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The brightest spot so far of an incredibly slow thrifting week: I bought a women's BB suit (yes, it's been that slow) and was removing a triangle pin/brooch thingy when I just happened to flip it over and see it marked 14K!
I have to wonder if this actually must work with some sellers, because I get it constantly. Always offering less than the starting price and usually requesting free shipping. Like @concealed, I've just stopped responding. I actually blocked someone after they did this in consecutive weeks on different items. 
Nope. 10M
Decent shoe day.   Church's Custom Grade x2 Bruno Magli croc and Coach loafers, worn once max, maybe just tried on
Much obliged, sir.  This was the other ladies item I picked up this week. I so thought this was going to vtg Versace when I saw it on the rack. 
Not disappointed with these, but still can't help to think about what could have been...   I've learned to always pick up accessories/parts/packaging/etc for high $ items. At $1/ea, these were a no-brainer.   I'll just sit back and wait for @SpooPoker to chime in w/ deetz down to the name of person who hand wrote the tag.    
 My finds from lunch:   -Rolex -Tudor x3 -Chanel   I wish that was anywhere close to as awesome as it sounds. Hopefully, pics later.
Outright/Go Daddy Bookeeping. If you're using a PayPal debit card for purchases, the only thing you really need to do is add in expenses that don't get paid with the card. I can see keeping spreadsheets w/ per item profits if you're trying see what's most profitable/where you should focus/etc, but for taxes it's not really relevant. 
Even moreso that their name is Livingston. Creepy.
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