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That stinks.   I picked up a pair for $200 on November 26.   I noticed they are back up to $268 today.   They arrive tonight.  Hope they look OK.
 Ditto that for me. When I first received them I thought they would be to heavy, but after two weeks of wear, they have softened up and are breaking in great. I'd definitely purchase another pair. Out of the 4 pair I own, they are my favorite.
 I purchased my shirts (I own 7 Gustin shirts) by neck size. I found if I sized up, the sleeve length would be too long. When I tried my first shirt on, it felt too tight across the shoulder, but I realized it was not the shirt, it was that I was used to wearing shirts that were too large for me. None of mine have shrunk at all - but I do not use the dryer.  All of them hang dry.
Question re: Grey Silks.   How are you guys wearing yours - Cuffed or hemmed?   They seem overly nice too wear cuffed but I was curious.   Thanks!
 I'll second your sentiment. The guys over there have been excellent to work with regarding exchanges. Although it's always preferable to have less QA issues, I get it and realize they are always working to improve. Definitely worth taking a chance on and I can say I am 100% happy with the 4 pair I own.
Please can someone tell me which tint of polish is desired for the No. 8 colored 1,000 Milers?   I can't search a 400 page thread for this as I just have to filter through too much noise to get the correct answer.   Thanks!
Zip up - heavyweight.   No logos.   American Giant.
Gustin,   I'm begging you as a customer wanting to see you succeed as a company.   Please, please, please work out the issues on the back collar button centering.   It's maddening to wait weeks for a shirt only to have to immediately send it back for another two week wait on top of the time just spent waiting for production.  Your shirts are not inexpensive and you do proclaim their quality on your site.   I received my charcoal oxford this week and must exchange...
True.  I have been wearing my Fourteeners all week and the Classics feel like sweatpants now.   The Okayamas are even heavier, no? I don't know how people can break in super heavy denim.  That's work!
My Fourteeners arrived Wednesday.   Been wearing them all week and they are great.  I don't think I'll hem these as two 1" cuffs seem to look good and the heavier denim holds the cuff better.   You can definitely tell the difference between the Japan Classic and these.  The weight really makes them feel different.   I've been wearing the Japan Classics every day since they arrived some months ago.   Now waiting on the Okayama Standards and I'd probably say I am set...
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