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Not sure if they're specific to the individual, but one of my AmEx deals is $50 off of $200 at Allen Edmonds.
Nice! I was planning on a fit with the red cashmere jacket I recently thrifted, but since we're going to my wife's grandparents' house, where it's always hotter than 8 hells, I'm rethinking that.
Just received a suit that was described as "mint", "absolutely flawless" and "appears unworn". It had two holes and poorly done repair.
Same here. I pass on nearly all of them unless they're something unusual or I find multiples of the same size(XL +) for cheap.
Capitalist flip brag. Had some items go for way more than they should have tonight, this being the craziest. Average price for all my sales tonight was $73+shipping. Must be the holiday spirit!
I expect my Brioni vicuna be securely packed, sir.
10. IME, Mezlans tend to run a little small.
Only managed a couple of stores today, but did run into @COtoKS. His Alden boots he posted some time ago gave him away. Super nice guy. Nice to finally meet you in person. A few more things from the last few days:   Barbour   Patagonia   Nike Jordan suede   BB odd vest   Southwick suit - Anyone know how recent this label is?   BB   Mezlan   Baldwin
2 stores 2 Barbours. Sadly just a liner vest and a windbreaker. Wasn't someone looking for a liner?
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