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i saw some of his collection at the mfa in boston a few years ago.
borders went under in the uk last year
Salvatore, Do you make visits to the UK or do you plan on making visits to the UK any time soon?
J. Peterman has SAB umbrellas for $234: http://www.jpeterman.com/Mens-Things...Brigg-Umbrella
creamed honey some of their olives some of their salsas are quite nice
can you please post pics?
thanks guys - i will mention these things when i go back to the tailor. on another note, any recommendations on makers of RTW slim fitting trousers?
Thanks guys - this is really helpful. They are MTM so I can't return them but I guess I can ask the tailor to modify them. Is there anything I should specifically ask him to do other than to make them slimmer-fitting?
Can you guys please comment on the fit of these trousers? Opinions on whether I should have them modified in any way (i.e. narrow the trouser legs, etc.) would be greatly appreciated . Thanks!
lost worlds has a ventile peacoat. go here and ctrl+f ventile (it's almost at the bottom of the page): http://www.lostworldsinc.com/Lost_Wo...on_Jackets.htm
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