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One good thing I can say about my local GW stores..they actually STOPPED using tags on all items!
Can certainly proxy some Polo shirts to Australia. Many here for sure!
Anyone know the maker for Ferragamo?
Why thrift a stripy EZ jacket orphan? To have something to show for my efforts. It is current and perhaps the pants are out there...somewhere. Have never United a suit at this particular GW. Ferragamo tweed...just does not sound right Unvented glory Hat about a watch... A Billy Reid slubby silk tie..very...unusual
What was wrong with the Sulka tie? Please return thyself to store and make purchase.
Those are some sharp looking croc boots!
Some day I will go there and pay homeage and try to relive the moment you found vicuna.
Don't tell me this was found in the Highland Park area where I tell my daughter to go look for Vicuna jackets on her days off...lol. She never does...
Wow. A real Vicuna
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