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You should be able to feel the end of the fabric that's folded underneath the sleeve lining and measure from there to the end of the cuff.
I don't think there is a requirement to change anything. I gotten the message numerous time and never changed my title as long as the information was correct (i.e. New England Shirt Co).
A couple of things from the week so far.   Corneliani x2   Prada V-cleat FlorShell x2 Was about to pass on old BB blazer until I saw these Ben Silvers PRL Italy
Have you gotten the email yet saying that was a mistake and was supposed to be $1,800?
Does PayPal follow the same philosophy as eBay on "Item Not Received" cases? If tracking shows delivered, seller is off the hook? Had a buyer open a case in eBay and PayPal simultaneously.
You shoulda stayed in KC, then. I've found 3 here. Tell you what; you send me that purple Kiton and I'll send you the one I still have. I'll even staple a $2.99 price tag right through the fattest part of the blade so it still feels thrifted 
She told me I was the only one! That whore! 
A rare Saturday afternoon stop yielded this beaut. Was expecting a moth buffet, but it's pretty minty, aside from needing a couple of lining stitches.         
Week started off really slow, but at least the shoes started to pick up.   AE x4: Park ave, Fifth Ave, Strand & Vernon 4x Ferragamos (one with a broken bit but only $5) RL Collection, Zelli ostrich and Freeman shell
I had the same thing happen, but I don't think it was marked "undeliverable as addressed". eBay didn't extend it. They just refunded us both and the buyer still ended up resending the item anyway.
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