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Been kinda slow of late. Most of this is from today.   Vtg BB made in England Wimmenz rag&bone BB 3/2 tweed BB Brookstweed 3/2 Mezlan deerskin Church's Anyone familiar with the brand. The leather is nice. Filson Filson Pre-death Versace. Right, Spoo? Daniel Cremieux 7 fold
Not quite. Oh, wait. What's $34.26 divided by 78?
Anyone know when Cantarelli made for BB?
Hey dudes, good Lanvin or really good Lanvin?
Haha. Those are nice! Now to run out an buy all the Chaps I can find and hope they pay me Black Label prices! Are Linda's people running this outfit??
Love when scenarios like this play out: -Buy rare PRL coat w/ metal clasps, one of which is missing a rivet -Snag poorly listed (wrong category, bad description and early morning end time) clasp coat for a matching rivet for $16 -Replace rivet and sell coat 1 for about a $200 profit -List coat 2, now with a missing rivet, and sell for $50
Hey @Orgetorix, this isn't the "good" Palm Beach, right? Nothing about Goodall. On a shawl collar tux jacket and has the 1949-62 union label.
Is there a content tag? If there's a satiny Burberry content tag, you're probably ok.
That feeling you get when you realize you left the thrift store tag on an item you shipped that someone paid over 10x what you paid...
A couple of things today.   First two are for my fellow golfers. BB St. Andrews sweater   Unworn FootJoy Classics, made in the USA. Unfortunately, quite a bit of wear on the upper from being stored.   Cheaney tassels   Long time, no shell, but finally broke the drought.
New Posts  All Forums: