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Thanks, guys! Brian, I even checked your page and missed it. The tag being sewn in on the short side vs the long side, like the PZ, was throwing me off. It's from a Lanvin suit. Kinda surprised to see them making Lanvin, as the other one I have and most others I've seen have been mostly Caruso. Nice suit either way.
Anybody recognize this one? front back
Anyone interested in these guys? I picked them up off eBay intending flip if they didn't fit, thinking they could be too small, but they're actually too big. I typically wear an 11.5-12D and these are labeled as 11. I think they could work for 12-12.5. Thought I'd try here before taking to the bay due to the wonky sizing.   
DAMN! A women's 100% cashmere Kiton blazer goes for $32!
http://offer.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?BuyerRequirementsActivityLog&fsop=DATE&fsoo=D Account - Site Preferences - Buyer Requirements Activity Log
Just got this back from reweaving, done locally. Great work and I thought it was reasonable. Rewove a small hole near the shoulder seam, sewed on a sleeve button and repaired the lining at both arms for $50.    Super 150s. Made by Caruso.     Not familiar with the brand, but made in Scotland quilted moleskin   AE Strand shell. Difficult to make out, but I'm pretty sure were made for Hanig's. @capnwes Does that script look familiar? Hanover?   AE...
Because that particular vest is incredibly awesome, despite it's condition(just noticed it shot up another $55 overnight)
I'll be the pessimist: $54.35
Still going. Stains, unstitched pockets, bad zipper and all. I don't get it, but I'll take it.
The HD shearling is wimmenz, correct? Sure you'll still make out just fine, but not as good as if it were men's.
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