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Quote: Originally Posted by NOBD I like these, aj_del: Heels (!), nice colours, simple design. these look very similar to courteney boots : http://www.courteneyboot.com/ i really like my kangaroo leather brownings - they age beautifully and are really comfortable.
Quote: Originally Posted by driveslowk I use this as my everyday pencil. The rotring 600 has a good weight to it, although I wish it was a bit longer. The padrino 600 is a good choice, even heavier than the rotring. i have this pencil as well - i love it. i also really like the perfect pencil from graf von faber castell - http://www.fabercastell.com/36989/Pr...ex_ebene3.aspx
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at swim two birds by flann o'brien
price reduced again!
falke number 6 Wool/Silk Socks
i think you should try them on before committing to them. the sizing on the 82 depends a lot on the width of your foot and where your arch is. i used to wear 202s until i tried on a pair of 82s. the difference, for me, was like night and day. i found the 82s hugged my feet in a good way and supported my foot where i needed it. whereas the arch on the 202s took a bit of getting used to, my feet fit perfectly in the 82s. so to make a long story short - try them on...
Quote: Originally Posted by Blackfyre very nice!
price reduction!
Quote: Originally Posted by davesmith post a picture of them! +1
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