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spontaneous bleeds from the nose and gums can also occur if you have a low platelet count. have you noticed that you are getting easily bruised? are you on any medications?
Agnelli Flannel
for those in the uk, the uk rl site has the last chance sale as well.
colonel littleton makes great products.
Quote: Originally Posted by The Trendsetter As any English major, I feel like Strunk and White is the best option. That book is my bible. It helps to remind you about almost every single grammatical concept. It's a lifesaver for me. +1
i'm in the uk so i'm not too far away. maybe i could stop by if i go there for a visit. would really appreciate more details
out of the price range you quoted, but i have always loved the jlc atmos. erwin sattler also makes awesome clocks.
the gloves in the first pic are awesome
Quote: Originally Posted by edinatlanta this is beautiful
i usually use neutral for my brown shoes.
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