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In terms of formality.... I've seen a midnight blue tux but never a charcoal tux? So in my mind midnight blue / navy is would be more formal than charcoal.... But I dunno.
Thank You. I just got the square yesterday (Drakes's) so wanted to use it, in hindsight your right, probably not optimal.
PRL Richard James Zegna RLPL
Hunt & Winterbotham Thomas Pink Kiton RLPL
Probably SW&D but it's a slow news day, so... Belstaff Trailmaster Zegna Polo Selvedge Superga
Interesting. I didn't see it like that myself. I will have another look. FWIW the tie is quite slubby, not really evident on the pics. Appreciate the feedback
Thanks Gents Lapels are 3.5"
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