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It's wear a thrifted but excellent condition Linen Canali shirt to work day! TGIF!
Morning all....may the thrift be with you!
Must admit that while my finds are not up there with Cali and NY the only competition I see is looking for run of the mill stuff. I rarely see anyone who is as obvious as me shopping for resale in the Goodwills.
Not if my experience is any indication.  I had printed out a return label for a customer to send back the item.  In doing so I changed my "location zip code" to up East when I am down south.  It was quite a while before I realized why it was so cheap to mail to New York but so expensive in Texas or Louisiana.  My tracking was stating the shipment was from Pennsylvania when shipping was from Texas!   Finally I noticed the error and corrected it, but all is well.   So...
I have a return coming back. Ebay gave the buyer 10 days to return the item, but am not sure if this is 10 days from the request to return or from receipt.
Women's Synchill plush pile jacket. Say...do you ever link to the reviews I your listings? The ones for this Patagonia jacket were pretty good.
Thanks Fueco! It worked!
How do I list this Patagonia?  It is a women's shaggy hoodie which has two button enclosure which works like a pull across robe, just with buttons instead of a belt.  Cranberry Shaggy Monster Ghost Beast to wrap you up?
Ditto...my post yesterday of finds on Saturday was just a weekend ride out of town hitting three Goodwills. It does all depend on what stores are available to you and the competition in the field.
That can be a good thing..you havent junked up your closet either. Most of the stuff is in the "big city".
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