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A little Sunday morning picture taking.   BB Ferragamo Jack Purcell Cons LBCS suit by St Andrews   Oxxford SC PRL wool/alpaca PRL Rag & Bone Nothing special but all super minty. Cole Haan x2 and Pliner Carrot & Gibbs Burb Burb
No. It still shows as unpaid, but will show the hour glass icon like a pending e-check.
Pretty sure you can manually mark an item as "payment sent" as a buyer, just as you can manually mark an item as shipped as a seller. I just see the hour glass, like with an e-check, but if I hover over it, it says "buyer marked this item as "payment sent" on 5/10/16".
Has anyone else had buyers marking items as payment sent without actually paying? I've had several recently and I just open an unpaid case like I normally would. Just figured they thought they could trick someone into sending the item without paying.
Look like it from here.
Since @OolongT asked for it, vintage gold-plated Orient multi-year. Running like a champ but needs a crystal.
I believe @FENWAY is who you want.
Bullock & Jones Croc Crunchy Lands' End collection vtg FootJoy gator golf shoes. Sold prices on these are nuts. PRL slubby silk collection PRL tie collection  
New Posts  All Forums: