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whatever it is its my new favorite search keyword sequence
button down blazers are da bomb!
If I am ever in Canada and see a guy going through the racks with his sunglasses on I will know who it is...
Spoo never sports sunglasses....or does he???
Posted a bunch of new old stock shoes I found at GW last week...they keep restocking them so obligated to buy again, picked up another 15 pair today and was surprised to find this pair in the mix:
Some really nice ties. Hermes colors are great!
Yes....a bicycle piled up with Kiton.
Would like to see a video or photos of the Hermes sacrifice.
Sorry..it was like thrifting at the tiny peoples store... more shoes are coming out and I will go back and look for some larger sizes.
Your shoes are belong to us: All new old stock stuff. One Allen Edmonds, one Brass Boot, a couple of Florsheim, and some Portage and Crosby Square I had not seen before. Look like decent shoes but mostly on the smallish side. Has "Alligator Grain" stamped on the bottom. Is this real Alligator? Made by Portage. Strangely there is no size marked on the shoe although the store placed a size 9 tag inside. Hardly large enough to be a size 9. Size 8 perhaps like...
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