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Not had much opportunity to post much of late. Shooting this evening and used it as an excuse to wear a tie
Tash looks like it's coming along nicely Cleav
Absolutely fantastic.
May I ask which model the Seiko is?
Very nice!
Just picked this up at my local TK Maxx reduced from £99 to £45! Checked the website and they have about 4 left at £99 if anyone is interested.
Of course you can find some great stuff thrifting, but you can also spend an awful lot of time and money looking for it. When you take into account petrol costs, purchase price, alterations and time spent looking for & experimenting with differant thrifted bits and pieces. You could easily spend $400 over the course of a year doing all of this.... Sometimes it's better to just bite the bullet and go and buy a new suit.
New Posts  All Forums: