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@jebarne had a post in the eBay thread a few weeks ago about making repairs using small patches and fusing tape. Might be helpful.
An ancient Bottega Veneta tie.
Been rather dry here the last two weeks, but did stumble upon a decent tie haul today.   Spotted in KC. Damn guy is everywhere. Recent RTs w/ 2 Estates   RT 7, HF, EZ Couture, Isaia 7   These last 2 need no introduction.  
Block this clown: brneyedguy2010   False claims about shoe condition to get free return. Second return on this particular pair, but, oddly enough, the first buyer that they didn't fit had no problem with the condition.
Was tempted to buy a Menards hat that I saw today in Savers, but I didn't. Turns out I was even to lazy to walk 10ft and snap a pic since I was already in line to check out.
^^This. After a few thousand eBay transactions, I don't think I can remember ever having to come out of pocket for a lost item. I think the last time I had a borrower claim they didn't receive something that was showing as delivered, eBay reimbursed the buyer. 
http://www.ebay.com/itm/Levis-Size-W-76-L-45-Store-Display-Jeans-Pants-New-With-Tags-Sample-/201498246377?hash=item2eea3b3ce9:g:R64AAOSwIwhWQ9Xx Small e that sold for $390.
Not shell.
A couple of things from this week that I've gotten around to taking pics of   AE Evanston e-thrifted Alden for BB shell AE McAllister Grenson vtg FootJoy lizard trim USA made Chucks Ray-Ban Serengeti vtg adidas nut-huggers
You shouldn't try to race me to stores! But seriously, that sucks, man.
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