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i think this has been mentioned before on other threads but might be worth mentioning again here - you could try brooks brother's boys sizes. they have a decent variety of cashmere sweaters and they are made of the same quality material as the men's sweaters.
the study only looked at 2 patients - not a very large sample size. and it identified more than 20k mutations in each cancer - it will take many years of work to find out which genes cause the cancer and which genes are simply associated with a higher rate of mutation. this is great step forward but a lot more work needs to be done and they need to look at more patients...
nothing can compare to the first 9 seasons of the simpsons IMHO
The Leopard by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa
does anyone have experience with JL's 9105 LRX last? specifically, can you comment on how it runs relative to EG's 202 last? thanks!
pics of the Levi's Vintage
pics of the Levi's Vintage Jacket
NWOT PILOT VENTILE Flight Jacket from Lost Worlds [Retailed for more than $1000, on sale for $450] Size: XS Color: Khaki (please note that the interior of this jacket has a camel-colored camel hair lining, not the olive color shown in the pics) Price: $200 inclusive of shipping to CONUS From the description on the Lost Worlds website (http://www.lostworldsinc.com/LostWorldsSaleItems.htm - scroll down to the second jacket): 100% Genuine Ventile Cotton with 100% Camel Hair...
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