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Love the colour of the suit and the colour combinations. Just a question though: in the 2nd pic, is it just the way your arms are held or are the sleeves of the suit just a tad short?
  Excellent post. I'm surprised this isn't getting more love.
[[SPOILER]]   Loving the fit on the t-shirt.
    Wow, Butler's outfit is amazing. I really like how it's perfect for his complexion too.   Re: Don Cologne,   Does anyone think the jacket is just a tad too long? Foxx commented on Don's legs looking stubbier and I think the length of the jacket might also contribute to this.
  I think the fit of the shirt is fine. You can tell by the shoulder seams and it's not too tight around the chest or waist. I do think the color isn't the best for his complexion though.
Hey.   I would be careful with the use of all black with your complexion. It really clashes with your skin tone. I'm also not a huge fan of the shorts. I think a different fabric would be much better.
  You look like a boss. I really like the pop of the shirt and the red socks really tie the outfit together. Very nice..
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