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I think Thomas Mahon has a workshop in Cumbria. I have no idea on his pricing but might be worth looking into.
... But are you wearing a kilt Cleav?
Thanks for the thumbs gents, and Thanks Murl, appreciated
Cheers Cleav! Appreciated
Thanks very much
A friend gifted me this black Barbour wool trench. I've been a little bit unsure of what to wear it with. Here with grey flannels, wool polo neck & suede chukkas...
Bump. Where are you going? What are you planning on wearing? I'm off out to a restaurant with my better half and some friends. At the risk of being overdressed I will probably wear my plain grey SS Napoli. I don't often have much reason to wear a suit so thought NYE was as good an excuse as any
Seasons greetings gents...
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