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Denim dudes: what's the best way to get stains out of raw denim without discoloring? I picked up a pair of Gustins that are nice, aside from a couple of stains that look just to be dirt/mud.
I remember hearing that there was a seller doing this with skeets a while back, but they were using a different account for buying than the one they were using for selling.
May just be a pair of dirty ol' NBs. Any info?  
Sneaker-heads: are USA made vtg New Balance a thing? Guessing early 80s?
Awesome! We're supposed to get scheduled for install any day now.
Nice cleavage, Frenchy! Anderson or Upton?
I see that now. Funny, because I sold a jacket for $250+ less than two weeks and I'm 99% sure the eBay shipping tool had the little "!" saying that it needed signature confirmation. Maybe they didn't update everything like they should have. Wouldn't be surprising.
I thought to be covered through eBay, the seller had to ship with signature confirmation if over $250, or is that only with USPS?
I don't think there should be a hard and fast rule, condition issues excluded, with the exceptions of the obvious (i.e. always buy Kiton, never buy Stafford). There are just too many factors that go into whether or not something will do well: brand, size, pattern, age, etc. I still end up always buying more than I know I should, usually just because they're cheap. You can  count on most shirts from VV, Southern Tide, Gitman Vintage and, even still, RG to do reasonably well. 
Here's some "r&d" for you: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-2K-Lalwanis-Bespoke-Super-130s-Cashmere-Vicuna-Blazer-Jacket-Coat-42S-/291567051073?hash=item43e2c02141:g:bdIAAOSwQPlV-z7l You can continue to dispute everyone here if you want. My advice: go sell that orphan for $3K and laugh at this thread all the way to the bank.
New Posts  All Forums: