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My moron postman...lol! Crazy world we live in right? We should sentence the moron postman to 50 years of "paying the tailor"! I look forward to seeing your creative packaging. Usually, since i go to the same post office regularly they don't weigh my stuff. i am pretty accurate, but paid only 3 pounds postage on your shipment. Low and behold I got one of the lesser knowns who actually weighed the box! She still let me pass on the 3 pd 4 ounce weigh in! Nice to have...
There are poor quality poly mailers and better quality ones as well. Get the large 20" mailers and you can even ship your shoe box, tie box, or any other item in them. Makes for a ready made package to seal and post. They are cheap so there is no reason not to double up on bagging a heavier item.
Recently started using the self stick labels which come two to a sheet. These are very professional looking an easy to use. My sales are such that i have to wait until I have two payments so I can print out two postage labels since they come two to a page. This works pretty well if all of the listings are ending on Sunday night and the payments all come within a two day period. If its just a solitary sale and payment I usually just do plain paper labels. The poly...
Voted in the ugly grill contest. Vote for Wes!
I just love "odd' colored pants  You guys wait for what I have in store when my 2 latest trades arrive...  Can't wait!
Linda was feeling generous for today and sold me these two Brooks Brothers Black Fleece jackets...size BB and BB1...whatever that is. These are made by Thome Browne...right?
Saw this post then got déjà vu with Lindahttp://www.ebay.com/itm/NWT-VEGA-CO-Mens-Medium-Blue-Cotton-Distressed-6-Pocket-Detail-Denim-Vest-Sz-L-/381141278018?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item58bdca5d42
Did i see an Oxxford jacket with an actual lining posteed by Jompso? Did not know Oxxford ever fully lined the inside of jackets.
Expecting some reports from the field this weeked from all of you!
Are there any Houston lurkers on the thread?  I thrift there but live East of Houston.  Can't recall anyone ever mentioning being from Houston on this thread.
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