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Defeat Into Victory by Slim
Sorry, just sold this a few hours ago.
Up for sale I have 5 pairs of shoes/boots. Some have been worn more than others but they are all in great condition and were always kept with shoe trees and maintained with Sapphir products at least once a month. John Lobb Forest Color: Brown Size: 6E UK Last: Lobb9105LRX Price: $150 or best offer Edward Green Banbury Color: Burnt Pine Size: 6.5UK Last: 202 Dainite sole With EG fitted shoe trees Price: $475 or best offer Heinrich Dinkelacker Buda Norwegian...
Folks, Apologies for the delay in responding, was swamped at work. Please find below the pics with a measuring tape. For full disclosure, the measurements I originally took were with the jacket hanging on a hanger, these new measurements are measurements of it laying flat. The modified measurements: P2P: 19 inches P2P (seam to seam): ~16.5 inches Length (front): ~30 inches Length (back): 29.5 inches Sleeves: 23.5 inches Shoulders (front): ~17 inches Shoulders (back):...
Yup, will post pics tonight with a measuring tape.
It is neither actually - I got it from Japan. From what I understand, I think both Armoury and Khaki's have modified the styling of the original Japan only models.
Have just added more details. It is model 245 which is slim flit relative to 184. The last pic is the most representative. The plaid is a mix of blue and black. Please let me know if you have any other questions.
Brand New, Unworn and Unaltered Ring Jacket sports coat 100% wool Size 34 US/44 EU Neapolitan Style Full Canvas Model 245 (slim fit) Plaid pattern of mixed blue and black (last pic is most accurate representation of color) Measurements: P2P: 19 inches Length: 29.5 inches Sleeves: 24.5 inches Shoulders: 18 inches Price: SOLD If you have any questions or need more info please do get in touch!
Up for sale is a Brand New Ring Jacket sports coat in 100% wool. Neapolitan style; full canvas Measurements: P2P: 19 inches Length: 29.5 inches Sleeves: 24.5 inches Shoulders: 18 inches SOLD If you have any questions please feel free to PM me
Just ordered it
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