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Kiton ouch! Looks like a $100 investment at the reweaver in order..
Funny! good point Fueco.
Ebay Valet has gone rogue.....how did this listing ever happen?
Hoping the Valet misread the size and put 12 when it is 42...
My condolences Dr. L
Sitting on the porch of a condo on the beach in Destin, Florida catching up on the thrifters thread....life is good..
Dark...womens jacket seems to have the buttons on the men's side of the placard....
Good lor-dy!
Dog...not thrifted...but no shedding...maltipoo.
EZ shirt buttons falling off? Not had that happen. Just started using washer bags and it takes a few seconds to put the shirts in them but saves lots of time on the other end of the process because there is no longer a need to untangle shirt sleeves after the wash.
New Posts  All Forums: