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Had a pretty good week despite 2 days of work travel. Here are some highlights.   Reversible Patagonia Gucci AE w/ exactly 2.75 hours of wear Frye Massimo Dutti Filson Gucci RLPL 50/50 cash/silk   Lo Country. Just needs a wash   I believe @SpooPoker said this was his favorite label to find and I'd have to agree (although I come across it much more rarely than him). I get to the register with it and cashier takes a feel and says "this...
I've done well with some of their stuff. The tailored pieces that I've found were made by Adrian Jules and I've also had a Drake's-made tie from them.
I was able to get refunded when I had this happen to me, but, like most cases, is probably dependent on getting a good CSR. I sent the buyer pics of what he sent me and nice email, fully knowing that it was a scam. I'm pretty sure I got refunded without even having to wait on him to respond, which he never did.
Was it garcijgajos?
Damn, that went fast!
Pulled a set of these off of a roached blazer. If not marked, they're plated, right?@TheNeedMachine  
You betcha
Gettin lucky with the ladies. Front two are super soft, lamb leather and the middle one is 100% cash double rider-type jacket.
A few recent things.   E-thrifted AE MacNeil shell Dunhill by Caruso suit   Faconnable by Caruso Orvis Lulu Orvis And then this $$$  
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