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@barrelntrigger - It's a shame the wedding has already passed. I could have made this available. [[SPOILER]]
Anyone know much about these? Adidas x Jeremy Scott. Sorry for the shitty phone pics.    
This. I've started doing more auctions simply because I need to move stuff. You'll get the occasional "WTF! How did that get bid up so high?" but I see more disappointments than surprises. Set the start at something you'd be satisfied with and hope it goes higher.
I've also seen their "Joseph" line made by Zegna. 
Although I'm not doing near the volume of Brian, I use a similar technique. You can also have a summary list with the name of the buyer and the item that prints before your labels start, but haven't done this in a long time.
It's weird because I can see some seller's items(hbkshin, TheNeedMachine) but I can't see others(Brianpore, Nataku). @Brianpore, it tells me your store does not exist.
I don't see anything in my purchase history and I can't reply to any messages.
@SpooPoker: You want to save me the trouble of trying to find your address or you been had this one?  
Just got done going through all of the fall/winter stuff I've been stocking away for the last several months and came to a few conclusions: 1. When you box things away as you buy them, you really have no idea how much stuff you actually have.  2. Once unboxed, items apparently double in size and will never fit back as they were originally stored. 3. You forget about items you bought, so going through is as much fun as thrifting them in the first place. 4. I have a...
New Posts  All Forums: