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some nice colorways on those shirts.
Holy Cow!
Two Jean Shop jeans and one Simon Miller. Poorly described. May be new I dont know. Jean Shop jeans were described as Mr. Porter so hoping there is a sales tag somewhere. Hopefully will get combined shipping discount.
Will sell trade jeans but was wrong thread....
Some jeans. Hopefully will get a combined shipping booster! Jean Shop jeans were poorly described.
Some Vicuna wise guys here. And mocking Linda for shame!
Oxxford suits are hard to date since it seems they only ever used two different info tags...one is now old and the other is really old.
Its not a peak lapel type Tom Ford thing, but will defer to others.
AHS...are you leaving out a nice detail about those shirts...it looks like both are linen?
Wow...Spoo...thanks for the link. The article said this bag would have been made in the 1970s. This should date much earlier. I will keep looking but you put me right on the information..thanks!
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