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With all the headaches of a brick and mortar store it seems like less and less reason to have one. I would think the local store that sells old stock and seconds would somehow have to do better selling on an international level on Ebay. What are the pros to having brick and mortar any more?
Those work. I was seeing "opulescent ovaries" in the first one then "majestic sperm" in the second.
They are nice but passed on two Sir Pendletons the other day...winter might be a different story!
Shirts new with tags going live on 4/16/15.  All auctions start under $20 and have no reserve.   Find the "richnet12" men's store on Ebay.   http://stores.ebay.com/id=3443473   Faconnable long sleeve shirts XL and L   Barbour long sleeve polo XL   Peter Millar long sleeve M   Jeans Shop brand work shirt in S   Vince plaid long sleeve shirt M   Robert Talbot linen blend shirts solid colors XL and L   Not in new condition but excellent...
..and shipping probably another $15.00...
Oh...now I see it on the tag...Zen.Thanks so much for your help. The shirt looked too good to pas up! Glad it is legit.
Anyone seen this Robert Graham label before? Shirt is well made and in India. The tag is a large fabric piece which hangs down about three inches. Found this more typical RG in the same store across the rack...in the dress shirt section. It needs a section all its own!
Georgia?  That is an odd place for a Lilly Pulitzer to end up don't you think?
Are these Lilly Pulitzer short sleeve shirts a thing. A little pricy but kopped on gut feel ( and quick Ebay search)
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