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creamed honey some of their olives some of their salsas are quite nice
can you please post pics?
thanks guys - i will mention these things when i go back to the tailor. on another note, any recommendations on makers of RTW slim fitting trousers?
Thanks guys - this is really helpful. They are MTM so I can't return them but I guess I can ask the tailor to modify them. Is there anything I should specifically ask him to do other than to make them slimmer-fitting?
Can you guys please comment on the fit of these trousers? Opinions on whether I should have them modified in any way (i.e. narrow the trouser legs, etc.) would be greatly appreciated . Thanks!
lost worlds has a ventile peacoat. go here and ctrl+f ventile (it's almost at the bottom of the page): http://www.lostworldsinc.com/Lost_Wo...on_Jackets.htm
damn... that really sucks :/
chandrika soap
this is pretty cool
what kind of lab work are you doing? i would wear a suit or sc if i was doing bioinformatics/systems biology where you don't spend much time on the bench. if you're doing benchwork or work with animals i would think that a suit or sc to be highly impractical. my 2 cents...
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