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Thanks for this. Do you know the weights of the cloth for your LP and Zegna jackets?
Can anyone with experience of Loro Piana and/or Zegna Cashmere jacketing fabrics comment on: - durability - quality - ease of tailoring - value for money Also, is one necessarily better than the other? I am thinking of commissioning a sports coat (either 100% cashmere or a cashmere/silk blend) and just don't know enough about these fabrics to feel safe taking the plunge. I also couldn't seem to find anything on the threads either. Any help would be greatly...
Thanks Northampton ! I will give them a try. There are a few alterations tailors in city centre but looking at some reviews online some of them don't seem that great...
Does anyone know of a good alterations tailor in Oxford, UK? I just need the sleeves of a jacket shortened. Thanks in advance!
+1 i wear their v-necks everyday in every season. they are really great.http://www.rapha.cc/vneck-base-layer
http://vimeo.com/25229891 description of the vid can be found here: http://parisiangentleman.co.uk/2012/01/19/7087/ i thought this was quite cool...
Thanks Patek. Do you happen to know when the winter sale at the EG store in London will be?
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