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Some stuff from the last couple of days. Nothing crazy, but it'll pay the bills.     BB 100% Silk Made in Italy   Ferragamo   Vtg PRL suit w/ ticket pocket   3pc HF x 2     BB BrooksTweed   Vtg BB tweeds   AE Hancocks   Orvis Zambezi
I'm fairly certain those are LVC or some other reproduction. Have any photos of the inside tags?
Speaking of RG skeets...I was in a GW yesterday and ran into an older gentleman that I see and talk to quite often. He usually well-dressed, buying for himself and seems to know his stuff. He says that he picked up a couple RGs thinking that I might want them and figuring he would eventually run into me. I picked them up for a couple of bucks over his cost. This is also the point where you realize that you spend way too much time in thrift stores!
This. And how do we know this? Because we get to read the this thought process detail by detail.
Got a question on an item last night after I went to bed. Didn't answer b/c I got up, went to work and didn't have time to look at the item. Just the same question and he/she puts in the message "SECOND REQUEST". Seriously!?! There's still nearly a week until the auction end, so I think they can sit tight for a while. Probably just better off to go ahead and block! Some people.
Any thread regular golfers , size 36 or 38, need a pair of shorts? I picked up about 10 pair of Nike golf shorts and a couple had small stains that I couldn't get out(they may come out, but I didn't try too terribly hard). Available for shipping cost if they'll work for you. Unfortunately I can't get pics to upload right now. PM me I'll get pics to you. Both are plaid, one tan  (38) and one gray (36).
Where does Piatelli rank among the Italian suit makers? Along the lines of Lardini, maybe?
Photos with no link, huh? Planning to snipe this one for yourself, I see!
Most excellent haul!! Just hope that Ol' Johnny Deadfella doesn't come back for things Who was it that told the story a while back about the creepy ringing, unplugged phone?
I've been getting flooded with the "Hey, I'll give you $xx for this item if I can buy it right now" messages over the last few days. The last one was $10 below the starting bid of an item I listed tonight
New Posts  All Forums: