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Two pair of men's Cartier sunglasses. Have receipt for back up to brag if necessary to prove was a simultaneous cheapie not two separate event cheapies.
I guess it's pretty rare that someone responds to their own post, but no one suggested a manufacturer for a Paul Stuart jacket, so actually ran it down with a little research. The jacket was made in Germany by Regent. Regent has a unique signature for its work in that it uses three hole buttons in the jackets. A little factoid for your evenings entertainment.
Nice find Wes!
Don't stick me on the Cindergrilla!!!
Can anyone identify the maker with this label on a Paul Stewart blazer?
Sounds like you have had your fair share of sun glasses finds already!
Some more pics of the Cartier sunglasses kop from this afternoon. One gold frame with amber lenses and the other silver frame with blue lenses. I had already paidfor my shirt and suit fodder and was heading out the door when I thought I would check the case by the exit for watches....but instead there were two Cartier sunglass cases. [[SPOILER]]
Two pair mens Cartier sunglasses w case. GW cashier dropped one on the ground...no damage.
Awesome..my first Hermes tie ever! Apparently the seller could not find the brand name since it was only on the small end.
So I won an auction for four ties. The listing said it was for two Brooks Brothers, one Bill Blass, and one other brand unnamed. There was a photo of a blurry logo on the fourth tie. This is what it turned out to be. Is this legit!
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