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the sorrows of young werther - goethe
to feel better
Quote: Originally Posted by watchcollector2454 wouldn't be surprised if all this negative publicity helps to sky rocket her career i hope it isn't too uncouth to quote myself above but i just read this article: 'Worst song ever' makes £850k
Quote: Originally Posted by LoMC I did pre-medicine and engineering and I couldn't stand how cutthroat the students were in my bio/chem/ochem classes. The pre-meds are a bunch of conniving bastards with no lives, if you ask me. I'm only half kidding, by the way. It really depends what you're looking for in life. If you truly want to be a doctor, then suck it up and just grind it out. Based on my experience, I would say that you're going to hate...
Quote: Originally Posted by sofaking9000 I'm trying to decide what I wanna do. I wanna hear people's real life experiences, what are the work hours like, what will Obamacare do to your pay, are you in private practice, how long did it take you get to where you are, if you could repeat your education...what would you do, any things you wanna warn a newbie about? life sciences as an undergrad, a couple years of research, then a phd in molecular...
am a huge fan of honey. i usually just stick with simple trader joe's creamed honey. occasionally i'll get some fancy stuff from whole foods. the best i've tried was a white honey they had from hawaii.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason I just saw this in the bathroom and my face was literally for the next couple minutes: I walk into the bathroom to take a leak and I see one of the math professors standing in front of the urinal. Normally I'd have gone over and used the urinal, but it seemed like he was busy with something so I veered towards a stall. As I pass by, I see him reach forward into the urinal, and scoop something up with his hand. I...
Quote: Originally Posted by L.R. I was moderately pumped after the first trailer. Now that I know it's going to be a movie centred around kids, I'll wait for DVD. 99% of the time, children in movies suck. +1. the only exception to this rule, imo, is the goonies.
wouldn't be surprised if all this negative publicity helps to sky rocket her career
Quote: Originally Posted by NOBD I like these, aj_del: Heels (!), nice colours, simple design. these look very similar to courteney boots : i really like my kangaroo leather brownings - they age beautifully and are really comfortable.
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