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A few recent things. Ferragamo AE Ashland Park Aves             Indochino linen suit vtg Austin Reed 3pc sack hopsack @ReubenR my sincerest apologies just so @eazye can relive his youth
Adrian Jules
Knowing how Linda rolls, here's what you'll actually get:
I'd put some work into cropping at least the main pic. The jacket pics with the valet aren't bad but I would probably elevate it so that just have the wall as your background. I would also fill the description with key search words before using "Summerlicious". Just my $0.02.
No. Post it here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/287214/the-un-official-thrift-buy-sell-trade-want-thread
Are you trying to say the supply created the demand? Here we go again.....
Unless something still has tags or is recent and only slightly used, I don't like to see the retail price in the description. To exaggerate the example, I would compare this someone advertising a 10 year used car with 100K miles the same way. I know there are tons of eBay sellers that do it, just my opinion. I also think if someone is going to drop $300 on a pair of used shoes, they probably have a reasonable idea of what a new pair would cost. 
Funny, it's an exact match for this Corneliani suit because it's a Corneliani tag.http://www.ebay.com/itm/CORNELIANI-WOOL-SILK-SIZE-40R-GRAY-2-BUTTON-SPORTCOAT-W-DUAL-VENTS-/351356445333?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item51ce79e295
That tag is wrong on the ID thread. That's Corneliani.
One of the local Marshall's had awesome PRL tweed hunting jacket. Made in the USA and had to be 20+ years old. No original tags. Last time I saw it, it was still over $100. No idea how it ended up there.
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