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Hey! You went all out on the Selvedge! How's the fit of each?
Not seeing any denim thrift fits tho...just the fancy jackets and stuff
Just soak RRL in hot water and hang to dry.... Or put on when damp for better custom fit.
Brioni cashmere overcoat. Now we are the ones who are sick!
New ties with store tags. Isaiah brown 7 fold 58.5 x 3 $95 Eton wool silk blend plaid 58.5 x 2.75 $64 Euro linen blend pink purple striped (2 of them) 58.5 x 3.25 $64 EZ wool in gray 58.5 x 3 $69 EZ wool in brown 58 x 3 $69 EZ silk charcoal herringbone 57 x 3 $69 EZ silk dark red pattern 59 x 3.25 $69 EZ silk and cotton gold striped 58 x 3.5 $69 EZ silk brown with purple floral pattern 59.5 x 3.25 $79
Some NWT ties at the ..uh..well the 15% ish rule...alright I caved they were so nice! A couple of Zegna wools, an Isaia 7 fold,Etro linen blend, and Eton wool. [[SPOILER]] Pop on Helmut Lang!APCPRL indian printSouthern Tide long sleeve skipjack poloSouthern Tide red cotton sweaterThats the highlights!
Is that a dog on the crotch of those jeans? Who wants a dog on the crotch?
And slant pockets versus cargo pockets!
Minty Loakes size 9 English size 10 U.S. Burberry brown 100% Cashmere Kensington sport coat sz46 Brioni Silk XL...what...just one shirt today? Polo green cotton jacket w corduroy collar and quilted lining J Crew jacket with quilted lining Girls ski stuff Bogner Burton Descent
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