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I see what ya'll did there...
Noob...the Your So Busted shirt should go into the coming of age Know Box.
We have not any Know Box requests as of yet....Noobs only!
Thank you sir!
The Know Box loves it! Thanks!
KNOWLEDGE BOX TM Ripped the two shell cordovan sample shoes for the box.
KNOWLEDGE BOX TM Thanks Dukedishin for the blue real Hermes tie and the Brodeetz!
Shredded the two shell cordovan sample shoes. Can't say I will ever be doing that again!
Thanks Dukedeshin for donating a blue real Hermes tie and for the Brodeetz!
THE KNOWLEDGE BOX NEEDED LIST : This is a list of stuff that is needed for the Know Box. Some of this was already spoken for and has not come in. Send me a PM if you have a contribution for the Know Box so we can finalize the list and start sending the box around to interested SF members. Grenadine Fina Real Alligator/Croc (I have some alive near my house, but need a dead one) Stamped Alligator/Croc) (I wouldn't advise stomping or stamping on one myself) Real Versace...
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