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You know you need this, @SpooPoker.
That feeling of elation you get from selling an expensive item for good $$$ that's instantly replaced by paranoia once you see that it's a from a newly created, zero feedback account 
Doing listings now with no issues.
Everything from a couple of stops today, except the Luccheses and Brioni. BBs are all current label.   Lucchese ostrich leg Brioni Canali Etro BB 100% LP Cash x2   BB cord J.Crew Ludlow BB cotton patch pocket Murray's Toggery Shop Schlesinger Brothers Levenger made in England 
Aye. Must have gotten lost in the mail...or on my counter. Going out tomorrow.
Pretty sure I've also seen it on Hanover.
Found a few decent things this week, including two pairs of shell, but felt that if I didn't give this guy his own post, it would anger the thrift gods. N/A    
I have a restocking fee and charge it probably 30-40% of the time. Never had someone leave negative/neutral after I charged it that I can remember, but I believe that they could. 
Put me down for these two:  
What possesses Goodwill to put out double-breasted polo coat in this heat? And to charge such outrageous prices on top of that! N/A      
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