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Had one of my best days ever on the bay with 44 items sold. I had been saving this since the spring, but had no idea it would do this well. 
Don't know and one of my kids is already asleep, so I don't want to set off my smoke detectors
Picked up quite a bit today, but mostly just fodder that I don't feel like taking pics of right now. This is probably the most interesting piece I've found in a while and I thought a few of you guys could appreciate it.    Grenfell for A&F. I noticed the thermal foil on the inside the vest but it wasn't until I got home that I found the battery connection in the front pocket. The ad below was from a 1969 Boys' Life mag.      
We all know the first rule of Thrift Thread is You don't talk about Thrift Thread, but when I was asked if I "was active on any internet forums", I knew the jig was up. Welcome to the thread! I look forward to the frustration/disappointment/anger that comes along with looking at pictures of things I could have potentially picked up.
Thank you, sir!
From today, except for the belts.             Authenticity check? @SpooPoker or anyone else   My wife has started hitting the thrifts on a regular basis. Today she went and ended up leaving a bag at a Savers that's just out of the way enough that I don't normally hit it during the week and I asked if I would pick it up on my way home. Glad she did! This is why you always check the Christmas sweater...
My eBay - Account tab - Site Preferences - scroll down to Buyer Requirements and there should be a link Edit: TheNeedMachine linked it in his post
I think the best part is that since buyers can't get negative feedback, most of them still have a 100% feedback score despite multiple unpaid items.
Do you guys ever look at the Buyer Requirements Activity Log that show the bidders who were blocked from bidding on your items? Is there a reason they reason they show up other than too many unpaid strikes or being located in a country you don't ship to?  I would assume this would tell you if someone from your blocked listed tried to bid, just never seen it.
If you have a PayPal business account, you may already be getting the reduced fees. I just assumed I was paying the 2.9% + .30/transaction. I just calculated and I'm at 2.5% +.30 and I don't remember ever applying for reduced fees. I think you need to average $3,000-$10,000/mo to get this rate.
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