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THIS! GW stabs holes everywhere
nice...swinging for home runs this fall!
Barrel, Thanks for checking out the shirt for me.  Yeah..did not notice the typos in Medium and Original…would have been a dead giveaway.  Here are some other pics which probably don't change the outcome.
Yeah...it has a tag that disappoints that says Made in China....will post some closeups
I know nothing about this shirt other than I recognized the name from Barrel's avatar:       :
I predict you will awaken to the cup sitting on your dresser and you will not know how it got there.
Found a google image of that evil hoof with opening and it was being used as a cup resting on a guys jeans leg as he drove....does sound a bit weird.
Wool knit Zegna sounds right Koala T... thanks!
[IMG] What kind of Zegna tie is this. At Marshalls in Houston and did not cop. Was loose knit tie with very soft material.
Had a Saab 9000 Turbo back in the 1990s
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