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They are trying to keep up with the Zanellas.
So nice to see this...I needed a break from the thread's meanderings.
I did find the same tag on a vest in the Ebay sold listings...but nowhere else.
Authenticate? On a polo shirt with no chest logo.
Thanks KT. It's a sweet looking feeling tie. The blue collars in SE Texas are not into the Isaia just yet so the plan is to wait and snatch it for after Christmas deep discount price. There is another Isaia 7 fold at the store which has been there for a few months at the same price point, but it's not as nice.
Aforesaid Isaia wool silk blend 7 fold tie
Isaia wool silk blend 7 fold beauty NWT in the local dead stock retail store. A cop at $62?
Those stains are history! Dont mess with them! Yes Filson is Inst Kop! Especially in the winter season.
and likely NWT!
New Posts  All Forums: