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Don't know that I've had this happen, but anytime we are fairly far apart and they respond with an offer only slightly higher than their first, I just decline. Had this happen just the other day when the offer was about 35% of the BIN. I declined and a day later, the same buyer doubles his original offer and we worked something out from there.
Doubled my lifetime Brioni suit finds with the one I found today. I hate you, @silverwarebandit .
My sales have been fairly steady since May. August would have definitely been the slowest, if not for that 5th Sunday to end auctions.
And just like the Frank Costanza/Pierre Cardin line goes through my head each time I see the label, every time I see a Bert P, it's "hey, another Bert Spoolitzer!"
I was thinking $46, which I still thought was a ridiculous sum. Now we anxiously await Spoo to weigh in with the answer.
I have the option to open cases after 2,4,8,16,24 or 32 days.edit: Damn you, Doc!
Mostly 3 Btn, huh. Don't worry, man. You'll get'em next time
9.5. I keep striking out on size for you, man!
Picked up these FJs last week, but that's still some serious synergy. 
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