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this is pretty cool
what kind of lab work are you doing? i would wear a suit or sc if i was doing bioinformatics/systems biology where you don't spend much time on the bench. if you're doing benchwork or work with animals i would think that a suit or sc to be highly impractical. my 2 cents...
the verdict the pink panther (with peter sellers) road to perdition untouchables
learn to think
Quote: Originally Posted by Dexx Woah, what a girl, what a composition photo and clothingwise! +1
nice to see what corthay can do with leather... (pics from permanent style)
any ideas what shop this might have been?
the story of philosophy by durant
i interviewed at 3 universities in the uk for med school and their academic questions had little to do with the nhs and more to do with the basic sciences. for one i was given two scientific papers and asked to interpret data. for the second i was given a question about ion channels with graphs and told to explain what the graphs meant. and for the third the interviewers asked me to discuss transplant rejection. are you applying for graduate entry by any chance?
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