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i just recently purchased a pair of alden shell cordovan boots and i've noticed that they squeek when i walk in them. is this common? is there some way of preventing this or will it go away as i wear them more? thanks.
thanks for the all the feedback. they are stuart's choice blokes btw.
good, bad or ugly? any opinions???
do you know who makes their shoes?
light blue
Quote: Originally Posted by sonlegoman Althought I agree that a simple Stowa would be the best choice, is it really a huge faux pas to wear a sportier watch (not a sporty watch, but a slightly sportier watch, if you know what I mean) with business attire (suit/tie)? I have been wearing a Hamilton Khaki Automatic Chrono in brown leather with a suit and tie wardrobe for the past few months and I don't seem to see anything wrong. But I must admit, I am a...
seiya japan has some nice japan only seiko watches for sale to us consumers. here are some watches you may want to consider: http://www.seiyajapan.com/product/S-...5_SCVS003.html http://www.seiyajapan.com/product/S-...5_SCVS015.html http://www.seiyajapan.com/product/S-...5_SCVS001.html or maybe some citizen eco-drives (solar powered): http://www.princetonwatches.com/shop...nsecodrive.asp if your prefer swiss, perhaps...
Quote: Originally Posted by aportnoy The Paul Stuart sale is in full effect, one day earlier than advertised, per usual. There are some killer shoes tis time around. Grenson Masterpiece Suede chukkas in size 9, GM tan shell cordo loafers in 8.5 and the GM version of the EG Shannon boot (suede/calf combo) is are all about 30% off. Upstairs, the wool plaid Phineas slacks are on sale, I got two pair as well as two more pairs of the Italian...
i agree with your idea of trying on some watches first. get a feel for the size (diameter, length and thickness) of different watches. i personally find watches over 40mm in diameter and over 13mm thick very uncomfortable. after you get an idea of what size you like, you should let us know and we can probably give you better suggestions. also, do you have any preferences for complications? do you want a chronograph, day, date etc? do you want a swiss made watch or...
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