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@SpooPoker is this elephant? Or maybe buffalo? On an antique doctor bag.
At least you got the side with the logo.
Account -  Manage My Store - Store Vacation Settings (Under "Related Links" along the left side)
Totally get what you're saying, but for those of us who don't live in major metros or where wealth abounds, the price is often the biggest part of the brag. Suits better than BB or HF are rare finds in my area, but when they're typically $15 or less, I'd even consider those to be brags.
Yes. Would you buy these at the same price? Dainite soles showing about about 11 steps of wear, give or take a few. I was guessing C&J for PRL/BB before taking out the generic trees...   Nope [[SPOILER]]  Throw in a pair Maui Jim aviators and I'm good. Oh, and did I mention it's my BIRTHDAY! p.s. Thanks, Frenchy, for the nice lead in
Jinx! Buy me some coke. Or a Coke. Whatever
Orphan. Actually, the tag does tell you with that "W34".
Shoes are lizard. Belt is embossed.
That's my typical response, almost verbatim. I've also been known to respond with "What's the most you're willing to pay?"
Decent amount of fodder today, but these were the few highlights.   C&J for PRL Orvis Battenkill backpack vtg San Fran Starter Picked this up over the weekend  
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