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I'm guessing this had something to do with the celebrity connection. Is that the same one?
Actually, it's $36K for silver.
The Powerseller color indicates sales volume over the course of a year. $40K+ for silver IIRC.
Real deal? There was an obviously stamped pair in the store that I had to compare them with. I felt like these were legit, but could use a second opinion. They're Fratelli Rosetti.  
What happens when your love of thrifting meets your love of golf in your subconscious? You dream you found Thom Browne golf shoes on clearance for $19.99. They were pretty awesome, BTW!
Take'em back. You're looking for Zegna
I don't get it: http://www.ebay.com/itm/BURBERRY-2-Btn-Suit-Sz-42R-Gray-Tic-Check-Jacket-Pants-36x31-CLASSIC-/390880093563   High bidder's last feedback was from @Brianpore 
Just reply with "Yes". Then when he issues the refund say, "I've considered it, but don't feel right about changing my feedback." 
Some things from this week. N/A unless you can't live without something.   Suits   Z Zegna   Zegna for JAB   Vtg BB 3pc 3/2 Herringbone   NWT PRL x2, RRL   Coach linen   Ike Behar RT 7 fold   Next 2 were from a trade w/ @klay49, who is awesome btw     PRL                     couple of PRLs to box up for a few more months
Looks like STP had them at some point: http://www.sierratradingpost.com/barbour-flyer-weather-worked-jacket-waterproof-for-men~p~1429r/
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