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Clubbing pinstripes....if we could make this popular again...just saying..
Thrifting in the boonies south of St Louis visiting the wife's family. Picked up one of three Harris Tweed jackets. Can only pack a little for the flight home!
We ended up just going with a post office box....a pain to check but no worries like this.
Am I awake? I swear I saw someone thrift a Tom Ford suit?!
Thanks Razl! Just picked up those Feretti shirts you posted. Nice to come here and find some nice clothes for reasonable prices without sifting through all the listings.
Hey Thriftmas person. If you want these you can have them. Let me know! They are size Large.
Was not sure but these Hilfiger overalls looked like a winner so Kopped
That feeling when you see your Thriftmas person pulling in grail after grail like you have never seen before and feel like you have to gift similar grailness!
Paypal credit/debit card maybe though?
Man..Sunday morning thrift thread still active!
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