sole   - Brass Eyelets   - Antiqued Edges  - Viberg Leather Laces   
$350 Shipped! 
Bump - Big price drop! $130 shipped! 
These are in great condition still, have been worn roughly 10 times. Very attractive shoe, sizing just isn't right for me (need an 11.5)    1035 last  Size 11 Black Oil Tan Roughout  Gloxi Sole  Stitchdown    Comes with box, shoe bags, waxed laces & leather laces & paperwork    Looking for ~$400 shipped OBO     DROP $350 Shipped 
Snagged these from the Iron Heart Forum    Viberg x Bureau Belfast, Black Oil Tan Roughout on Gloxi 1035     First pair of viberg derbies, i love them and how tank-like they are. They will be perfect for the sydney summer 
 I can confirm. Auspost is the worst postal service on the planet. They make Canada Post and USPS look like wizards.  I get delivery cards 5 days after attempted deliveries, also if you work a normal job you wont be able to pick any items up at the post office (open from 9am-5pm) until the weekend (if your store has weekend pickup) on saturday between 930am-12pm.  "Your item is awaiting collection" 50% of the time the parcel is unavailable for pickup because they have been...
Brand New With Tags Too small and would rather sell than ship back to japan. Save some cash and get it here Chest - 43.3  Shoulder - 18.7  Center Back - 31.5  Sleeve - 26.6   $150 shipped world wide 
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