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Quote: Originally Posted by TylerDurden Edit: Full of typo's, im tired. Im looking at going back to college after having worked at a job I hated for a few years (it paid bad as well), and I want to goto an out of state university. $20K + housing and gas and books for the first year and $12K (+fees) after that. Im looking at going back in as a freshmen, because unfortunately only my general stuff will transfer, and I want to get a degree in Science....
Quote: Originally Posted by Aperipan I doubt it. Most med students, whether by choice or not, had to conduct research in their area of expertise to be competitive for residencies, the same is true for getting into med school from college. Being a good doc goes hand in hand with keeping up on journal and professional publications. It is quite common for MDs to enter the field of biomedical research, whether as active researchers or consultants, should...
prices reduced
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan The only ones I like are the plain, hobnail Calatravas; even then, it's obvious they are victims of unnatural case enlarging. The rest are unwearable. +1
thanks! this was just what i was looking for.
where does one find woolrich woolen mills on the internet? also, what is the general opinion of this brand with regard to quality? thanks
in my experience avon celli is better
I WISH THIS WAS IN MY SIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://www.sierratradingpost.com/p/1...t-For-Men.html
Snowdons are sold!
more pics of the snowdons as requested
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