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Will you ask him how he split those pants?
Anyone know if there is a way view sold listings on Etsy? I'm trying to look at photos of jacket that comes up on Google images, but I just get taken to the Etsy store with a message saying that the item has been sold. 
I think it's legit, but women's.
Flip brag. This took about 2 hours. Not bad for $3. 
For the sports fans. Kendall was a catcher, so it really wouldn't make sense to put his name on infielder's glove, unless it was his. He retired with the Royals and still works them in some capacity. He lives about 5 miles or so from the store where I found this. Thoughts? Regardless, it's still probably a $100+ glove.
Just one find today but I'll take it.   Suit  
You may have a PM from a headless man.
Two days in Omar's hood is vastly different than two in mine. Lot of fodder.   AE and Tory Burch B&L Ray-Bans and Coach Borrelli x4 ST x2 Scottevest and nwt FJ Patagonia x3 T-B: PRL Corn flannels, Brioni, Oxxford odd PRL Italy pants/jeans hybrid   Harris Tweed w/ some nice details and PRL  Vtg BB mac and cotton 3/2 SC Both suits  
What size are the bottom 2?
Pretty pointless to post after Spoo, but we should all be used to it at this point. Today's stuffs...   Snap-T Lanvin RRL PRL PRL BB suit by Marty G   wimmenz Burb I suck with the more recent Hermes but I think this is legit    
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