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POP! On Charvet shirts....short sleeve but will work Orvis Gore Tex....Fueco approved thrift for sure! Alpaca sweater...inventory for winter...
Buyer from Tokyo....I guess he really likes this PRL tie! Message to ....................... Thanks for your purchase! We look forward to doing business with you again on eBay. Seller : Member id richnet12 ( Feedback Score Of 1150Red star icon for feedback score in between 1,000 to 4,999) Member is a PowerSeller eBay Store Polo Ralph Lauren yellow and light blue paisley design tie 58.25" long (181811965465) Price: $5.50, Qty: 1 $5.50 Subtotal: $5.50 Shipping...
What language is this? Gramicci and Chaco you say?
Geez....one of my many Trump tie guesses had to be right.
Random Ties... [[SPOILER]]
Morning! What up Thrifter Bros?!
Another shout out to Linda's Stuff for posting the awesome Oxxford navy blue windowpane blazer made of pure Alpaca, for putting up photos that look like a black blob, and for not mentioning the material content until the very bottom of the listing! Greatest Buyers Consigner ever!
Bertigo...not a bad Skeet shirt...even made in Turkey.
Dont remove, just put another 1 in front of the two digit price and take photos.
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