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New by thrift standards, but it's been around at least 5 years, as I've got a suit with that label dated 2011.
Looks like all he's selling are new nmds in various sizes. Not much you can do if they are the ones you bought but no reason to jump the gun just yet.
In the original listing, they are described as " Allen Edmond’s celebrated cap toe oxfords, the Park Avenue, in dark chili leather." That's not to say that he still can't get out of the SNAD with the right CSR, but does make it little more difficult. I beat a SNAD on a beige jacket the other day that they buyer said was more yellowish than it appeared in photos, but they had a number of different factors working against them that helped my buyer remorse claim, like trying...
Their chili color is more a dark burnt orange. These almost look like color between chili and oxblood. Being older, the color may no longer exist, but I don't think those are chili.
Look like resoled Church's.
This is legit. I had the same one in navy blue. 
Decent day of fodder.   Eton, EZ, RT BOC, Brioni   Dingman Gator   CJ for PRL and Bally NWT PRL   RLBL couple of HD shirts by Tori Richard   Brioni Skeet
I think you're right. I don't see a thread loop.
And not shell.
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