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Good price on some 'Schungs. 
I've never seen that it is, but I've also never looked that hard. If you end early and sell to them at the current price, I don't know why you couldn't sell to them at a higher price that was agreed upon. eBay will still get their cut. There's an additional box for seller discounts and charges. 
If you choose "End Item", one of the options it will give you is to end and sell to the current high bidder. I've done this numerous times and if you've agreed upon a higher price than the current high bid, you'd just add the difference to the adjustment field on the invoice.
Some recent shooz   Park Aves that were worn only a couple of times after being recrafted Mezlan ostrich Mezlan ostrich Timberland Boot Co Ferragamo  Alden Cape Cod NWOB Grenson This guy by Santa Fe artist Douglas Magnus. 4pc sterling buckle. Seem to do pretty well.  
Yep. Again, mine had several stains and I think one of the pockets was coming unstitched. That thing looks minty. Nice score!
Fairly certain that the most stringent setting is 2 unpaid cases in the last 12 months.
Would be a good idea if this were an option when a case is opened for a non-authentic claim. If it turns out to be fake, seller pays the fee and the buyer pays if legit.
They seemed to be coming out of the woodwork yesterday. Another message on an EZ tie that listed as an auction with a $24 starting price: My offer is $5. Thx
Lady wins a down jacket and then  sends this message: Are there any feathers sticking because I have issues with feathers?   I wanted to say, "No, but I have an issues with morons, so we should probably cancel this sale." Instead, I said yes, even though there weren't any now, but after stuffing it into a box, I'm sure there would have been a few.
 Is that what it felt like, because I thought it was just 12"... **I should get some kind of plaque or medal for using the pic a second time.
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