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+1 it's on my shopping list, but which colour???
I buy new socks whenever I see them on sale. Regularly find Pantherella in my local TK Maxx from £2 - £5 a pair.
My email was 2 weeks, shoes should arrive on Fri. Dark brown oxfords on the hiro last.
Thank you, emailed them this morning and got the ball rolling
Placed my first order for a couple of shirts on Fri. Used the prepaid shipping option so I can send Luxire a garment to copy. What happens next? Will Luxire send me a shipping note or something? Thanks.
[[SPOILER]] Collar looks great AAS. I'm in NYC in August, a trip to Kamakura is on the list.
[[SPOILER]] @justinkapur Jacket looks great, but I think a shirt with a finer stripe might be better with that tie. Ymmv
Afternoon Gents... From Thursday...
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