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Hope you're still talking about the stones!
Nice! Looks crisp. Is that college rule or wide rule?
Someone should let Jompso know that guy is reselling that Brioni DB using his pics
Wasn't there talk on here a while back of someone doing this very thing? I know this isn't the only person doing this, but I thought there was someone specific that a thread member was dealing with. 
What's kinda funny (not for you) is that you look at this guy's listings and see that he's purchase from several thread members, SpooPoker included, and is using their photos. Maybe try to see if he's pulled this before.
 I know where you both were, but quick question: Why did neither of you grab the Isaia, Brioni, Charvet or the Tom Ford (POP!)?
PSA: AE Factory 2nds Flash Sale  http://www.allenedmonds.com/aeonline/cati2_Outlet_1_40000000001_-1_1_image_0_N_149907_149907_153407_subcategory__?clickpath=intf2sale   Also, if you have AmEx, you may want to check your special card offers. I currently have one for $50 off of $200 or more at AE and BB. 
That's funny. Not pictured from that same store, I had 3 pair of flat front Bills and an ostrich belt. So, yeah, I think we were at the same place
A few things, mostly from yesterday.   Ede & Ravenscroft Billy Reid Borrelli RLPL Wah-Maker Etro - @COtoKS, if you happen to see the pants, hmu. This is in your neck of the woods. NWT JAB suit PRL suit - jacket appears unworn and the pants still had tags. Oxxford herringbone. Ultimo model, which was a new one for me. BOSS velvet Wah-Maker cinch backs Florsheim gators
Go me!
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