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We have someone on the inside at Filson. Tell them bring it all back to Made in USA please. Love my Filson shirt but the made in China label really bugs me.
More Fueco!
Ross Stores? I gave up on the local one....perhaps should go back?
Thrift synergy with DanM...
Right Lanvin because it was about two bucks at the Salvation Army Store.
Ah…the controversy arise again.  What!  Just a mid level department store suit?  This sports coat was sold by Dillards!  Made in China!  Pre cursor to purple label…oh well.
Another controversial RL Blue Script Label…made by the finest Chinese craftsmen..but double vents silk, wool, and cashmere blend for a soft feel…fits like 38S.
Lanvin no size but approx. 47L.  
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