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Thanks, ill look around.
Thanks. Do you have experience with any in particular?
I bought some brooks bros handkerchiefs, and I would like them monogrammed with my initials. I have gone to some drycleaners that offer tailoring too, but none will do it. Any recommendations in DC/Northern VA? Thanks.
I have been carrying around this moneyclip from M&U Co for a while now, but the issue I have is that if I have a lot of cash on me, then the next day dont, the clip is stretched and my cards and cash fall out. I would like to get a new moneyclip with some sort of spring function to hold my items tight no matter how much is in there. I used to carry an M-Clip, but I would like to try something new. Any thoughts or recommendations? Thanks in advance.
Looking for a Harris Tweed jacket in size 52L US. Prefer brown. Price negotiable.
Ive had a few pairs of Maui Jims, and they are amazing. I'll never wear anything else. Plus they have such a huge range of styles from sporty to sophisticated.
linen shirt with linen pants? I see that in the same vein as denim jacket with jeans. No no. I'd keep it simple with a solid cotton polo or a cotton oxford shirt, sleeves rolled.
I got my Signature Bean Boots also, and they are awesome. I much prefer the canvas to the original leather. I also picked up the Signature Trench Coat. Perfect spring coat. Im a big fan of the line - seems to be geared toward a much younger crowd. Less frumpy.
I agree - button fly are a hassle. Perhaps they might look better than zippers, but they are difficult to use and awkward.
Ive been taking Prilosec ever since it became over the counter, so 5+ years. No issues at all, and I have asked my doctor numerous times, and they have confirmed that it is ok to take on a daily basis indefinitely. Of course, being off it is preferred, but then I have to give up booze, spicy foods, fried foods, fruit, juice, soda, and eating after 6pm. I'd rather take a pill than live that lifestyle.
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